Casino Online slots Dreams of Fortune

Dreams of Fortune


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Game Rules

  • The game has fixed 30 lines.
  • If you have a winning combination lined up on the payline, the win is highlighted on the reels.
  • Regular wins are created when the same symbols appear next to each other on a payline, with one of the symbols displayed on the first slot reel.
  • One regular win is paid per line. If you have more than one combination, you are paid the win that has the highest value.
  • Regular wins depend on your bet per line except Scatter. Bet per line = (Coin size * Coins per line)
  • Regular wins in paytable are displayed in credits, so if your total bet is 0.30 credits per spin, your bet per line = total Bet / number of paylines i.e. 0.30 credits / 30 paylines = 0.01 credits. Your total payout is calculated as { (bet per line * credits won on minimum bet) * 100 }. For example a 5 of a kind win of Queen which is 0.30 credits, the total payout amount will come as { (0.01 bet per line * 0.30 credits won on minimum bet) * 100 } = 0.30 credits.
  • For providing more information to player in calculating the payouts, this game has a dynamic paytable. The payouts displayed in paytable for all the symbol combinations are the final amounts in credits which is already multiplied by active bet per line and paid to the player except Scatter(refer Scatter symbol section for details).
  • You are paid out the win amount displayed in the Paid box.
  • If you do not have a winning combination, the game is over and you can play again.
  • This game has an RTP of 96.02%.
  • Malfunctions void all plays and pays.