Try the wonderful Live Baccarat tables, Asia’s favourite card game. Play live baccarat and let the fun begin.

Play Live Baccarat

More experienced casino players have tried their hand at a live baccarat table probably more than on time but if you never heard about live casino baccarat before, don’t panic! We will tell you more about this fantastic card game played in almost all the casinos in the world. Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco, is arguably around since the late 15th century and it was brought to France during the Franco-Italian war – whether this story has some truth to it or not, the important is that live baccarat definitely came to stay. Casinos all around the world offer live baccarat to players because it is extremely easy to play and provides great fun with each round as the player tries to beat the ‘banker’ or the house by guessing who will get the higher card. If you want to play live casino baccarat at LV BET you will find quite a few variations offered by the leading casino game provider Evolution Gaming – get started with the famous Dragon Tiger, Football Studio, no commission, speed, and squeeze live casino baccarat tables.

The Famous Live Casino Baccarat

Apart from being a massive hit at LV BET and also in countless casinos around the world, live baccarat is responsible for an impressive success in Macau and other Asian countries, they simply love it there. But if you think live baccarat is just something for casino-goers, think again, since baccarat is the James Bond’s favourite game. The famous fictional secret agent is featured in several movies playing live baccarat and guess what, winning against his adversaries. Even though you are no James Bond, you can still play and win at any of the many live casino baccarat tables available at LV BET. No matter of which live baccarat variation you decide to play at LV BET, the fun at the tables is guaranteed – even more if you land a sweet win. Give it a go and have fun with us!

What’s the Best Live Baccarat Variation?

To be honest there is not a right or wrong answer here since the best live baccarat variation depends solely on a player’s personal preferences. Even though the game has quite a few variations it remains essentially the same, where a player (punto) plays against the dealer or ‘bank’ (Banco) and bet on who will have the highest cards; each card has a point value: cards two to nine are worth face value (in points); tens, jacks, queens and kings have no point value and therefore worth zero; aces are worth 1 point and jokers are not used as part of the live baccarat game. Some of the live casino baccarat variations are easier than others to play, for example, Dragon Tiger and Football Studio are played with only two cards, one for the player and other for the dealer, whoever is dealt the highest card (in point value) wins the round, with the possibility of bet even as well. The other tables you can find at LV BET feature more conventional live baccarat versions with a different number of cards being dealt to both players and dealers; the speed of the game is increased in the ‘speed’ variations for more excitement at the tables. To add a bit more suspense to each hand, the squeeze variations available at LV BET allow you to slowly reveal the cards you are dealt, with the rules remaining the same.