Proper Blackjack Etiquette. How to behave at a Blackjack Table

If you are reading this, chances are you are still learning how to play blackjack, right? So, whether you want to play some cards on a land-based casino or at one of the finest live blackjack tables at LV BET, knowing a few basic blackjack etiquette tips goes a long way and as they say: behaving nice is always rewarding. In this short topic, we will discuss a few gaffes that novice players have made and which you need to avoid. When it comes to land-based blackjack tables the list of things to mind are slightly bigger than when you play at LV BET live blackjack tables and include:


1. Handing money directly to the dealer,

2. Holding the cards with two hands or under the table,

3. Being respectful towards the dealer and the other players by not yelling, 

4. Other disturbing behaviours which we won’t mention in this blackjack guide as we are sure you would not try them.

Playing Blackjack in LV BET Online Casino

However, the chances of a faux pas at one of the LV BET blackjack tables are considerably reduced due to the nature of the interaction with the game. During a blackjack hand, you can interact with the dealer via live chat and he or she will talk back to you; the interaction with other players sitting at the table is reduced to allow a relaxed playing time and to avoid some of the blunders we have mentioned above. That is how to play blackjack in a good way with everyone having fun at the table. So, as a rule of thumb, be nice with everyone at any blackjack table you happen to play and especially with the dealer. After all, despite being your adversary, the dealer is there to deal your cards and make your Blackjack experience as entertaining as possible.

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