Although baccarat has been around for centuries, the thrill that comes along with playing the game is at an all-time high! With the introduction of live baccarat, the user experience is greater than ever before, as it is tailored to give players the best view and feel of the game possible. Not only does it produce a similar look to traditional baccarat, but it’s been taken up to a whole new level with innovative features that you can experience right at your fingertips. To make matters even BETTER, you can pick up your preferred device and explore all sorts of unique variations of live baccarat whenever your heart desires, right here at LV BET!



Just like traditional baccarat, live baccarat is played with up to eight decks of 52 cards. The player must try to predict and wager on which of the two hands, the Player or the Banker, will reach a hand value closest to nine. Known as a game that’s perfect for players that like to keep things simple but still enjoy awesome rewards, live baccarat offers many different bet and payout options to keep the fun rolling in. You can also try out different types of bets, like P Pair, B Pair, Perfect Pairs, P Bonus, B Bonus or Tie, which offer varying payouts. The Perfect Pairs bet, for example, will pay 25:1 if two identical cards are dealt to either the Player or Banker, and will award a massive 200:1 if both hands land pairs. 

At LV BET, you can give any live baccarat game of your choice a shot — and of choices, there are plenty! We recommend seeing what the hype is all about for yourself and exploring the fantastic features of Golden Wealth Baccarat, Dragon Tiger and Speed Baccarat.


Live baccarat really is simplicity at its finest, so why would we complicate the process for you at LV BET? Jumping into a game is as easy as one, two, three — just make your way over to our Live Casino and set the category option to ‘Live Baccarat’ to view our unmatched portfolio. Take a scroll, pick your favourite and hop right in!

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