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Fruit Mania Deluxe


Fruit Mania Slot Review 

Fruit Mania is undoubtedly one of Wazan’s most iconic slot games, with an RTP of 96.59% and two extraordinary features. The Fruit Mania slot game is the spiritual successor to Football Mania, another epic slot that pushes classic slot machine gameplay to the next level. If you’re interested in experiencing a traditional 3x3 slot game with modern, innovative features, then join us as we dive deeper into the inner workings of this fruity slot. 

About the Fruit Mania Slot

Fruit Mania is a 3-reel, 3-row online casino slot with 11 symbols and no paylines. Given the scale of the grid, all you have to do is land identical symbols anywhere on the reels. The more identical symbols appear, the greater the payout! 

At first glance, the slot game may seem antiquated and in desperate need of an upgrade. That’s not what Fruit Mania is all about, steer your gaze towards the three extraordinary bonus features: lockable symbols, Lotto Bonus and the Diamond Bonus. These features will be instrumental in bringing you entertaining gameplay and a chance at greater winnings. 

Fruit Mania Gameplay

Unlike most classic slot machines, the Fruit Mania casino slot will take a little getting used to. The user interface is split into four sections: betting markets and 3x3 reels to the centre and left, and two sections for the Diamond and Lotto bonuses on the right. To bring up the paytable, simply scroll up at any time during gameplay. To access details game rule and instructions, press on the ‘?’ button on the lower left of the UI.


To place a wager, use the +/- buttons to scroll through the betting options. The minimum wager is €0.20 (or currency equivalent), and the paytable will automatically adjust according to the selected bet amount. To the right of the SPIN button, players have access to AUTOPLAY and speed settings. Players can choose the turtle for normal, the rabbit for medium and the cheetah for ultra-fast spins. 


There are 11 symbols in the Fruit Mania video slot, including the special Diamond and Lotto symbols. In order from the lowest-valued symbol to the highest, they are as follows: Lotto, Cherries, Oranges, Plum, Bell, Star, Watermelon, bronze VEGAS, silver VEGAS, gold VEGAS and the precious Diamond. There are no Wild or Scatter symbols in this game, but keep your eye out for the golden Lotto tickets and scarlet Diamonds. These two symbols are the key to activating the two bonus rounds of Fruit Mania and may increase your chances of winning greater payouts.

Lockable Symbols

One of Fruit Mania’s most intriguing features is the ability to turn up to eight symbols into sticky symbols for the next spin. You can choose which symbols you would like to lock in place or let the game decide for you. If you go with the latter, the game will lock the symbol(s) of the highest value or those of the greatest quantity. Be mindful of your choices: should you lock symbols for the following spin, you will not be able to lock additional symbols on this spin. Use this feature strategically, as it may help you secure a bigger win or one of the bonus features. 

Lotto Bonus

The Lotto Bonus feature is akin to a scratch-off lottery prize draw. This feature can be activated by landing three Lotto ticket symbols across the middle row of the reels. This is the only way to trigger the Lotto Bonus, and is precisely where the Lockable Symbols shine brightest! If you’re lucky enough to land the three tickets in the right spots, a pop-up with three prize options will appear. Click on the tile of your choice to scratch it off and reveal your reward. At the game’s lowest wager (€0.20), the maximum Lotto Bonus winnings are €200.

Fruit Mania Diamond Bonus Round

The Diamond welcome casino bonus feature is activated progressively throughout the game as you land Diamond symbols. The grid to the right of the reels is a mirrored copy of the reels; each time that a Diamond appears on the reels, its position will carry over to the Diamond Bonus grid, filling the respective square with a red gem.

Once all nine squares are filled with glistening gemstones, you will be able to activate the Diamond Bonus round. To do so, you must land an additional three Diamonds in one spin. Here, too, you can use Lockable Symbols to your advantage!

Landing the three additional Diamonds will activate the Diamond Bonus Spins. You get nine spins (careful, they are not free spins!) to catch as many Diamonds as you can. Any Diamond that falls on the reels will lock in place for the duration of the entire casino bonus round. When all nine spins are depleted, the matrix table will reset and you will be able to gather Diamonds anew. 

Gamble Feature

The Fruit Mania live casino slot also features a traditional card gamble at the end of every winning spin, including the winnings obtained from the Diamond and Lotto Bonuses. Guess the colour of the suit correctly to double your winnings. Should you guess incorrectly, all winnings from that spin will be lost. 

Fruit Mania Free Play

Before committing to a real wager, we recommend trying out the Fruit Mania slot DEMO version. Make sure that you are logged into your LV BET account and head over to the Casino page. Search for ‘Fruit Mania’ and hover over the thumbnail of the slot game until you see the grey DEMO button. Experiment with different betting strategies and see if this fruity game is the right fit for you!

Almost all of our casino games are released with a free-to-play DEMO mode. Play Fruit Mania or take a moment to browse and discover similar games and other hot titles from Wazdan like Fenix Play, Football Mania and Magic Fruits. 


