Jacks or Better (table)

Jacks or Better



This is the classic variant of the game without Jokers. Payouts begin at a Pair of Jacks. The amount the player wishes to take to the table can be selected by clicking on “Account”. The stake is determined ahead of each round by using the “+” and “-” buttons. The corresponding pay table is then shown, which displays the possible winnings for the selected stake. Clicking the “Start” button deals the cards. The player must decide which cards he/she wants to keep. A hint concerning the selection of cards is shown to aid the player. While he/she is selecting the cards, the probability of the hands possible is displayed as a percentage. Depending on the degree of probability the percentage shown will be rounded up one or two decimal places, or not at all, whereby “0.00%” represents a probability of lower than 0.01%, but higher than 0%. If a hand is not possible with the current cards, a “-” is shown next to that hand. The unwanted cards are then discarded and replaced by new cards from the deck by clicking on “Exchange”. If the player does not achieve a win, the game resets. By selecting the next stake the next round begins.


If the player wins, the winnings are shown and the gamble window opens. In this window the current winnings are displayed in a pyramid. Additionally, two covered cards are on the screen, which are alternately highlighted. By clicking on “Gamble” the player selects the card highlighted at the precise moment of the click. Both of the cards are then revealed. If the player has a higher card than the bank, he/she wins the round, and this will be shown in the pyramid as the winnings are doubled. If the card is lower than that of the bank, the player loses the winnings and the normal game is resumed. If the cards are the same value, the player receives a second chance. If the cards are again the same value, the bank wins. If the player opts to choose “1/2 Gamble” instead of “Gamble”, half of the winnings are first deposited in the account. The remaining half can then be gambled. If the player opts not to use the “Gamble” feature, or chooses to quit after one or more gambling rounds, the winnings can be credited to the game account at any time by clicking “Take”. Should the player reach the top of the pyramid, he/she cannot go any higher. The only option is to credit the amount to the gaming account by clicking “Take”.


If a player receives a Royal Flush (without a Joker) when the deal is made – a so-called Direct Royal Flush – he/she wins the Jackpot. The term Direct Royal Flush defines the well-known combination when achieved without exchanging cards. The Jackpot is calculated based on the stake placed. Clicking “Take” will see the amount credited to the gaming account.


Jacks or Better/Kings or Better: Winning hands in Jacks or Better: Pair of Jacks or better; Winning hands in Joker Wild: Pair of Kings or better. All lower pairs are not winning hands. In Deuces Wild there are no winning pairs. Two Pair: Two pairs of cards. This also does not constitute a win in Deuces Wild.
The theoretical RTP is 98.01%.

  • Three of a Kind: Three like cards.
  • Straight: Five consecutive cards from any suit.
  • Flush: Five same suit cards.
  • Full House: Three like cards as well as a pair of cards of a different value.
  • Four of a Kind: Four like cards.
  • Straight Flush: Five consecutive same suit cards.
  • Five of a Kind: Five like cards. Only possible with at least one Joker.
  • Wild Royal Flush: Royal Flush with Jokers – Ace to 10 in one suit.
  • Four Deuces: All four 2s (Deuces) – the Jokers – in Deuces Wild.
  • Royal Flush: Ace to 10 in one suit without Jokers.
  • Direct Royal Flush: A Royal Flush (without Jokers) directly from the deal without needing the exchange round. This wins the Jackpot.