Complaints procedure

How can I make a complaint?

At LV BET, we strive to make our services as accessible and easy to use as possible. To make a complaint, all you have to do is contact our well-trained Customer Support team by sending an email to SUPPORT@LVBET.COM. Our representatives will get back to you within a maximum of three working days!

However, bear in mind that we do not acknowledge social media complaints as they are not considered official complaints.

If you need a little help finding your way around, the ’SUPPORT’ section on our site will help you select the most appropriate communication channel for you.

What information is needed to raise a complaint?

To enable LV BET to deal with the user's complaint in the shortest possible time frame, the complaint must contain clear information about the identity of the user (name, surname, registered email, and residential address) as well as all relevant details about the case (the name of the game, the time and date of the incident and a detailed explanation).

What is the timeframe to deal with your complaint?

The customer support managers (or other managers, if necessary) assigned to the escalated case will commit to their best efforts to promptly resolve a reported matter internally. The whole complaint process should take no more than eight weeks to be assessed and responded to.

What is the process if the complaint cannot be resolved internally?

In cases where we cannot solve your issue internally, don’t worry! We’ll make sure to keep you informed of our final decision and guide you through the process of filing an official dispute to a registered Alternative Dispute Resolution Body, also known as an ‘ADR’.

An 'ADR' is an independent third party that mediates disputes and assesses all information provided by both parties to issue an impartial decision on the matter. At LV BET, we work alongside the POGG to handle external complaints processes.

You can find additional information and submit a complaint to the POGG here:

Additionally, the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform can provide further alternative dispute resolution services within the EU. Click this link for more info:

If you still feel unsatisfied with the course of action taken, you can bring the dispute to the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) by sending an email to Please be advised that any user has the right to bring proceedings against an operator to any court of competent jurisdiction.