If you’re looking for the perfect blend of classic gameplay and cutting-edge features, then check out Fruit Mania! When it comes to aesthetics, this slot game is lacking, but its thrilling game mechanics certainly make up for it. The Fruit Mania online slot is simple, yet jam-packed with new ways to win. It’s definitely on the list of our favourites, give it a spin and see how many Diamonds you come across! 

While you’re at it, check out the newer edition: Fruit Mania Deluxe. Before putting real money at stake, we recommend trying the Fruit Mania slots through DEMO play.

Game Rules

The Fruit Mania video slot is a fruit hit from Wazdan and shares a lot in common with their Football Mania slot. The game is jam-packed with entertaining features like Lockable Symbols, the Lotto Bonus and the coveted Diamond Bonus. 

  • Fruit Mania has three reels, three rows and no fixed paylines. After each spin, the game will lock the symbol(s) of the highest value/greatest quantity in place for the next spin. Players can use the lockable symbols feature to lock select symbols every other spin. The minimum wager is €0.20 (or currency equivalent). 
  • There are 11 symbols, including the golden Lotto symbol and the red Diamond. When a Diamond lands on the reels, it will fill in the corresponding cell on the Diamond Bonus matrix table. 
  • To activate the Diamond Bonus, fill in the entire table and land three additional Diamonds in one spin. Once activated, you will have nine Bonus Spins to secure as many Diamonds as you can. Any Diamond that appears during this round will lock in place for the entirety of the bonus. 
  • To activate the Lotto Bonus, land three Lotto symbols across the middle row. When the pop-up appears, simply scratch off one of the tiles to reveal your prize. 
  • The RTP of Fruit Mania is 96.59%. 

Fruit Mania Deluxe - FAQ

✅ How to play the Fruit Mania slot?

To play Fruit Mania, set your wager on the user interface and hit SPIN. The objective of the game is simple and intuitive: collect as many identical symbols as possible. Every red Diamond you land will be mimicked on the Diamond Bonus grid to the right of the reels. When all nine are full, you’ll have a chance to play through nine Diamond Bonus Spins.

Keep an eye out for the Lotto symbol as well. Landing three of these golden tickets along the centre row will trigger a Lotto Bonus prize raffle! Simply scratch the tile of your choice to reveal your prize. 

✅ What is the RTP of Fruit Mania?

The Fruit Mania RTP is 96.59%.

✅ Can I play Fruit Mania on mobile?

You can play Fruit Mania and many other online casino slots on Windows, iOS, and Android devices anywhere and at any time! To access the mobile version, log in to your LV BET account and search for the Fruit Mania game. To access the DEMO mode on mobile devices, click on the thumbnail of the game to prompt a dropdown menu with PLAY and DEMO options. 

Our extensive portfolio of slot games is one of the largest amongst online casinos and offers countless slots in mobile-friendly versions. Take a moment to browse and discover other similar games from Wazdan, and don’t forget to give the Fruit Mania Deluxe game a spin!

✅ How can I play the Fruit Mania online casino slot for free?

You can enjoy your favourite slots without wagering real funds through DEMO play on our site. Once logged in to your LV BET account, search for the slot game and hover over the thumbnail until you see the grey DEMO button. 

Aside from the Fruit Mania slot machine, games from the world’s top providers are usually available as compatible mobile slots. Have a look at our portfolio to discover countless other games with free spins, bonus rounds, and mini-games.

✅ Where can I play the Fruit Mania slot for real money?

Players can raise the stakes and bet real currency on the Fruit Mania online slot at LV BET. To discover the best of casino gaming online, simply register your account at LV BET. After the verification process is complete, you may enjoy all of the features and promotions on offer. You will be able to play Fruit Mania and other fantastic slot machines from the world’s top studios. Please play responsibly.

✅ Can I win real money with Fruit Mania DEMO play?

Players cannot win any real money with DEMO play. All winnings and wagers in the DEMOs are entirely virtual, and will not be credited to or withdrawn from the player’s account. The DEMO version is designed to give you a sneak peek of the game without the financial commitment of a real wager. The amount of virtual funds is pre-determined by the game’s provider and can be reloaded by refreshing the page.

✅ What are the benefits of Fruit Mania free play?

Trying out any slot game through DEMOs is a sure-fire way to see if the game is the right fit for your playstyle. DEMO versions are entirely free of cost, with virtual rewards and all of the same features that you will find in real play. Check it out if you’re curious about the look and feel of the game, or make use of DEMOs to put your favourite betting strategies to the test. 

✅ How to win in the Fruit Mania game?

As with all slots, casino games and betting as a whole, there is no fail-safe strategy or method to winning. 

Winning symbol combinations pay a multiplier on the amount you wager, thus, the amount you win is directly proportional to your wager. For example, if you bet €1 and win 5x your bet, you will receive €5. If you bet €10, you will receive €50. Regardless of the amount you choose to wager, Fruit Mania offers several game features, like the Diamond Bonus, that may help you collect bigger wins. 

We strongly encourage you to set limits, establish a budget, take breaks, and always play responsibly.