Diamonds of Fortune (slot)

Diamonds of Fortune

Everything glitters and sparkles in Diamonds of Fortune. The reels of this machine are filled with gems, jewels, diamonds, jewelry and the potential for you to win large piles of cash. Diamonds of Fortune has plenty of interesting features including several Bonus games, the Scatter symbol and the Progressive Jackpot set out on 5 reels and 10 fixed pay lines. Four different Mystery bonuses are available for the player. The first one is the Rewind bonus. This feature pulls up one of the available reels to reach the reward. The Fast reward feature pulls down one or more reels also to achieve the winning. All Symbols Pay Scatter pays winning combinations anywhere on the playground. The last Bonus symbol is the Domino bonus. This special symbol moves about the reels and changes every encountered symbol into its copy.With the right spin of the reels, you could unlock these diamonds of fortune.


If you lose a round or hit the jackpot, you are given the chance to profit from one of 4 Mystery Bonuses:

Rewind: The reels will spin backwards to target a win
Fast Forward: The reels will spin backwards to target a win
All Symbols Pay Scatter: Symbols count towards a win, regardless of where the win lines run.
Domino Symbol: A symbol will move across the reels. All symbols which wander over the domino symbol will be turned into the same symbol.

The RTP is 96.45%.