Poker VS Blackjack

Poker VS Blackjack

When a player imagines a casino, slot machines are the first thing that comes to mind as they are considered the main feature of both land-based and online gambling venues. Nevertheless, there are many other game alternatives to slot machines, such as table games.

When a player imagines a casino, slot machines are the first thing that comes to mind as they are considered the main feature of both land-based and online gambling venues. Nevertheless, there are many other game alternatives to slot machines, such as table games.

There are many table games, including blackjack, poker, craps, roulette and baccarat, all of which have different gameplay. If you take a closer look at poker vs blackjack, you can see that they are two of the most popular casino games in the world today, both dating back to the 17th century. It’s interesting to know that one day a year celebrates card players, as December 28 is Card Game Day — a day dedicated to playing card games.

There are several similarities between poker and blackjack but, at the same time, they are quite different. Mastering these games requires both strategy and a certain amount of skill; however, poker and blackjack are both games of chance. If you are interested in learning more about blackjack and playing poker, keep reading this article — we’ll answer all of your burning questions!


Blackjack’s roots go back to the 1700s in France, where it was called vingt-et-un (meaning 21). Today, the game is found in nearly all casinos, where it can either be played live or in first person. In live blackjack, players sit around the semicircular blackjack table and play alongside other players against the house.

Blackjack is a simple card game that is played between the player and the dealer. The game is usually played with a multi-deck shoe, typically with eight decks, but some tables will have shoes with fewer 52-card decks. Two face-up cards are dealt to the player and two to the house — one upcard and one hole card. The cards have a point value, and the combined sum of the cards dealt is the hand total.

Ultimately, playing blackjack is about having a hand value equal to or closer to 21 than the dealer’s total without busting (exceeding 21). In blackjack, the player ideally knows when the right time to hit, stand, split or double down is. Various techniques and strategy methods are available to blackjack players to help them achieve better results, such as perfect strategy charts. Players can consult these strategy guides to help them make mathematically optimal decisions and improve their chances of winning.

Some land-based and online casinos also offer various blackjack tournaments, in which players can compete for a chance to win even greater rewards, such as extra money or free spins.

Online Blackjack

Today, players can also play blackjack online. However, the game rules are a little different from those at the original land-based tables, as online blackjack tables offer various additional features. Here are some of the most popular online blackjack tables:

Power Blackjack

Power Blackjack adds an extra dimension to classic blackjack. The same rules apply, but with a hot twist — the player can triple down or even quadruple down on any two initial cards and after a split. The 9s and 10s have also been removed from the deck, allowing players to try new strategies while playing.

Free Bet Blackjack

This other live blackjack variant is very popular and includes interesting features like Free Double Down and Split bets. Free Bet Blackjack offers players a free Double Down bet on two cards with hard totals of 9, 10 or 11, as well as Free Split bets on all pairs except 10s. The free bets are automatically offered to the player if their cards qualify. Side bets such as Any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3 and Bust It are also available, giving players a chance to win additional payouts. Players can join the game from all types of devices, including mobile tablets, phones and desktop computers.

Speed VIP Blackjack

As you might have guessed, Speed VIP Blackjack is one of the fastest online live blackjack games available. Compared to the standard live blackjack games, this table reduces gives players greater control and reduces the waiting time; players make their decisions when they are ready, and the fastest player will be dealt their cards first.

Blackjack Fortune VIP

Blackjack Fortune VIP is played at elegant grey luxury tables in one of Evolution’s gaming studios. Apart from the elite environment, this table offers interesting side bets and is one of the high-stakes tables, perfectly suiting the playing style of VIPs.


The game of poker has been called the national card game in the United States of America. Poker can be played anywhere from private homes to land-based and online casinos or dedicated poker sites. Unlike blackjack or other simple games, like craps and baccarat, poker requires a great deal of skill and knowledge of the game. Whether it’s played online or on a real table, every poker player must be familiar with the game’s rules, hand rankings and have a solid understanding of probability.

The objective of the game is to build the strongest poker hand or bluff your way to victory. There are several actions that a poker player can take, such as calling, raising or folding, and different poker variants will have rule variations as well. For example, some tables require the players to build the strongest five-card hand; in others, a hand can be built with as few as three cards or a combination of the player’s and community cards.

Online Poker

Poker was one of the first casino games to be adapted to online play, and with this digital move came an extraordinary variety of new and entertaining features. Don’t worry if you’re new to online poker — we have selected some of the hottest poker tables to familiarise you with the varied gameplay.

