European Blackjack Gold

European Blackjack Gold

Blackjack is a fan-favourite casino game the origins of which stretch back over centuries. Ever since it made its way to the online casinos, blackjack took a turn for the better as it sported all-new looks and features that many players can’t seem to get enough of. Now, talented game providers like Microgaming have revolutionised the game of blackjack, releasing blackjack variant after variant — each with their own unique gameplay. 

Blackjack is a fan-favourite casino game the origins of which stretch back over centuries. Ever since it made its way to the online casinos, blackjack took a turn for the better as it sported all-new looks and features that many players can’t seem to get enough of. Now, talented game providers like Microgaming have revolutionised the game of blackjack, releasing blackjack variant after variant — each with their own unique gameplay.

With the release of European Blackjack Gold, Microgaming offers us their take on the classic game. This article will dive into this interesting game and explore what sets European Blackjack Gold apart from other blackjack games. Tag along and grab a seat at LV BET; with us, you’ll have an amazing time playing this online casino game!

What Is European Blackjack?

Before we take a look at the Gold Series from Microgaming, let’s shed some light on the differences between European blackjack and typical blackjack. The two casino games are virtually identical; they have the same basic structure and rules with only a few minor differences. With that said, European blackjack includes added features that bring a little more spice to the gameplay.

How Is European Blackjack Different?

European blackjack has the same basic structure as typical blackjack, with a few notable exceptions. While they may be minor, these differences can have a significant impact on the player’s strategy. Keep in mind that blackjack tables may differ between online casinos, and the features presented may vary as well. Always have a look at the game’s rules before you wager.

In European Blackjack Gold, for instance, there are no side bets; players who enjoy the extra risk in exchange for high rewards won’t find what they’re looking for in this game. The game also offers insurance, which is not unheard of but is a feature that’s appreciated by many players. The number of decks in play and how they are shuffled will also affect the player’s strategy, as the house edge will change depending on the shoe.

European Blackjack Gold Gameplay

If you’re a budding blackjack player but have yet to try its European variant, you don’t have much to worry about; European Blackjack Gold is quite similar to every other RNG-based blackjack game found at online casinos.

The goal is to obtain a hand value of or as close to 21 as possible without surpassing it, while also trying to get closer to that value than the dealer. If you obtain a value above 21, you’ll go bust and lose the round. The hand that ensures an instant win is blackjack — with your first two cards being an ace and a 10-value card, adding up to 21 exactly. Additionally, a score of 21 obtained after splitting aces does not count as blackjack in this game.

When the round begins, all you need to do is place your wager by selecting one of the coloured chips found on your screen. Whenever you’re ready, you can select the ‘DEAL’ button and the RNG will distribute the cards. Once you receive your hand, you will be given several options:

  • Hit — Asking for another card to try and improve the value of your hand.
  • Stand — Retaining your current hand value.
  • Double Down — Doubling your original bet in exchange for only one card. You will not be able to hit after this action.
  • Split — Choosing to split a hand in two may be beneficial in specific situations. Splitting is permitted on pairs, but non-identical 10-value cards are excluded in European Blackjack Gold.

Insurance bets, splitting and doubling down are offered depending on the circumstance. A surrender option is not available in European Blackjack Gold. If both you and the dealer earn a hand with the same value, then you’ll both push. With that said, there are three ways to win this game:

  • You earn a hand of 21 exactly.
  • The dealer goes bust.
  • Your hand value is closer to 21 than that of the dealer.

Having a basic strategy will be very beneficial to your gameplay, as it allows you to protect your bankroll by placing thought-out moves and minimising the associated risks.

European Blackjack Gold Rules

Now that you have an idea of how to play, let’s take a detailed look at the rules.

  • The dealer cannot check for blackjack if his first card is an ace or 10-value card, because there is no hole card in European Blackjack Gold. This implies that the player won’t know if the dealer has blackjack until they play their hand.
  • The game is played with two decks that are reshuffled after every round.
  • The player and the dealer push if both receive blackjack.
  • The dealer stands on all 17.
  • The player can only split once per hand.
  • Side bets are not an option.
  • Players cannot split non-matching 10-point cards (eg: 10-K,Q-K, etc.)
  • Multiple cards can be dealt to split aces; a split ace and a 10 will count as 21, but not as blackjack.
  • Players can double down on hard nine, 10 or 11 only.
  • Surrender is unavailable.
  • Blackjack pays 3:2.
  • Insurance pays 2:1.

Card Values

Knowing the card values is an essential part of playing blackjack — your understanding of the values is imperative to establishing a sound wagering strategy. Cards that range between two and 10 are taken at face value, while the jack, queen and king have a value of 10. The ace is extra special in blackjack as it has two values — 11 or one; the value it takes depends on the state of your hand. A hand containing an ace with the value of 11 is known as a soft hand.

Play European Blackjack Gold For Free

Now that we have gone through the basics, are you ready to get a taste of what this Microgaming creation has to offer? If the answer is no, no need to worry, Microgaming has got you covered either way. European Blackjack Gold comes with a free demo that you can play without risking real cash — cool, isn’t it?

