With such a wide variety of casino games on the market comes an equally wide range of options for new gamblers to toy with.

Discovering the most entertaining casino game for you is by no means an easy feat, but we at LV BET are intent on providing you with a good rundown of what the most popular casino games entail and what you should know before spending money on gambling.


There’s no point in getting into the specifics without first highlighting the main considerations one should make before trying a gamble online.

  • The house edge will prevail: Loosely translated into the popular saying “the house always wins”, this factor simply cannot be downplayed when discussing a casino game.
    The house edge, or house advantage, is simply the percentage of a player’s bet that the casino keeps for itself. This figure differs from one game to another, so it’s very advisable to take note of the house edge before committing to a particular game.
  • Most games boil down to raw luck: Although it is possible to sway the house edge your way with correct decisions (for example, in blackjack and poker), winning at most games is simply a matter of luck. This is the case in slot machines, roulette and any other game in which the player has no real control of the outcome.
  • Winning streaks don’t last: Luck runs out, and when it does, it’s important to stop playing while you’re ahead instead of trying to extend the winning streak.
    Luck is often the biggest factor in many casino games, so you can lose money just as easily as you can win it. It’s important to avoid trying to win money that you’ve already lost, since this might send you down a very nasty spiral.


If you’re a newcomer to an online casino, a good rundown of the general rules of the casino world is a must-have.

Here are some brief pointers to help you build an understanding of the world of online casinos without having to commit avoidable mistakes to learn them.

It is in your best interest to accept all the rules as they are and look to respect them fully — both to preserve your own fun and others’.


How to Play Casino Games OnlineWe cannot stress the importance of reading the game rules enough.

Before looking to play online slots, it is imperative to read the slot rules; namely, how the slot machine pays, the number of paylines, the paytable (containing the specific combination of symbols required to land a win), the volatility, the Return to Player (RTP) and how to trigger the bonus rounds.

Should you prefer table games or card games, the same must be done; that is, reading the game rules and making sure that you’ve understood how it works before spending any cash on it.

Check out the different categories of bets, the bet odds and how the overall game is played.

This practice must always be done before placing a deposit and playing, especially when looking to play roulette or craps — two games with rather in-depth betting options.


Should you decide to place a bet that ends up failing, there is no way to reclaim the lost money.

Save for some ultra-rare glitches — in which case it is advised to contact your casino — casinos never reimburse funds of a lost bet.

Anything can happen with a wager. It can end up being a success, and you’ll subsequently win more money than you’ve wagered, or it can be a fail, and it will cost you the entirety of your wager.

It is important to accept this nature of online casinos and thus avoid placing bets haphazardly.


It is possible to talk with other players as well as your dealer in most Live Casino games.

With this in mind, the number one rule of etiquette is to always be polite and never disrespect people at the table.

Dealers have a very demanding role when it comes to operating both table games and card games.

This is why it is important to always be courteous when interacting with your dealer.


Thus far, we cannot conclude that all is said and done with regard to the query: ‘how to play casino games’.

Our last step is to examine the pros and cons of playing casino games — be it slot machines or any other table game such as roulette and blackjack.

Let’s bring this final segment to a close by examining the advantages of playing casino games.

  • Entertainment: The entertainment delivered by an exciting game at a casino is close to unparalleled. Learning about its features and earning your first winnings is truly the essence of casino entertainment. Granted, it might be challenging to find the right niche of games that interests you the most, but the process is usually worth it.
  • Vast market: The gambling industry is as vast as it is competitive. This is only good news for players of casino games since there is no short supply of interesting games to try.
    Sticking to the most esteemed game providers is usually the go-to approach that most players take, but smaller providers occasionally do wow the market with a good production of their own.
  • Lucrative potential: The potential to make money is one of the most alluring aspects of gambling. Although players shouldn’t get carried away with the lucrative potential of a game, it is possible to make a profit in spite of the house edge. If you wish to have some degree of control over the outcome of your wagers, you should not opt to play roulette, craps, penny slots or dice-related games. Instead, blackjack and poker are two good options.
  • Availability of bonuses: Claiming a casino bonus can give you a better bang for your buck, which means providing you with more opportunities to win than your money’s worth. Capitalising on an online casino bonus can be very beneficial to a player’s odds of turning a profit, as long as the Terms and Conditions are respected.
  • Social aspect: Playing games at a casino — be it online or land-based — provides you with an opportunity to get to know people with similar interests. The situation is quite self-explanatory when it comes to land-based casinos, whereas at online casinos, one can discuss their favourite games in the many casino forums available.


  • Potential to lose money: Wagering can go both ways, and you should be prepared for the likely event that the result is a negative one. Uncontrollable gambling can lead to very serious problems in the long run, which is why players should stick to a budget and avoid wagering money that they cannot afford to lose. Set aside a fixed amount of money and don’t wager more than that at a casino.
  • Transaction and withdrawal fees: On top of bonus’ wagering requirements (which compel you to re-wager the amount you win before withdrawing), players have to deal with added charges imposed by their payment providers. Some systems charge up to 10% of the transferred funds, although it is somewhat rare to be charged this much. Nevertheless, be prepared to fork out a percentage of your money for every deposit or withdrawal you issue.
  • Shady casinos: Most online casinos hold at least one licence or another, which is evidence of the fact that they are officially endorsed to supply the online casino market of their particular jurisdiction. Some casinos, however, function without a licence. This is a major red flag with regard to fair gaming, which is why you should stick to licensed and recommended casinos such as LV BET.


How to pick the right games to play at an online casino?

Choosing the right games to play boils down to the player’s preference as well as the games on offer at their particular casino of choice.

Do you enjoy seeing the roulette wheel spin or are you a fan of slots? Or perhaps, Live Casino might be more aligned with what you seek.

LV BET’s game portfolio is truly unparalled in this regard. We offer a very wide selection of games created by the best providers in the industry — be it slots, table games or even Live Casino treats.

Take some time to view our live blackjack, craps and other games that feature live dealers. The odds are that you will definitely find something you like.

Where can I learn the basic strategies to play casino games?

LV BET’s casino blog is definitely one of the go-tos when it comes to learning about strategies, both basic and advanced.

Our strategy guides are all-encompassing toolkits of information written to help you cut down on avoidable losses and instead keep more money in your pocket.

Each and every game is played however a player wants. With that said, incorporating basic strategy will definitely keep the house edge in check.

Can I play popular casino games for free?

Most slots, as well as table games can indeed be played for free thanks to their demo versions — copies of the game that a player can use to test it for free.

Live Casino releases do not usually offer demos, but some of them might allocate players virtual credits with which players can toy with.

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