Roulette Myths

Roulette Myths

Roulette has one of the most popular games in the casino industry for as long as anyone can remember. This casino game was prominently featured in many land-based casinos and has since been introduced to online casinos as well, where hundreds upon thousands of variants have surfaced.

Roulette has one of the most popular games in the casino industry for as long as anyone can remember. This casino game was prominently featured in many land-based casinos and has since been introduced to online casinos as well, where hundreds upon thousands of variants have surfaced. The game of roulette has truly flourished over the years having such amazing gameplay that always keeps casino gamers guessing. Although a number of variants have popped up thanks to online casinos, a number of roulette myths have emerged as well which have caused many misconceptions about this game we all know and love. These misconceptions have hindered players in taking this game for a spin, and so, we’re here to put those rumours to rest.  If you’re looking to find out more, then we advise you to stick around. With this article we will debunk some of these roulette myths that have been floating around, for all our eager roulette players out there, as we encourage you to try out a spin or two. Roulette is an incredibly fun game that’ll practically leave you speechless. Want to find out more? Then just keep reading.

1# Roulette Is A Complete Strategy-Based Game

Roulette Myths exposedOne of the most outrageous roulette myths around is that roulette is completely based on strategy, and that adopting the right technique would lead to a win. The game of roulette is entirely based on luck. The aim of this table game is to predict which numbered pocket the ball will land on. There is no way you could predict a winning number accurately, unless you can see into the future, if not then it’s all up to chance. There might be a way to form a prediction by looking at which numbers the ball landed on in previous games and perhaps devise a plan from there, but there is no sure-fire way of winning.

2#There Is Only One Type Of Roulette

This game’s beginnings stretch as far back as to the 17th century and only grew in popularity ever since. For this reason, it is a complete misconception that there has been only one version of roulette. Sure the overall aim of the game has not changed, but there have been many different types of roulette that popped up over the years. It all started with French Roulette, which led to European and American Roulette. With the introduction of online casinos, we then saw the introduction of online roulette including Lightning Roulette, Immersive Roulette among others.

Each of these come with their own unique roulette table. For example, European Roulette is played with 37 numbered pockets whereas American Roulette is played with 38 due to the double zero. These roulette tables also differ slightly in their layout as well as their house edge.

French and European Roulette hold the lowest house edge. American Roulette holds a higher house advantage due to the fact that the edge increases due to the extra double zero numbered pocket. Other variants may differ in their roulette wheels as well.

3# All Roulette Versions Have The Same House Edge

As mentioned in previously, different variations of roulette also come with varied roulette tables, wheels and chances of winning. For this reason, the house edge for different types of roulette may vary as well. The perfect example of this lies in the difference between European and American Roulette. The American version of roulette holds 38 numbered pockets – one more than its European counterpart. This extra number causes the house edge to increase since players have less chances of winning.

4# Roulette Wheels Are Rigged

One of the most common myths is that roulette wheels are rigged. This misconception arose from popular movie scenes whereby magnets are used to modify the wheel – but this is simply untrue. No reputable casino, online or otherwise, would ever think of rigging the wheel as doing so may cause them to lose their gaming license entirely. Earning a license is no easy task and so this is not something the casino would risk losing. There may be casinos out there that might try these scams, but that is why it is recommended to check the license of the casino before putting your money on it.

5# It Is Possible To Beat The House Edge

Roulette is a game of chance and the house edge varies from one version to another. Though you can use some techniques and strategies to turn the house edge into your favor, it is not possible to beat the house edge and win the game every time.

6# The Dealer can Control The Ball

Many players think that the dealer can control the ball due to the fact that the dealer controls everything from the opening of the game to announcing the winners. But the fact that players think the dealer has some control over where the ball lands is simply illogical. There is no way the dealer can manipulate the ball to land on a specific number. Casinos actually take proper measures to ensure that the game is regulated, fair and random with each spin.

7# There is Some Pattern To Winning Numbers

According to some so-called experts, there are some winning number patterns that can be used to win every time. Sadly, this is completely false. Humans have the tendency to spot patterns and symbols in everything, but if you take a look at how this game works exactly, then you will realise there are no number biases in the game. Guessing the number is the most enjoyable part of the game and so, saying that there are winning patterns just takes the fun out of it.

8# You Should Play The Same Type Of Bet

This myth is very popular all over the internet as a lot of players believe that if they win with one bet, then they should stick to that bet on the next spin. Considering roulette is a game of chance, do you really think this is even a viable technique?. If you won with one bet, there is no guarantee that you will win again by playing the same bet. Experimenting with bets is the only thing you could try to do as there is no absolute way of knowing where the ball will land. Doing so may help you find your betting style too.

