Live Poker

    The famous Live Poker tables are here, the classic live Hold’em poker, three card poker and more – try your hand with us.

    Live Poker

    Renowned online casino frequently set up live casino tournaments to allow players to compete against one another. Live Poker is one of the most popular games you can find in any casino. It’s not solely based on luck but requires players to develop the necessary skills, gain experience and start thinking analytically. Let’s go over some of the essential aspects which characterise live Poker.

    What is Live Poker?

    Most online casinos offer Poker in their table games section, and you can choose from a variety of different variants and tables. However, many players find live casino poker to be more exciting. In Live Poker, you compete at an interactive table managed by a real croupier, using virtual chips with assigned values to place your bets. You’ll find many tables dedicated to poker tournaments, with Texas Hold’em being the most popular. This variation is more complicated than other variants, such as five-card draw, and requires players to be highly skilled. You may even be able to participate in larger tournaments from time to time. To choose a suitable table in Live Poker, make sure you take into account the table’s rules, including any betting limits, and find one which meets your expectations.

    Live Casino Poker Rules

    Live Casino offers a vast selection of tables, each with its own rules concerning the minimum and maximum betting limits. Taking Texas Hold’em as an example, here are some rules you might be faced with:

    Fixed Limit (FL) tables –These are assigned a minimum and maximum bet so players can only place a bet to a specific limit.

    Pot-Limit (PL) tables – These have a specific minimum bet, and players may only bet up to the current value of the pot.

    No-Limit (NL) tables – Players can manage their funds freely, as no limits are in place.

    Mixed Limit (ML) tables – These tables offer mixed rounds - some rounds might have a fixed limit, while others may pose no limits.

    You must choose the table which best aligns with your preferences to enjoy the game of Poker even more. It’s advisable to select those tables which allow low bets until you grasp the game’s mechanics.

    In Texas Hold’em and other popular variants which are played without antes, you can also distinguish two additional rules: the Small Blind (SB) and Big Blind (BB). The Small Blind is the first player to the left of the dealer who needs to place a ‘small blind’ into the pot - which is generally half the minimum bet, while the Big Blind is the second player to the left of the dealer who needs to place a bet which is double the small blind.

    Texas Hold’em Poker

    This Poker variant is one of the most popular games. Every player is dealt two cards face down. Five community cards are consequently dealt face up in the centre of the table in three stages. The first three cards (the flop) are flipped after the first betting round. The fourth card (the turn) is uncovered after the second round and the fifth card (the river) after the third round. Players try to build the strongest possible five-card hand using any of the seven cards in play. After the last round, players show their hands, and the player with the best hand who didn’t fold wins all the money in the pot.

    There are several betting options you can consider, so you don’t have to take part in a game if you think your hand value is too low. You can either decide to raise (increase your bet), call (match a bet or a raise), check (pass the action to the player on the left) or fold (pass and withdraw from the game). When playing Live Poker, you must manage your funds responsibly, adopt a good betting strategy, as well as try to predict other players’ hands.

    The poker hands you can achieve (from the lowest to the highest) are one pair, two pairs, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and a royal flush. In case of a tie, the highest-ranking card wins. If the hand value remains equal, the pot is divided between the winners.

    Poker Tournaments

    Live Poker allows you to compete against other players from all around the world. To do so, you have to accept all the terms and conditions and choose a Live Casino which has streaming technology. Players won’t be able to see each other, but you’ll be able to see the positions at the table getting filled up. From time to time, casino tournaments with enable visuals may be held as well.

    Most tournaments are scheduled in advance, giving you enough time to check out all the terms and conditions and regulations. You may need to deposit a registration fee to participate in a tournament, and all players start the tournament with the same amount of chips. Tournaments can last a few hours, so make sure you have enough time to play.


    ✅ How do you participate in a poker tournament?

    The first step is to sign up to a casino which offers live games and hosts online Poker tournaments. LV BET casino is an ideal choice. All you need to do is accept all the terms and conditions, and any required cookies to ensure the live casino operates effectively.

    Your next step is to go to the live casino section and choose any game and table to play at for any number of rounds you like. If you wish to participate in a tournament, you must deposit a registration fee and make sure you have enough funds in your casino account. Before you join any Poker table, do familiarise yourself with all the rules applicable to that table in question.

    ✅ How do you start playing Poker at LV BET?

    If you’re still entering the world of Live Poker, start by learning the basic rules and strategies which are commonly adopted by players. Choose tables with low betting limits and gain valuable experience to benefit from better results in the future. This demo mode is an excellent opportunity to test out different strategies and get used to all the possible hands you can build.

    ✅ Is Poker only a matter of luck?

    Poker’s popularity derives from the fact that players can adopt various strategies and make use of their skills to increase their chances of winning. It’s not all about luck, but being dealt two aces at the beginning of the game will surely help you obtain a winning hand. Poker tournaments have demonstrated that calmness, ranking hierarchy knowledge, precise analysis and a good betting strategy are key factors which will boost your winning chances.

    ✅ How can you prepare for Live Poker?

    If you’ve just started to learn how to play Poker, you might want to start from the simplest variant - the five-card draw. As soon as you learn all the possible hands you can build, you can then move on to more advanced Poker variants, such as Texas Hold’em. But before putting your money at risk, do play the free demo versions or choose tables with low minimum bets to avoid significant losses.

    ✅ How long does a poker tournament last?

    Some tournaments end very quickly while others can be time-consuming. It all depends on the number of players, the betting strategies used, and the number of funds placed in the pot.

    ✅ How much can you win in poker tournaments?

    The pot generally includes a percentage of the registration fee deposits and the bets placed by the players during each betting round. Thus, how much you win depends on the number of participants, and the bet amounts placed.

    ✅ How can you win at Live Poker?

    No strategy guarantees a 100% win as there’s still an element of luck which determines the final results. However, gaining as much experience as possible, remaining calm and familiarising yourself with the different Poker variants and the various betting strategies in demo mode will help increase your chances of winning.