The world of online casinos has its eyes set on India, a country that has been the biggest source of both sports and card games. Here at LV BET, we’re bringing you an Indian card game that is widely played across South Asian households, especially during festivals and other special occasions. 

If you’re not situated in that part of the world, allow LV BET to bring you this fantastic card game right to your doorstep. Say hello to your next favourite card game: teen patti!


Teen patti is a fast-paced card game that resembles poker in more ways than one, so if you’re familiar with that popular game, you won’t have a hard time learning about this one.

Much like poker, teen patti is played with a single 52-card deck without joker cards. Your goal is to overcome your opponent — the dealer, in this case — through your hand combination. Teen patti has a unique set of hand rankings, but we’ll get to that later. 

Complementing the exciting action are a number of side bets that you could place which, with some luck, could make your game rounds more worthwhile than others. Before diving into all this, however, let’s explain what a game round of teen patti looks like.


As we mentioned above, teen patti is played against a live dealer, in the context of online casinos at least. Once you’ve placed your ante and any side bets of your choice, the three cards will be dealt.

Do you like your cards? This is the part where you examine your hand and decide whether it is worth progressing with. If you wish to continue playing, you could place the Play bet or fold and abandon the game round. If you’ve placed a side bet before folding, you might still win real money from it.

Once the choice is made, the cards are revealed, and the strongest three-card hand wins. How is that decided? Well, it all depends on where your hand is placed in the hand rankings below and whether your dealer’s hand is better than yours.

In teen patti, all cards are taken at face value, with the ace being the highest-valued card. Here are teen patti’s hand rankings, starting from the strongest to the weakest.


This is the strongest hand in the game. A trail — also known as a trio or a three of a kind — includes three cards of the same rank. The best possible hand combination is three aces, while the worst is three twos.


This hand features three consecutive cards of the same suit.


This hand features three consecutive cards of any suit.


This hand features a combination of cards of the same suit but not in a sequence. 


As the name suggests, this hand features two cards of the same rank. What happens if there are two pairs of the same rank? That’s when the kicker card decides which of the two sides wins the round.


A combination of cards that are not in a sequence, do not belong to the same suit, and no two cards have the same value. If the two sides have a high card in common, the winner is decided by the next highest card.


Before having a look at teen patti’s side bets, let’s preface by saying that you should really have a good understanding of the game prior to trying any of these bets. Feel free to either play the game yourself, watch other people playing or read some guides about teen patti before trying your hand with side bets. We recommend this because side bets add a layer of complexity to teen patti, thus potentially complicating your attempt to learn the game.

Once you feel comfortable playing teen patti without referring to a guide every two seconds, you’ll then want to try your hand at winning a side bet. Ezugi teen patti tables offer a few side bets that you should know about: the Pairs bet and the 3+3 bet. As we mentioned previously, you can still win a payout from these side bets even if you’ve forfeited your hand.

The Pairs side bets pays when the player’s hand contains a pair or better. On the other hand, the 3+3 bet pays when a qualifying five-card poker hand is formed out of the dealer’s and player’s cards.


LV BET’s live game portfolio has a lot for you to explore. Apart from teen patti, our much-anticipated newcomer, we’ve got a wide array of live table gems, including but not limited to live poker, live roulette, live blackjack and live baccarat

Our partnership with Evolution and other top-notch game providers has brought our players a selection of fantastic live shows to choose from too, such as Crazy Time and Monopoly Live. While you wait for teen patti, feel free to give any of these games a whirl!

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