Texas Hold ‘em Bonus Poker

Texas Hold ‘em Bonus Poker is yet another addition to the extensive table games portfolio of Evolution Gaming, which is streamed live from their studios in Riga, Latvia. The game is a variant of Texas hold ‘em, played against the house, and there is no bet after the River. Players can also place optional Bonus and First 5 Jackpot bets. The theoretical RTP (Return To Player), when played optimally, is 97.66% on the Ante bet and 81.84% on the First 5 Jackpot bet.

Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is an excellent addition to the various online live dealer casinos. The player is supposed to beat the dealer with a hand that consists of three cards, and the game is played with only one deck of cards. Players can make the optional Pair Plus and 6 Card Bonus bets as well. The RTP in Three Card Poker is 96.63% on the Ante bet.

Side Bet City

Side Bet City is an ’80s-themed poker game set in one of Evolution’s neon-lit studios. The game is designed to be played not against the dealer but the house. Players simply bet on whether they will win on a three, five or seven-card hand, or on the ‘All Lose’ option. The player can bet on any combination of these bets, and no decisions are made by the player after placing their chosen bets.

2 Hand Casino Hold ‘em

This variation of Casino Hold ‘em takes the entire experience to a new level — allowing the player to play with two hands. Poker players must build the best possible five-card hand made out of the player’s first two cards and five community cards. The RTP is 97.84% on the Ante bet and 93.74% on the optional Bonus bet.

Video Poker

Video poker was first introduced in the 1970s and, because these games resembled the consoles of slot machines, they were initially called poker slots. Just like slot machines, card combinations are generated with random number generation. Players play alone, as there is no interaction with other poker players or the casino dealer. Popular variants include Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild. Nevertheless, almost all video poker games are based on five-card draw poker mechanics. Many options and features make video poker an excellent alternative to traditional slot machines, since these games allow the poker player to effectively reduce the casino’s edge. Like with classic poker, you have a better chance of winning with the right strategy.

The House Edge In Card Games

House edge, also referred to as the casino advantage, is present in every casino game. The advantage is a mathematical concept that refers to the average return to the casino over time. In other words, the house edge is an indicator of the percentage of your bets that you can expect to lose in the long run. It ensures that casino has a long-term advantage over their players, controlling the profits and covering operating costs.

Let’s take blackjack as an example since there are quite a few variations of the game online and in land-based casinos. Any rule differences or the number of decks you play with, whether it’s just two or eight, will affect the house edge of blackjack.

In poker, the casino’s edge works a little differently. Games played at land-based venues or in tournaments often have no house edge. Instead, the gambling establishment will take a cut for hosting the tournament or grab a small share of the pot. On the other hand, online poker does have a house edge; in fact, video poker is known to be one of the casino games with the lowest house advantage.

Understanding the house edge is instrumental in making strategically favourable decisions when playing any casino game, be it poker, blackjack, roulette or your favourite online slot. This knowledge can be used to help you reduce losses, reduce the casino’s advantage and, in rare cases, flip it in your favour! When playing blackjack or video poker, the casino’s advantage can be successfully reduced through strategy.

Blackjack And Poker Player Odds

When comparing blackjack vs poker, some players will argue that the two are too different to draw similarities. However, both blackjack and poker players will know that the best way to approach these tables is with strategy and knowledge. Understanding the odds and your chances of winning will equip you with the knowledge you need to make mathematically optimal decisions during gameplay, helping you gain an edge over your opponents — be it the casino or other players. Poker and blackjack players know that strategic play is key and that flipping the odds in one’s favour is not impossible!

Playing poker is significantly more difficult than playing blackjack, but players can use similar approaches to reduce the odds of losing and minimising the incurred losses. A good rule of thumb is to come equipped with a solid betting strategy; this way, you will have tighter control on the amount of money you wager and may, perhaps, gain an edge over the opponents simply by betting wisely. Whether you play online or in land-based blackjack and poker cash games, remember that luck reigns supreme over skill. Even if you’re a talented and experienced player, there is nothing that could ever guarantee a win.

As you have noticed while reading this article, you will find that both blackjack and poker appeal to different types of players, as they have entirely different features, gameplay and bonus bets. Are you still confused about whether to play blackjack vs poker? When deciding which game to play, you need to ask yourself which game better suits your playstyle and not which game has better odds of winning — at the end of the day, it’s all about chance!

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