Roulette Tips

Roulette is a game of chance, and one with an indomitable house edge. There are plenty of roulette betting strategies and systems, but no single method can ever guarantee victory. When you play roulette, your best bet is wheel strategy and solid bankroll management. The roulette tips in this guide will cover the basics of responsible roulette gameplay, but their applications go far beyond roulette tables. Let’s break it all down into 10 simple tips.

Tip #1: Bankroll Management

The key to enjoyable casino gameplay is exceptional bankroll management. Your bankroll is the amount of funds allocated specifically to casino gameplay. View it as an entertainment budget, never mix personal finances with gambling and, above all, never expect to make a profit. All casino games, including roulette, are games of chance. Managing your funds well is the best strategy to ensure that playing roulette remains fun. 

Start out with low wagers and don’t drastically increase your bet size, especially if you are not familiar with roulette rules and gameplay. Keep in mind that simple bets, such as a Straight Up bet on a single number, don’t always make for the best decisions. Even-money bets, like Odd/Even or Red/Black, offer smaller payouts but more consistently. 

Tip #2: Single-zero Wheel

The game of roulette can be played on a single-zero or double-zero wheel, the European and American roulette wheel, respectively. The additional zero directly impacts the house edge, raising it from 2.70% to 5.26%. You don’t need to be a professional player to see that a lower house edge is advantageous. Stick to single-zero roulette! 

The only exception is when your single-zero table of choice has a high minimum bet. Look for tables where you can use smaller units, or opt for double-zero wheels if the former is not an option. 

Tip #3: Surrender, La Partage and En Prison

Surrender, La Partage and En Prison can be favourable to the player, as they effectively reduce the house edge in specific circumstances. To put it simply, even-money Outside bets (Red or Black, Odd or Even, Low or High) are offered a small safety net whenever ‘0’ appears. With En Prison, roulette players can surrender half of their wager to the house or imprison the current bet for the next spin. La Partage automatically surrenders half of the original wager when the ball lands on ‘0’. En Prison and La Partage lower the house edge from 2.70% to 1.35%, while the American Surrender clocks at 2.63% (as opposed to the double-zero house advantage of 5.25%).

Tip #4: Don’t Chase Losses

Losses are inevitable on any game of chance, and roulette is not an exception. There is no trick or secret to preventing losing streaks — you must accept it as part of the game. What you can control here is the amount of money you can lose. Never wager outside the means of your bankroll and avoid chasing losses. Statistically speaking, a losing streak is bound to end, but randomness dictates that gameplay can be unpredictable and highly volatile. Remember, if you feel negative emotions when you play roulette, like anger or frustration, you have already lost.  Take a deep breath, accept defeat and take a break! 

Tip #5: Roulette Strategy And Betting Systems

Before we point you in the direction of betting systems, we’ll reiterate that no method can even guarantee that you will win at roulette every time. There is a variety of widespread betting strategies, each with its own purpose. Some are aimed at mitigating losses, others may strive to come out even on losing streaks. Regardless of the approach, one thing is constant: betting progression systems never succeed in the long run. If you are interested in learning more, look into the Martingale strategy, as well as the D’Alembert, James Bond and Fibonacci strategies. 

The best roulette strategies will often involve even-money bets and a call to decrease or increase your wager, depending on the circumstances. For example, the Martingale requires you to double your bet on every loss with the aim to make the losses back in the event of a win. A betting system won’t help you learn how to win, but it may teach you how to recognise winning conditions and favourable moves. 

Tip #6: Odds Of Winning

The odds of a win in roulette depend on the wager you place. Roulette’s betting tables offer a variety of bets, including Inside, Outside and Neighbour bets. Depending on the bet you place, your chances of winning may vary, as will the bet payouts. When playing at an online casino, you can find this valuable information in the game’s rules. Evolution tables, for example, offer quick and easy access through the ‘?’ button. 

Tip #7: House Edge

“The house always wins” is timeless gambling idiom used to express that the odds are always in the houses’ favour, and it couldn’t be more accurate. As a player, you can improve your odds with experience and knowledge of the game; however, the edge will never be yours. 

Tip #8: Watch Out For Scams

Whether you are a new player or a casino veteran, you’ll definitely come across exclusive strategies written by professional gamblers and distinguished authors. Be wary of golden promises! If these secret tips were so successful, casinos would go out of business. Don’t forget that if it seems too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.

Tip #9: Play For Fun!

One of the most important tips is to play for fun! Casinos are meant to be entertainment venues; treat them as such, and you will ensure that every moment of gameplay is enjoyable.

Tip #10: Practice For Free

If you’re playing at an online casino, like LV BET, you can practice in free demo play. Live Casino tables can only be enjoyed with real wagers, but RNG or First-Person tables can often be played for free. Wagers and winnings in demos are virtual, and will not affect your account balance in any way. Without the financial risk, you can experiment with any bet size of your choice, learn how to win and practice until you are comfortable enough to place a real wager. 

Access to demos may be restricted in some markets; thus, you might be required to register and verify your account.

Hopefully, these roulette tips will serve both beginner and experienced players alike and will shed some light on this beautiful casino game; if you made it this far, you now know more than the average Joe does about roulette, roulette betting systems and how to manage your bankroll. Apply these tips to your gameplay and betting strategy at all times, and please play responsibly. 

Of course, the best way to play roulette is the way that works better for you – our tips offer some help, but they can only assist you so much at the tables. You have to be sensible and disciplined at all times, no matter which variant you choose to play. You are playing for fun, and while you might get some wins now and again, we all know that luck goes both ways — your way and the houses’.

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