Joker Wild (table)

Joker Wild

This game is played with a Joker, which can replace any other card. Therefore, in addition to the classic hands, a hand of Five of a Kind is possible. Clicking the “Start” button deals the cards. While he is selecting the cards, the probability of the hands possible is displayed. The unwanted cards are then discarded and replaced by new cards from the deck by clicking on “Exchange”. If the player does not achieve a win, the game resets.

Joker Wild jackpot

If a player receives a Royal Flush (without a Joker) when the deal is made – a so-called Direct Royal Flush – he wins the Jackpot. The term Direct Royal Flush defines the well-known combination when achieved without exchanging cards. The Jackpot is calculated based on the stake placed. Clicking “Take” will see the amount credited to the gaming account.

The RTP is 98.83%.