Jewels Match 3

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Game Rules 

Rows: 7

Columns: 8

Type of game: Match 3

Bonus symbols: Cross Special, Bomb Special, Bell Special

Gamble feature: No


Cross Special

Cross Special symbols have golden arrows attached to them, but otherwise resemble normal coloured symbols. They are created when a match of 4 identical symbols is cleared off the board either horizontally or vertically. Combining them with 2 or more symbols of the same colour causes an explosion that clear the entire row and column attached to the Cross Special.

Bomb Special

Bomb Special symbols occur every time a match of 5 identical symbols in the shape of an L or T is cleared off the board. Moving this symbol causes up to 12 surrounding symbols to be cleared.

Bell Special

Bell Special symbols occur whenever a match of 5 vertical or horizontal symbols is cleared. Swapping a Bell Special with any other symbol, every symbol in view that has the same colour is transformed into a Bell Special as well and then cleared.