While you enjoy the sophisticated design and features of this game, you can place your chips and bet completely for free. As you enter the game and virtually sit at the table, you will find a large bankroll to play with — these are virtual funds! Virtual funds are a form of fake currency that replaces your actual bankroll so that you won’t use any real money when wagering. You can play for as long as you like and use the virtual funds to familiarise yourself with the gameplay. European Blackjack Gold isn’t the hardest game in the world, but the minor changes to rules and gameplay may leave you a little confused at times — this is exactly what the demo is for.

Bear in mind that any wins obtained during the demo mode are completely virtual and so, cannot be deducted from or credited to your account. The demo is simply designed to give you an idea of what you’re in for if you were to place a real bet. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may be asked to register and verify your account in order to access the free demo. In cases where verification is not necessary, you may be able to play as a visitor.

Play European Blackjack Gold For Real Money

Grab a seat at this Gold Series table from Microgaming and become a  blackjack master! European Blackjack Gold is a variation of blackjack that maintains most of the basic elements of the classic table game while adding a bit of a twist. As you place your chips at this impressive RNG table, you’ll quickly come to appreciate the crisp graphics and vibrant colours that are up to par with other Microgaming casino products. And with such a sleek table design, European Blackjack Gold is the almost perfect lookalike to tables at Live Casinos. Despite the lack of additional side bets, Microgaming makes up for this fan-favourite feature by introducing a multi-hand version of the game, which supports bets on up to five hands! Don’t worry about the game’s few complexities as you’ll quickly pick things up. In any case, all your options will appear on the screen, and you can easily access the rules within the game.

Gather your cards and double down your bet at LV BET, where a whole world of casino games awaits. Online casinos have nothing on our gaming arsenal, as our vast selection of blackjack tables is just the tip of the iceberg! Whether you play for real money or for free in the demo mode, we guarantee you’ll have a blast trying out our cutting-edge slots and totally immersive Live Casino games. Get ready for free spins, bonus games and all sorts of colours and animations to fill your screen on over 2,000 fantastic games, including slots and tables from Microgaming! To make things extra juicy, we also have multiple bonus offers to help keep your casino experience alive. Whether it’s a Deposit Bonus, No Deposit Bonus or a Free Spins Bonus — we have it all. Just remember that bonus availability may depend on your jurisdiction and that the rewards on deposits may differ as well.

Play European Blackjack Gold On Mobile

If you thought this game couldn’t get any better, then you’re in for an awesome surprise. Microgaming has perfectly optimised European Blackjack Gold to be played on both desktop and mobile! This means you can take the action with you wherever you go and play whenever you want. The only things you need are a compatible device, a strong network connection, some free time, and you’re all set for your mobile gaming adventure.


What is European blackjack?

This version of blackjack shares many characteristics with the classic card game with a few exceptions. While they may be minor, these differences can have a significant impact on the player’s strategy. Side bets are not offered, the number of decks used is less than the norm and there are some minor changes to the rules as well.

How is European blackjack different from normal blackjack?

In a number of ways; however, most differences are borrowed from multiple blackjack variants. To name a few, the table is S17, the player can only split once per hand and the dealer cannot check for blackjack since there is no hole card. It is important to go through the rules of the game before placing deposits and wagering real cash. .

What is European Blackjack Gold?

This is a Microgaming release that forms part of its Gold Series. Microgaming is known for releasing some of the most impressive games in the industry, and this card game is no different.

The rules are borrowed from other variants, but the game is relatively straightforward and easy to follow.

How to play European Blackjack Gold?

To begin playing, all you need to do is place your bet by selecting one of the different coloured chips found on the user interface. From there, all you need to do is click the ‘DEAL’ button and watch as the cards are dealt. Once you receive your hand, you can review your cards and choose to stand, hit, double down or split (depending on the cards you have).

Can I play European Blackjack Gold online for free?

Yes! Split aces, gather cards and win the round without risking real money through the demo mode. The demo allows you to bet completely for free through the use of virtual funds. You can take a crack at the game and learn the ropes without making a dent in your bankroll or having to place deposits. Access the demo by heading to the game’s landing page and clicking the slider to switch to the ‘Demo Mode’.

Where can I play European Blackjack Gold for real money?

If you’re looking for full-spectrum gaming and a champion casino experience, what better place to begin wagering than LV BET? If you want to take a break from card games, our slots are guaranteed to blow you away with free spins, multipliers, Wilds, Scatters and other awesome features!

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LV BET is licensed and regulated by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority).

Can I split in European Blackjack Gold?

In this version of the game, players are only allowed to split once per hand.

Can I play European Blackjack Gold on mobile?

Enjoy all there is to love about this game right in the palm of your hand! Microgaming has perfectly optimised the game to work seamlessly with your mobile device. All you need to do is make sure your device is compatible (any iOS, Android or Windows device will do) and that your internet connection is stable.

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