Poker Hands Ranking Ranking (from the lowest to the highest)

As more and more poker variants pop up, it can be pretty hard to keep up with all the new features and dynamic gameplay on offer. Despite the variety on offer and no matter the version you play, the aim of the game in each poker variant (whether you’re playing online or not), remains the same - to obtain the best possible poker hand and win. With this general guide, you will learn all you need to know about poker hands, what they are, how to obtain them, and overall poker hand rankings. By understanding poker hand rankings, you can devise the best possible strategy for a chance to win the pot. Use this guide to find out all about the hands of poker.

What beats what in Poker?

Figuring out which hand holds better value is key to winning—knowing what beats what is very obviously beneficial when devising a poker strategy. By having a good understanding, you may even bluff your way to the top with a poker hand ranking as low as a high card. 

Some poker hands are rarer than others. Your chances of obtaining a royal flush, for instance, the highest poker hand ranking, is relatively low. For this reason, it is crucial to have an understanding of poker hands so that you can devise the best possible gameplan to winning. 

One of the many great things about poker is the fact that you are continually learning. With every new game you play, you and your opponents obtain a new hand every time. So, a strategy may work in one game and not the other. It all comes down to luck and skill.

Poker Hand Combinations Explained

poker hands what beat what

As we’ve discussed, there are various hands in poker, each with their own rank. Higher ranking hands are, on the face of it, harder to obtain. The most common poker hands a player can earn include a two pair, three of a kind or full house, but before we race ahead let’s take a look at each poker hand for the beginners out there. 

In poker, each card has its own value. This is how poker hands can be ranked. With a 52-card deck, the highest-valued card is the king card, whilst the lowest is the two card. The ace card is ranked depending on the hand obtained. The following is a list of all the poker hands a player can receive, ranked in descending order: royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pair, one pair and high card. Let’s dive deeper into the ranking hands in poker, starting with the lowest-valued hand. 

 1. One Pair

A pair entails obtaining two cards of the same rank to make a pair. For example, getting two aces or two kings. It is doubtful that a hand such as this would win the game, but anything is possible. If you have a good poker face, you may be able to bluff your way to the top. Remember, poker is both a mix of skill and luck. If you’re not lucky enough to obtain a high ranking hand, you could instead put your poker skills to the test. 

2. Two Pair

The next hand is two pair. Like a pair, a hand such as this isn’t the best hand to obtain but might be enough to win anyway. This poker hand entails obtaining two cards of one rank and another two cards of another rank to create ‘two pairs’ of cards, for example, obtaining two queens and two 10s. The single remaining card may also come in handy if your opponent also receives the same hand. In this case, it is the highest-valued single card that determines the winner. 

3. Three of a kind

As we go through this list, you will realise that your chances of winning increase with your hand's higher value. With three of a kind, you can already beat a high card, a pair and two pair. Three of a kind features three cards all of the same rank. So, for example, a player may obtain three cards of different suits but the same number. Again, the two cards that remain would be used to decide which player wins the hand if they both obtain three of a kind. 

 4. Straight 

Obtaining a straight would trump the three of a kind hand. A poker straight is a sequence of five cards not of the same suit. For example, a player may obtain a queen, jack, 10, nine and eight in a mix of hearts, clubs and spades. The most important thing is that the cards are in order by individual card rank. You’ve got a pretty decent chance of winning with this hand. Your chances also increase as, in this case, an ace can either start the sequence or end it. This implies that an ace may either follow a king to complete the five cards or start the sequence followed by a two. This might be a tricky hand to obtain, but if luck is on your side, who knows what would happen.

 5. Flush

If you’re up for a challenge, you may try your hand at obtaining a flush. Closely resembling the straight, a flush is any five cards of the same suit, but not in a sequence. For example, obtaining all five cards as spades. If your opponent is also obtaining a flush, the player holding the highest card would be the winner. If both players have an ace card, then the next highest card would be used.

 6. Full House 

Next in line in poker hand rankings is a combination of a pair poker hand and a three of a kind. For example, obtaining two 10’s and three queens. The winner is determined by the player with the highest three of a kind hand. 

 7. Four of a Kind

With four of a kind, we are now entering the territory of the top three poker hand rankings in the game. A four of a kind entails obtaining four cards all of the same rank, for example, obtaining a hand of four jacks and one other card. Once again, a winner is determined by the value of the one additional card. The player with the highest card gets the win.

 8. Straight Flush

A straight flush is the second-highest poker hand a player can obtain in poker. That being said, it is also one of the most difficult hands to obtain. A straight flush is a combination of a straight and a flush - a hand of five cards in a sequence, all of the same suit. For example, obtaining five cards featuring a three, four, five, six and seven of hearts. 

 9. Royal Flush

The royal flush is the best possible hand you can obtain in poker as it gives you the greatest chance of winning. A royal flush is also the rarest hand you can obtain. Unlike other poker hands, the royal flush requires specific cards to be completed. So, a royal flush is composed of a 10, jack, queen, king and an ace, all of which are of the same suit.

10. High Card

The high card is the lowest possible hand you can earn in poker. You can obtain this hand if you do not manage to form any other hand mentioned in this list. This implies that this hand has no pairs and is not a straight or a flush.

Where can I play poker for real money? 

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✅ What is a flush in poker?

A flush closely resembles a straight hand holding any five cards of the same suit, but these cards would not be in a sequence like that of a straight. So, a fFlush can be characterised by a hand of all clubs, for example. The hand holding the highest card determines the winner. 

✅ What does check mean in poker?

A check in poker implies that an action would pass on to the player on the left without having to place a bet. Checking is only possible when no bets have been made. So, if one player places a bet before your turn, your only options would be to call, raise or fold.

✅ What beats four of a kind?

The four of a kind is the third highest-valued hand one can obtain in poker. The only other hands that can beat it are a straight flush and a royal flush. 

✅ What is the strongest poker hand?

The strongest poker hand is the royal flush which contains a 10, jack, queen, king and an ace, all of which are of the same suit. This hand is one of the only poker hands that requires specific cards in order to be completed, making it the rarest and most valuable hand one can obtain. 

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