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Super Sic Bo is a reinvented classic from Evolution that offers unique and engaging dice gameplay with a chance to win spectacular rewards. Based on the sic bo game, Super Sic Bo is one of very few dice games players can enjoy at Live Casinos. The game is incredibly popular in Asian casinos and shares similarities with popular dice games like grand hazard and chuck-a-luck, which are predominantly found in American and UK casinos. Want to learn how to play this extraordinary game of chance? Read on!


This unique game from Evolution (formerly Evolution Gaming) is a new and improved version of sic bo, a dice game of ancient Chinese origin that has been one of the most popular gambling games for centuries. Translated as ‘precious dice’, sic bo is also known as dai sai and dai siu — ‘big or small’ — in China and Macau, and is played as hi-lo in the Philippines. The game was brought over to the United States by Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century, where the game quickly took off and became a staple game in B&M casinos coast to coast. 

Although the game was frequently on offer at land-based casinos in Europe as well, sic bo didn’t make it to online platforms until the next century. Evolution is known for pushing the boundaries and revamping our favourite classics to deliver cutting-edge gameplay, and that’s exactly what the provider did with sic bo. Enter Super Sic Bo, the beautifully simple and distinctly different take on the ancient, ever-popular dice game. The game is played with three dice, and the player’s objective is to predict the outcome of each dice shake successfully — that’s as simple as it gets! 

If you’ve ever played at an online casino, then you know that the Evolution gaming experience is truly one of a kind. No Evolution release is a run-of-the-mill game, and each title stands out from the rest in its own right. Just like with other reiterations of popular classics, Evolution went above and beyond to deliver an entertaining game that’s packed with bonus features and fantastic winnings; let’s take a closer look!


Surprisingly, the gameplay shares striking similarities with games in Evolution’s Lightning series; particularly, Lightning Roulette, Lightning Baccarat and Lightning Dice.

Super Sic Bo is played with three standard dice, which are placed inside an automatic dice shaker during the rounds. The game’s objective is to predict the outcome of the dice shakes; a simple concept, but the number of betting options is surprisingly extensive. After bets have been placed, the dice are shaken and an outcome — the sum of the three dice — is revealed. Aside from the total sum, players can also wager on multiple result combinations available on the betting table. The table layout may be a little intimidating at first glance, but the wagering rules are straightforward — it’s only a matter of getting used to the gameplay.

Just like in Evolution’s Lightning games, the best part about playing Super Sic Bo is the chance to get your hands on a super sick payout! When the betting time expires, up to several bet spots may be assigned a random multiplier of up to 1,000x. If that spot wins, all players who have wagered on it will enjoy a multiplied payout. There may be rounds where no bet spots are selected at all.


The optimal theoretical RTP is 97.22%, which is based on even-money wagers (Big/Small and Odd/Even). Including all other bets, the RTP range is approximately 95.02% to 97.22%, which translates into a house edge of 4.98% to 2.78%.


Playing Super Sic Bo is simple, but you should take a moment to familiarise yourself with the various betting options and their payouts. The game has tremendous win potential, but it’s important to wager responsibly and hedge your bets with a sound wagering strategy. Let’s take a quick look at the bets you can place in Super Sic Bo: 

  • Big/Small — A bet on whether the sum of the dice will be Big (11-17) or Small (4-10). The Big/Small bet pays 1:1 but will lose to any Triple. 
  • Even/Odd — A bet on the total of the three dice being an odd or even number. A win pays 1:1, but these bets will lose to any Triple. 
  • Total — A wager on the sum of the three dice, from four to 17. The Total bet wins if the sum of the three dice is the number on which you’ve placed the wager. The payouts for each number differ, given the varied probability of the outcomes, and will be displayed on the betting table. 
  • Single — A bet placed on any of the six face values of a dice. The payouts depend on how many dice show the number you have wagered on: 1:1 for one dice, 2:1 for two and 3:1 for all three. 
  • Double — A wager on any of the six bet spots labelled ‘Double’. This bet pays 8:1 if at least two of the three dice show the number you’ve wagered on. The payout remains the same if the winning roll is a Triple.
  • Triple — This bet has the game’s most coveted payout of 150:1 and is the only wager that can reach the game’s maximum payout of 999:1, attainable only with the help of multipliers. All three dice must show the same number to win this bet — the number you are wagering on. The odds of winning this bet are low, so tread with caution. 
  • Any Triple — A bet covering all six Triple bets at once; to win, the dice roll must result in three identical numbers. This bet pays 30:1. 
  • Combination — Place your bet on any or all 15 possible two-dice combinations. The Combination bet excludes doubles and pays 5:1.


