Live Roulette

Discover all the stunning Live Roulette tables available for you and enjoy a fine casino experience.

Live Roulette

The casino live roulette tables as we know nowadays is definitely an amazing way of enjoying oneself for as long as it is desired – it is an exciting casino game for all players alike, even more, if you choose one of the many casino live roulette tables available for you at LV BET – whenever you want to enjoy a roulette experience, you can count on us. When you decide to play live roulette with us, a universe of entertainment opens up for you with some of the best casino live roulette tables provided by the leading entertainment purveyor Evolution Gaming, a well-known and established company in the market responsible for several casino games that you probably have played before, including the live roulette, speed roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat and live poker, with more casino games being added quite often. The casino live roulette tables available at LV BET are responsible for endless hours of fun and countless amazing wins all around the world. What makes live roulette, speed roulette or any other roulette table a truly remarkable casino game is the simplicity of the roulette table itself and the fast-paced roulette experience it provides for any player willing to enjoy a good spin on this classic.


If you have not been to a land-based casino, chances are you have never seen a roulette table in front of you, so we will point out some of its most essential components. Essentially, all casino live roulette tables are the same – they come on a polished wooden base with numbered pockets for the ball, a rotor, a ball track, and a few diamonds (not real ones). The diamonds are actually simple metal deflectors placed in various parts of the ball track, they’re used to disrupt the trajectory of the ball and reducing its speed so the ball can land inside a pocket. Without these tiny pieces of metal, we would probably have to wait until the ball loses momentum and eventually stops, which could take a minute or who knows, a few years? Jokes apart, it can be noted that throughout the past few decades, the casino live roulette wheel had undergone several small changes until it became the roulette table we know and love so much today. Truth is, whether you are a seasoned casino player looking for fun and prizes or a player about to give your first spins, the casino live roulette tables available at LV BET are definitely the best option to get started. With a wide selection of different casino live roulettes, you can be sure to find the right table to spin and have an enjoyable roulette experience. Make your deposit, check if there is a bonus available and enjoy the best casino live roulette tables at any time you want. At LV BET, you are a winner.

European and American Live Roulette

In this paragraph, we will show some of the differences between the types of casino live roulette wheels that you can play in online casinos like LV BET or even inside a brick-and-mortar casino if you choose to do so. Also, we will point out some of the components of the wheel itself and other specifications necessary for that marvellous roulette experience you know. First things first, when the roulette was conceived in France around 1700, the roulette wheel had two zeroes; allegedly it all changed after the Germans fell in love with the game and decide to have it their way, thus changing it to only one zero. The Americans, on the other hand, kept the roulette wheel with two zeroes, increasing slightly the house edge. But let’s be honest, unless you’re James Bond, the game remains essentially the same and relies on luck or divine intervention to yield its lovely prizes, you name it. The difference does exist and if you sit at any given roulette table for a certain number of spins, you might notice that an extra pocket (in the American version) can get on the way of a sweet win, but as mentioned above, normal players probably won’t see a big difference and will enjoy a roulette experience in any table they decide to play.