The famous Live Poker tables are here, the classic live Hold’em poker, three card poker and more – try your hand with us.

Live Poker

If you enjoy casino card games you probably have heard about or even played live poker or Texas Hold’em poker, a worldwide known casino game. This extremely famous card game has been around since the early 19th century in North America and it is said to be inspired by an ancient Persian game called As-Nas. History apart, the American live poker is definitely exciting and quite rewarding when you get a good hand at the tables. Here at LV BET, we have many live poker tables by the world leading provider Evolution Gaming, which guarantees the quality of the games up to the highest standards of the industry. When playing casino poker at LV BET you can expect friendly live dealers and fun from the beginning – enjoy a good hand at the live hold’em poker or at the live three card poker tables. Whether you’re an experienced player or still a novice, you will find playing casino poker with live dealers from the comfort of your home quite a thrilling experience.

How to play live poker

Let’s be honest and say that playing live poker is not exactly a walk in the park as would be with blackjack for example; the live poker rules are a bit more complex but once you get the gist it becomes super fun to play live poker online. It is a game that combines strategy, a certain degree of skill, and a good deal of luck to be played effectively; all its variants involve betting as a fundamental part of the game as to determine the winner of each round or hand. The strategies used in live poker are placed essentially to avoid calling wrong hands and losing bets; in other words, they help you to know when to stop and when to go all in. Some of the skills one needs are the ability to both bluff without being spotted (the famous poker face) and also read your opponents, gestures and predict their movements during the hand. Last but not least is luck, which definitely comes in handy anytime, especially when you are about to be dealt the cards – good cards from the start really makes a difference when playing live poker with high stakes.

The Live Poker Cards: Texas Hold'em & Three Card Poker

All live poker variations, be it live hold’em poker or live three card poker, use standard playing cards with or without the joker (or wild card), it can be used to form the fifth card in the five of a kind combination but the best possible combination in most of the variants of live poker is the Royal Flush, where you call the other players with an A, K, Q, J and 10 – not that easy to be dealt that though. You can also be dealt a straight flush, four of a kind, full house, three of a kind, two pair, one pair, flush, straight, and other hands, depending on which variation of live poker you are playing. The best way to become a good live poker player is to play, right? At LV BET you can get started on poker tables with little as €0.50 bets and once you feel more comfortable you can increase your bets – one thing is sure, you will find casino poker at LV BET an exciting experience.