  • Multipliers — The game’s most notable bonus feature is the chance at securing bonus winnings through multipliers. Each round has a chance to trigger random multipliers of up to 1,000x. The multiplier is applied to several bet spots (or none) at the end of each betting round. 
  • Live Chat and Live Support — Players can easily access the Live Chat feature after placing a real wager. The Live Chat is seen by all players and by the live dealer, but the Live Support function is used to address your concerns about the gameplay privately. Live Chat and all gaming activities are monitored. 
  • History & Statistics — The Statistics roadmap is an excellent tool for new and experienced players alike. It offers information on the outcomes of the last nine rounds, including the total and all individual dice values. Clicking the up arrow will expand the statistics, revealing trends and streaks from the previous rounds. Below the roadmap, players can see what percentage of the last 50 rounds were Small, Big or Triple wins. 


Playing Super Sic Bo is everything that new and experienced casino players can expect from a Live Casino game of Evolution’s calibre. While the classic counterpart is still popular, particularly in Macau casinos, Super Sic Bo is the go-to player favourite when it comes to dice games. Even though the top payout of 999:1 is only obtainable on a Triple with the max multiplier, the chance to boost winnings with smaller multipliers is the game’s main attraction. Despite first impressions, the game is easy to understand, making it a perfect choice for casino newcomers and veterans alike. 

Game Rules

Here are some of the most important rules to keep in mind when playing Super Sic Bo:

  • Super Sic Bo is a Live Casino game hosted by a live dealer, which means that all wagering activities must be conducted with real funds and in a timely fashion. 
  • The betting time is restricted to 20 seconds — use your time wisely. If you’re playing with a wagering strategy in mind, make sure you know what to do in each round. If you’re using a strategy that relies on streaks, this is particularly important.
  • Missed a round? No problem, you can sit out as many rounds as you want and jump back in whenever you are ready to play. 
  • The multipliers are applied after the betting window closes, and the automated dice-shaking machine randomly generates all outcomes.
  • The payouts will vary depending on the type of bet placed, the value of the bet and whether or not the bet spot will have a multiplier applied to it. All possible winnings are listed in the game’s rules, found by clicking the ‘?’ button. 
  • The Triple bet is the only wager in the game that qualifies for the 1,000x multiplier.
  • Similarly, all even-money bets (Big/Small, Odd/Even) are excluded from the multiplier feature altogether.

Super Sic Bo - FAQ


Super Sic Bo is a Live Casino game released by Evolution (previously Evolution Gaming) and is based on sic bo, a popular dice game of ancient Chinese origin. This casino game offers bonus wins with random multipliers, which can reach 1,000x on a Triple.


Playing Super Sic Bo is all about predicting the result of three rolled dice, which is generated by a dice shaker. Select your preferred bet value and click on the bet spots you wish to wager on. All bets and possible winnings are displayed on the betting table and in the game’s rules.


Super Sic Bo is an unequal game of chance, which means that the odds of landing specific outcomes are not equal. After the betting window closes, random multipliers will be applied to some of the bet spots (or none at all). Players who correctly predict the roll’s outcome will enjoy a payout, as indicated on the game’s paytable. If that bet spot has a multiplier, then the payout will be boosted (up to a maximum of 999:1 on a Triple).


A Triple is when all three dice show the same number. This is the ‘high risk, high reward’ wager; it can yield enormous wins but is incredibly hard to hit.


Yes, you can play live Super Sic Bo with cash at online casinos. Since this game can only be played live, there is no free-to-play demo version of the game. To play with real funds, make sure that you have a registered account and deposit sufficient funds to play.


You can play Super Sic Bo online at LV BET, where you will find an extraordinary variety of other live games from providers like Evolution, LiveG24 and Quik. Whenever you’re in the mood for Live Casino gambling — we’ve got you covered.

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Super Sic Bo is a modern take on a timeless classic — sic bo — that offers a chance to win up to 1,000x on a Triple. Complement that with fast-paced gaming rounds, gorgeous studio design and engaging gameplay, and you’ve got yourself one fantastic Live Casino gaming experience.


All gambling games are games of chance; thus, no method or strategy can ever guarantee winning. Please play responsibly.