Calling all live gaming enthusiasts, First Person Baccarat is getting a sweet new upgrade! 

The Red Envelope bonus is one of Evolution’s latest creations, changing up the live gaming industry once again. This feature has had a significant impact on live baccarat tables, and now this long-awaited bonus has finally made its way to First Person Baccarat. Here’s what we know.


For all the newbies out there, First Person Baccarat was released with the aim of redefining traditional gaming by combining live game elements with slot characteristics. 

RNG games allow players to face off with a computer algorithm rather than a live dealer, making the game much easier to play. They’ll come with stripped-down gameplay and little to no bonus features, but players would also be able to access them in the demo mode. These tables are great for beginners who are not ready to dive into live gaming just yet. And while they may not have the most feature-rich gameplay, they’re still super fun to play. 

First Person Baccarat sports Evolution’s iconic interface and allows players to choose between 12 baccarat tables, six of which are no-commission tables. The game offers plenty of interesting betting options and game mechanics, which now include the well-beloved Red Envelope bonus. 


So, what’s so special about the Red Envelope bonus? This feature basically adds random multipliers to certain spots on the table. Here’s how it works: 

The game begins with a normal round of baccarat. The computer would dish out cards face down, followed by a round of betting. Players would be able to bet on the Banker’s hand, the Player’s hand or a Tie — the usual. 

Here is where things get interesting. Once players have placed their bets, up to three red envelopes will be generated and added to the table. Each envelope would contain a hidden multiplier with a random value.

A Tie bet may feature a multiplier with a value between 11x and 88x. A Banker Pair and Player Pair bets may feature a multiplier with a value between 15x and 88x. So, players could potentially earn quite a hefty payout if they win, of course. 

The only way players can boost their payout is if they placed a bet on a spot with a red envelope and they win the bet. Players will earn a regular payout if they won the bet but there is no envelope in that spot. 

In true Evolution fashion, players can enjoy cutting-edge animations whenever a red envelope lands on the table — one of the many ways Evolution has completely redefined what we think about live gaming and how this provider has kept a solid spot at the top. 


Of course, the Red Envelope bonus first made its debut on live baccarat tables, so here are a few other epic Evolution games where you can spot this feature in action: 

  • Regular Baccarat: What better way to amp up classic baccarat gameplay than with brilliant random multipliers?
  • No Commission Baccarat: Besides the Super 6 bonus bet, what makes No Commission Baccarat a great choice is that there is no commission to pay on Banker wins. No commission plus random multipliers? Sign us up!
  • Speed Baccarat: Are you looking for a game that’ll keep you on your toes? Speed Baccarat turns up the heat with lightning-fast game rounds that last 48 seconds. Keep an eye out for those red envelopes — they’ll come and go in a flash!
  • Baccarat Squeeze: Your gaming won’t get more authentic than Baccarat Squeeze. Enjoy the ultimate baccarat experience thanks to multiple cameras, HD streaming and, best of all, the squeeze!


Introducing the Red Envelope bonus to First Person Baccarat was a major step for Evolution. Having such simplified gameplay, it’s not uncommon for players to trade in RNG games for live tables, but the Red Envelope bonus is likely to catch their attention. Head to online casino LV BET to be the first in line to watch these fantastic red envelopes fly through your screen.

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