Twin Winner (slot)

Twin Winner

Twin Winner lives up to its name: This slot offers not one but two reel sets! It’s up to you which one of the two sets you want to play on and how much you want to bet. Do you want to go all in? No problem! Simply activate both sets and their fourth reels – that way you will take in double wins!

Game Rules

The objective of Twin Winner is to land four identical symbols side by side along ten lines. The winning patterns run from left to right.

Bonus Symbols
During the game symbols with a BELL and a GOLD BAR might land. When any three or four symbols appear with the additional symbol on one of the lines (e.g. an ORANGE, PLUM and PEAR with a GOLD BAR each) you receive the same win as with a combination of three or four BELLS or GOLD BARS!

The RTP is 95.00%.