Casino Online slots Fruit Blast

Fruit Blast


Game Rules

  • Set your bet using the ‘SET BET’ button and press ‘PLAY’ button to place your bet and start playing.
  • Blast tiles clusters by pressing on one of the tiles in the cluster to fill the fruits bars, win bonus games or jackpot prize.
  • Tile Clusters include 3 or more identical tiles connected horizontally or vertically.
  • Blasted tiles are removed from the board and are being replaced by new tiles from above.
  • Every seven blasted similar fruit tiles will fill a fruit bar and give a win according to that fruit bar multiplier.
  • Every fruit bar can be filled multiple times in a game.
  • Different fruit bars can be filled in the same game.
  • Blasting a bonus tiles cluster grants a bonus game.
  • Blasting a jackpot tiles cluster grants the jackpot prize.
  • Malfunctions void all plays and pays.
  • Return to Player (RTP) is the theoretical statistical percentage of total money bet by players in a specific game, that is paid out as winnings over time. The RTP is fixed, and does not change.

This game has an RTP for different game modes:

  • Bartender 1: Summer 94.14%
  • Bartender 2: Aloha 94.02%
  • Bartender 3: Pat 96.16%
  • Bartender 4: Koko 95.08%
  • Bartender 5: Cassandra 95.47%
  • Bartender 6: Coach Max 94.53%
  • Bartender 7: Maitre D’ 94.94%
  • Bartender 8: Mary 94.97%
  • Bartender 9: Eco 94.65%