Mighty Trident (slot)

Mighty Trident

The Greek god Poseidon is bored. He wants to play games with mere mortals and is even offering a prize for any worthy contenders. Battle Poseidon in his angry waters and claim the gold of the gods. Mighty Trident is a 5-reel video slot with 20 paylines. Take heed of your Compass throughout, which will help your navigation and move the reels in the direction of the needle to give you the chance to win multiple times for each spin. Every which way you turn, the mighty Poseidon will be throwing twists and surprises at you. The Poseidon Bonus feature is made up of 4 randomly activated games. The Win Spin; reels will spin from a losing combination to give you a winning one. The Reel Morph; reels morph into a winning position (from a losing one). The Reverse Step; reels move back in the opposite direction after an initial winning combination – this continues until a losing position is reached. Finally, there is the Bonus Win; cash prize awarded at the end of a spin.


Select the amount of credit you would like to take with you to the game upon entering Mighty

Trident. Then you need to select the bet per line by using the ‘+ / -’ symbols. You can spin the reels once by clicking on the ‘Start’ button. Click the ‘Autostart’ button to trigger automatic spins and click the ‘Stop’ button to stop automatic spins.

Click on the ‘Paytable’ button to go to the winnings overview. Here you can view the potential winnings awarded for each winning combination based on the size of your current bet.


It’s double or nothing: The ‘Gamble’ button will appear as soon as you have a winning combination (see Paytable). You can double your current win with the Gamble-Game. Your winning odds are 50:50. If you would like to gamble, simply click on the ‘Gamble’ button to start the Gamble Game. If you do not want to gamble, just click on the ‘Collect’ button to take your winnings.

Compass Feature

After each win, the compass rotates and the reels move up one position in the direction the compass indicates. If this leads to a further win, the reels keep moving step by step in the same direction until no new win is achieved.

Poseidon bonus

After a spin you can win one of four bonuses:
The compass feature is also active during the 4 bonus games.

  • Win Spin: After a spin (in which no win is achieved) the reels spin into a different position, which gives a win.
  • Reel Morph: After a spin (in which no win is achieved) the symbols on the reels disappear and new symbols appear that trigger a win.
  • Reverse Step: After you land a win (and all other steps are completed), the reels gradually run in the opposite direction until no further wins are achieved.
  • Bonus Win: After a spin, there is a random bonus win.

Free spins

3 or more ‘free games’ symbols anywhere on the reels 1, 3 and 5 win 5 free spins with super symbol groups. Super-symbol groups are groups of additional top 5 symbols on the reels that increase your chances of winning! Your current bet level in the normal game is also used in the free games, the Compass is active and you can win more free games with 3 or more ‘free games’ symbols.

The RTP is 95.50%.