You don’t need to spend too much time on casino forums to stumble upon some form of betting strategy. In fact, this topic always makes for a heated discussion about which strategy works and which doesn’t, so you can expect some clashes of opinions whenever this subject is brought up. 

In light of the ambiguity surrounding baccarat betting strategies, we’ve decided to dedicate a post to objectively identify and elaborate on the most popular ones in circulation.


Before delving into this hot topic, it’s important to adjust your expectations about betting strategies in general. Betting strategically won’t magically deliver large profits, nor will it guarantee unbelievable winning streaks that never seem to end. Their primary objective is to break even, but even that is far from guaranteed.

In fact, the very premise of casino games is that absolutely nothing is guaranteed. There exists no sure-fire way of winning at any casino game, regardless of which ostensible foolproof strategy you might have stumbled upon on the internet.


Let’s start off with perhaps the most popular baccarat betting strategy out there: betting on the Banker. The reason why you’ll hear this advice frequently is because the Banker bet has the lowest house edge of the game, standing at just 1.06%. The Return to Player (RTP) of this bet is thus a whopping 98.94%. On the other hand, betting on the Player has a house edge of 1.24%, marginally greater than its counterpart.

When comparing both bets — Player and Banker — while also keeping in mind the potential outcome of a tie, the Banker bets have a higher chance of winning, specifically 45.87%. This is more than any other baccarat bet, which is why this strategy dictates that betting solely on the Banker is both the safest and the most reliable of bets. Do know that there is a 5% commission on all winning Banker bets, so it’s not like the casino is losing out in any way.

Just like any other betting strategy, however, this might not deliver the success you might be hoping for. After all, the game of baccarat is based solely on luck.


Betting systems would hardly be this popular if there wasn’t more to them than what we’ve mentioned so far. Let’s have a look at some betting strategies that some players enjoy using while playing baccarat.


This strategy is said to have originated in 18th-century France, and it is used in other casino table games as well, such as roulette, blackjack and craps. The premise of this system is similar to all the other negative progressive betting strategies: if a player loses a wager, the next wager they will place should be double the original.

For instance, if you place a €5 bet on the Banker and it loses, you should then place a €10 bet on the same hand. If it fails again, you should keep doubling your wager until it is successful.


Perhaps a more well-known strategy than the previous, this one functions on the Fibonacci sequence, which goes like this: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and so on. This pattern dictates that the next number in the sequence must be a sum of the previous two.

Tying the sequence to baccarat is the idea that, if players lose a bet, their next wager must be increased according to the Fibonacci sequence. For instance, if you’re on a three-round losing streak, your fourth wager must be 5x your original one, as per the sequence.


Going back to strategies created in France, the D’Alembert system is designed to help you avoid making steep losses all the while recovering lost bets. The entire premise is that losses and wins will eventually even out. To put this strategy at work, the player must decide a base wager and increase it by one unit for every loss that is made.

For instance, if your base wager is €1 and you lose a bet, your next wager must be €2. If you lose again, the next wager must be €3. However, if you win, your wager must revert back to your base number, €1.


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