Play Blackjack Online - very short guide

To get started, you have to choose a blackjack table to play, simple right? Well… not really but for the purposes of this blackjack guide, we won’t go too much in details in this part because the table selection varies wildly from player to player, depending on style, speed or simply by who is sitting at the table. Players have different criteria when selecting a blackjack table and my friend, this choice rests solely on your shoulders, however, at LV BET you can easily find the table for your mood, style, and pockets!.blackjack_short_guide

Back to the guide; the blackjack table is chosen, the seat was taken and you are ready to go, wait!

First things first, the blackjack game only starts after players make their bets, then the dealer deals 2 cards to all players at the table and also two to him/herself, with one card facing up and the other down (this can change in some blackjack variations). Players must decide if they want to stand (keep their current cards), hit (ask for another card), double down or even split their hand. Depending on the variation the dealer is obliged to stand on a 17 and hit on a soft 16. The winner is the one achieving 21 or less if the dealer busts (exceed 21 in points). The cards on blackjack game have a face value, with the exception of picture cards which have a value of 10 and the ace, which can be either 1 or 11. The card suits have no meaning or function when you play blackjack game.


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