9# If You Use The Right Strategy, You Can Beat Roulette

Poker and blackjack are somewhat skill-oriented as you can use certain techniques to help you make better decisions. Some people think that they can translate this way of thinking to try and beat the wheel by observing the winnings of previous rounds. There is no right or wrong technique to adopt since roulette totally depends on luck. As with all casino games, you should always remember that there is no technique that can provide guaranteed winning results. They might increase the probability of winning, but don’t expect that it will surely make you win.

10# Roulette Was Inspired By The Devil

There are many interesting rumours about how roulette was inspired by the devil as it is considered to be a bad activity. Roulette was invented by Blaise Pascal, a French Mathematician, back in the mid-17th century. Some people say he took his inspiration from Devil when creating this game as the sum of all the roulette wheel numbers amounts to 666 – the supposed number of the devil. So is it true that it is inspired by the devil? No. It is said that Blaise was actually trying to create a perpetual motion machine but failed and created roulette by accident.

11# Your Last Performance Can Help You With Your Next Bet

If you are under the impression that your last win can help you win the next round, then you will be sorely mistaken. This is just one of the many fallacies of this game. There is no connection between your last performance and the next one. A common way of thinking is that if a specific color or number has emerged in one round, then it won’t come in the next. For example, some people think that if the last five digits were black, then their odds of appearing in the next round are low. This can lead to rash decision-making and uncalculated moves which might lead you to losing your money. Roulette is a completely random game and the odds of any number appearing in the next round are equal.

12# Hedging The Board Is Possible

Some experienced players that have worked through various bets types think that if they make different bets in every spin, then it is possible to hedge positions effectively. It is impossible to lower the house edge. This technique may be useful in some particular spins, but you should not depend on it.

13# Martingale Is A Good Strategy

If you’ve been playing this game for a while, then you might have come across the Martingale strategy. Basically, this technique involves doubling your bet every time you suffer a loss in the previous round. To put it simply, the Martingale strategy involves doubling your bet when you lose. This might work in other platforms like trading but it is not possible in roulette as it’s never a good idea to chase losses. A lot of beginners use this technique due to pressure from some so-called experts and end up going bankrupt. Don’t believe everything you hear.

14# Sticking To One Type Of Bet Is Useful

If you’re winning a round with one specific bet, then it’s purely because of luck. There is no “magic bet” that would help you win every time . If you base your next decision according to the last bet that was placed, the probability of you hitting that last bet is completely 50/50 – either you do or you don’t. Your last bet has nothing to do with your next win. Always remember, roulette has different betting options and all of them have equal chances of winning. You can experiment with your bets but nothing guarantees success.

15# You Can’t Win On Roulette

It is very surprising that some people think that they can’t win big. Although there are factors that may hinder you from earning a payout, you still might win a decent amount. In European Roulette for example, you will have a one in 37 chance of getting a 36x multiplier, which means that if you place a bet of €100, then you will win €3600.

16# Roulette Has Have Lucky Numbers

The basic concept of roulette is that you can either win or lose by betting on a specific number, or a range of numbers. The problem arises when people start believing that this game has lucky numbers that would guarantee a win if you stick to them. This is a highly problematic roulette myth simply because every number on the table has an equal probability of winning.

17# Spins Are Connected

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – nothing in roulette is rigged. It is not possible to predict what number will win in the next round. There are players out there that might try to connect one round to next, thinking that the result obtained in one round would affect that of the next. Which numbered pocket the ball lands on is, and always will be, completely random.

18# Losing Streak Means You Should Quit

Most people believe that if you run on a losing streak, then you should quit the game. This kills the chances of being more profitable in the next round. Though it is always recommended to gamble responsibly, just because you lose a few spins, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have a chance to win in the next. This is quite a fast-paced game and so it is important to set gambling limits. If you’re playing at an online casino, you can utilise their money management systems and set daily limits to prevent you from gambling excessively.

19# Strategy Doesn’t Matter At All

Strategies may not help you directly in winning but they might have a role to play sometimes. As mentioned previously, there aren’t any strategies that can guarantee a win but that doesn’t mean you should bet wildly without having any plan whatsoever. Strategies help you identify your limits and helps you make more educated decisions. For example, spreading bets out might be more helpful than placing one bet on one number.


Roulette can be considered to be a combination of both luck and skill. Those who claim they have mastered the art of this game are quite mistaken as, although there are some techniques that may improve your odds of success, there is no sure-fire technique that would help you earn a profit every time you spin. Remember to always gamble responsibly especially in roulette. It may be helpful to employ a money management system when playing online to help keep your gambling in check when taking a seat at any roulette table.

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