Vikings™ (slot)


Game Rules

  • Vikings Video Slot™ is a 5-reel, 3-row, 243 betways video slot. The game features a Hotspot Feature, a Shield Wall Feature, a Raid Spins symbol and a Raid Spins mode with 3 Hotspots on reel 2, 3, and 4. In Raid Spins, the game becomes a 7-reel, 5-row, 78,125 betways video slot.
  • The game is played with 243 Ways to Win (78,125 in Raid Spins), 1-10 bet levels (20 coins per level) and different coin values.
  • The bet level is set using the LEVEL selector.
  • The coin value is set using the COIN VALUE selector.
  • COINS displays the number of coins available to wager.
  • MAX BET plays the game at 243 bet ways in the main game (78, 125 bet ways in Raid Spins), the highest bet level, and the current coin value. When playing at any lower bet level, MAX BET must be clicked twice to play the round at the selected level.
  • AUTOPLAY automatically plays the game for the selected number of rounds (alternatively, click the AUTO button).
  • Winning combinations and payouts are made according to the Paytable.
  • Bet level is the number of coins bet per bet way.
  • A bet way win in coins is equal to the value shown in the Paytable multiplied by the bet level.
  • A bet way win in currency is equal to the win in coins multiplied by the coin value.
  • Only the highest win per bet way paid.
  • Bet way wins pay if in succession from leftmost to right.
  • Simultaneous wins on different bet ways are added.
  • The Hotspot and Shield Wall Features are played at the same bet level and coin value as the spin that activated the Hotspot and Shield Wall Features.
  • The maximum total win in coins for each game round is capped at 200 000 multiplied by the bet level. If at any point the total win amount of the game round exceeds this value the game round will finish, regardless of whether or not there are Raid Spins remaining, and the win amount of the cap value is awarded.
  • Bet way wins for Viking symbols can either be formed by single or stacked symbols or by mixing the two kinds.
  • The theoretical return to player for this game is 96.05%.