Jewels Match 3 (slot)

Jewels Match 3

What could be more luxurious than shining gemstones? Jewels is an enticing Match 3 game that lets players take centre stage! Spectacularly colourful action awaits: Every time the player matches three symbols of an identical colour, a win symbol may appear. Then it’s just a matter of matching symbols until the win symbol is obliterated from the board! Thanks to the Cross, Bomb and Bell Specials, there are also other and even more creative ways to destroy symbols. Every second of this wild hunt for glorious gems is filled with excitement, interactivity and the chance to earn loads of winnings!

Game Rules

Rows: 7

Columns: 8

Type of game: Match 3

Bonus symbols: Cross Special, Bomb Special, Bell Special

Gamble feature: No


Cross Special

Cross Special symbols have golden arrows attached to them, but otherwise resemble normal coloured symbols. They are created when a match of 4 identical symbols is cleared off the board either horizontally or vertically. Combining them with 2 or more symbols of the same colour causes an explosion that clear the entire row and column attached to the Cross Special.

Bomb Special

Bomb Special symbols occur every time a match of 5 identical symbols in the shape of an L or T is cleared off the board. Moving this symbol causes up to 12 surrounding symbols to be cleared.

Bell Special

Bell Special symbols occur whenever a match of 5 vertical or horizontal symbols is cleared. Swapping a Bell Special with any other symbol, every symbol in view that has the same colour is transformed into a Bell Special as well and then cleared.