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Infinite Blackjack Review

Infinite Blackjack offers an entertaining live gaming experience, featuring interesting side bets that totally amp up its gameplay. This live dealer blackjack game is the perfect example of how far blackjack has come ever since it made its way to online casinos. Players who love the classic game but are looking to take things to the next level should definitely consider playing live Infinite Blackjack. If you’re eager to find out what’s beyond the blackjack horizon, then just keep reading!

About the Infinite Blackjack — Evolution 

Blackjack is a world-class card game, but its inclusion in Live Casinos only made it better. Powered by Evolution (previously known as Evolution Gaming), Infinite Blackjack is a dynamic live dealer game that adds innovative features to an already strong foundation of fun and entertainment. The beauty about live Infinite Blackjack is that you have many possibilities to win! 

Infinite Blackjack Gameplay

As we’ve mentioned previously, the gameplay of live Infinite Blackjack is the near-mirror image of the classic game, with a few exceptions. While this live dealer game may offer a few additional complexities, picking up the gameplay will be a piece of cake. 

Like in a typical game of blackjack, players must try and obtain a hand with a value as close to 21 as possible. If they surpass 21, then they’ll go bust and lose the round. Players must also get closer to 21 than the dealer in order to receive a payout. If players manage to get ‘blackjack’ then they’ll receive an instant win. Blackjack is a hand consisting of an ace and a 10-point card, adding up to 21 exactly. With that said, players can win a round by either: 

  • Earning a hand closer to 21 than the dealer.
  • Earning a hand of 21 exactly — also known as ‘blackjack’.
  • The dealer going bust.

This is where your knowledge of card values comes into play. Knowing how each card is valued is a critical part of playing at any blackjack table. Cards ranging from two to 10 are taken at face value. Face cards like jacks, queens and kings all have a value of 10, and the ace cards are either counted as one or 11, depending on the state of your hand. 

As you take a virtual seat at the table, the first step is to place a bet — you will be given a specific time frame to do this. On the screen, you will see a number of different coloured chips each holding its own value. Select one within your betting limits and wait for the dealer to begin distributing cards. During this time you may also choose to place one of the four optional side bets. Once the betting time has expired and you received your first two cards, you must then decide how to act:

  • Hit — Draw an additional card.
  • Stand — Remain with your current hand.
  • Double Down — Double your bet and receive an additional card.
  • Split — Split your cards into two separate hands.

Insurance is also available for players who enjoy that ‘safety net’, although it is not recommended for those using a basic strategy when betting. If both you and the dealer earn a hand with the same value, then you’ll both push. 

If you ever have any doubts, the rules of this live blackjack table list everything you need to know and can be accessed at any point during the game. 

Bonuses And Special Features In Infinite Blackjack

The special features are what truly stand out in this live table. In Infinite Blackjack, Evolution has graced us with brilliant optional side bets that allow players to still make bank even if they lose their main wager — if they’re lucky of course! For information regarding how these side bets are used and what they do, head to the ‘?’ tab.

  • Any Pair — The Any Pair side bet involves placing a bet on the first two cards of your hand having the same value. Your payout will vary depending on the pair you obtain; an unsuited pair has a payout of 8:1 and a suited pair has a payout of 25:1.
  • 21 + 3 — The 21+3 side bet pays out if the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s upcard form a three-card poker hand. These include suited trips, straight flush, three of a kind, straight and flush. 
  • Hot 3 — The Hot 3 side bet involves placing a bet on a specific combination of three cards formed from the player’s two cards and the dealer’s upcard. There are several combinations players can win with, each offering a different payout. A total of 19 pays 1:1, 20 pays 2:1, an unsuited 21 pays 4:1, a suited 21 pays 20:1 and three sevens will pay 100:1.
  • Bust It — The Bust It side bet involves wagering on the dealer’s hand exceeding 21 and going bust. If the player has blackjack, then this bonus bet is pushed. How this wager pays depends on the number of cards the dealer has when busting — starting from 1:1 on three cards to 250:1 on eight or more cards. 

Bear in mind that these side bets are completely optional, so players can choose to abstain from placing them if they wish. However, placing side bets may offer higher chances of earning a payout even if the main bet is lost.


Live Infinite Blackjack is an epic rollercoaster of fun gameplay, interactive features and immersive gaming — all of which are a perfect ode to the amazing provider that is Evolution (previously known as Evolution Gaming). This table is guaranteed to keep you on your toes, as it offers the perfect wow factor your Live Casino experience might be needing. If you want to change up your gaming, you'll find loads of blackjack tables or other live dealer games in our arsenal. 

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Place your chips at LV BET and try your luck at hitting blackjack for a Live Casino experience you’ll never forget. Make sure to always place wagers within your betting limits. 

Game Rules

Many of the same traditional rules apply to Infinite Blackjack, but there are a few exceptions that you should be aware of as they may have a direct impact on your blackjack strategy. 

  • Played with eight decks.
  • Dealer stands on 17.
  • Double down on any two initial cards.
  • Players can split cards of equal value.
  • Players cannot double down after a split.
  • One split is allowed per hand.
  • Split aces only receive one additional card.
  • Insurance is offered when the dealer shows an ace.
  • Four optional side bets are available.
  • Six Card Charlie rule — any player with six cards adding up to 21 or less wins automatically. 
  • Round is pushed when both hands tie.

Infinite Blackjack - FAQ

✅ What is Infinite Blackjack?

Infinite Blackjack is a Live Casino table powered by Evolution (previously known as Evolution Gaming) that offers unique bonus bets and additional rules that give live blackjack a whole new light. It includes new additions such as the 21+3 side bet and the Six Card Charlie Rule that kick your gaming up a notch. For some extra fun, you can also play on mobile!

✅ How to play Infinite Blackjack?

Infinite Blackjack works pretty much the same as any other blackjack table with a few exceptions. For a full rundown of how this table is played, head to the ‘?’ tab.

✅ Where to play Infinite Blackjack for real money?

With so many Live Casinos to choose from, how could you possibly decide? LV BET is an easy choice for many live blackjack fanatics as not only do we offer some of the hottest Live Casino games in the biz, but we also offer tons of promotional offers, an unbeatable Welcome Bonus, a loyalty program and DAILY tournaments. Play Infinite Blackjack and other live games on mobile too! Remember to always bet responsibly and within your limits.

✅ Why is Infinite Blackjack so popular?

Powered by Evolution, it comes as no surprise how popular Infinite Blackjack has become. With bonus side bets, Six Card Charlie rule, low bet limits and unlimited seats, players are offered a new take on classic blackjack that many players simply cannot refuse. The best part is you can enjoy playing blackjack games whilst on the go with mobile play!

✅ How to win Infinite Blackjack?

Like other casino games, there is no perfect strategy one can adopt to guarantee a win. Games like this one are completely based on luck, so there is no telling whether you’ll win or lose.

✅ Can you play Infinite Blackjack online for real money?

Infinite Blackjack is a live game and does not have a free demo to try. Begin your gaming journey at LV BET and play on both desktop and mobile!

✅ How does live Infinite Blackjack work?

Infinite Blackjack has similar rules to other Evolution live blackjack tables, but with a few exceptions. Be sure to head to the ‘?’ tab for a full breakdown before you place your chips.