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Lord of the Ocean


Lord of the Ocean Slot Review

The Lord of Ocean slot is a riveting adventure into the depths of the ocean, the realm of the mighty Poseidon. Those who embark on this aquatic journey will face bonus free spins, Expanding Symbols, impeccable graphics and the intriguing mysteries of the Atlantic Ocean.

About the Lord of the Ocean Slot

Every spin on the Lord of the Ocean video slots brings the story to life, through stunning visuals, thematic soundtrack and subtle symbol animations. This striking tale of the undersea world, bustling with critters of all shapes and sizes, is a homage to the mythical tale of Atlantis. The long-lost city of Atlantis fall under the domain of Poseidon, the Ocean Lord and one of twelve Olympians of the Greek pantheon.

Known as Neptune to the Romans, this mighty deity is the sovereign of the seas, storms and equines. With a golden trident in hand, Poseidon is the patron of all seafaring adventurers, fishermen and travellers. The Greeks were known gourmands, since the days of old, and were one of the most successful fishermen of the time. The rich and bountiful waters of the Mediterranean were generous, so it’s no surprise that the prominence of Poseidon was second only to Athena.

The Lord of the Ocean online slot succumbs to Poseidon’s eminence and delves into the age-old myth of the lost city of Atlantis, an underwater paradise hidden away from surface-dwelling mortals. The myth of Atlantis has many origins, but one of the most popularised versions is embedded within Plato’s Timaeus and Critias, where the fabled lost city saw prosperity, unity and greatness unlike any other settlement of the time. In their glory, the Atlanteans dared to defy the deities and threatened to besiege Athena’s beloved Athens. As the Atlanteans fell out of favour with the Greek gods, their prospering city was sunk to the bottom of the sea, never to see the surface light again.

In Lord of the Ocean, we see but a glimpse of the intriguing tale of a lost civilisation. Dive in with us and explore the depths of the sea, we’ll swim besides sea-dwelling creatures,  long-forgotten sculptures, beautiful mermaids and coveted treasure coffers. Who knows, we may even stumble upon the mythical gates of Atlantis!

Lord of the Ocean Gameplay

The Lord of the Ocean online slot lacks in complexity, which is great news for our players! You’ll find the mechanics intuitive and straightforward, with no unwarranted bells and whistles. This slot is a 5x3 slot game that features 10 paylines, 10 symbols and a handful of bonus features. At its core, you’ll find the game similar to a brick-and-mortar slot machine, with modern graphics and brilliant sound design. Detailed game instructions and the game’s paytable can be accessed through the MENU button on the lower left of the user interface.


To adjust the wager, use the LINES and TOTAL BET buttons. The number of paylines can be adjusted from five to 10, with a minimum wager of €0.20 (or currency equivalent) on five and €0.40 on all 10. Players can also use the MAX BET and AUTO functions. Keep in mind that the AUTO function in this slot game simply starts autoplay, you will not have the option to regulate the number of spins or set win/loss limits.


The Lord of the Ocean online slot game features 10 exquisite symbols, each one a beautiful reflection of the nautical, and somewhat mystical, theme of the game. On your adventure through the deep-blue depths, you will encounter ancient runes (10, J, Q, K, A), deteriorating statues, treasure chests, mermaids, and Poseidon himself. One of the most precious symbols in the game, the emerald-green gates of Atlantis, is the game’s Scatter. Lucky seafarers who land at least three Scatters will unlock a round of 10 free spins with a special Expanding Symbol. 


The emerald-green gate of Atlantis is the coveted Scatter symbol in the Lord of the Ocean live casino slot. When a player discovers at least three such gates, they will unveil the glistening Atlantis and head in with 10 free spins in tow! During this bonus round of Free Games, the Scatter symbol also functions as a Wild, replacing any other symbol on a winning payline. Scatter wins and payline wins will be added together. 

Lord of the Ocean Free Spins

When three or more Scatter symbols appear on the reels during the base game, the player activates a round of 10 free spins. At the beginning of the Free Games, one of the symbols in Lord of the Ocean will be randomly selected as the Expanding Symbol. If the player lands on a winning combination of this symbol during a free spin, each one will expand vertically over the reel. Winning sequences with Expanding Symbols pay on all paylines and non-adjacent positions. The Scatter symbol functions as a Wild symbol for the duration of the free spins; however, it will not be able to substitute for the Expanding Symbol.

Lord of the Ocean Free Play

Before committing to a real wager, we recommend trying out this video slot in the free play DEMO version. Make sure that you are logged into your LV BET account and head over to the Casino page. Search for the Lord of the Ocean game and hover over the thumbnail of the slot game until you see the grey DEMO button. Experiment with different betting strategies and see if this historic slot is the right fit for you!

Almost all of our 1,000 online casino games are released with a free-to-play DEMO mode. Play Lord of the Ocean or take a moment to browse and discover other hot titles from Novomatic like Asgards Thunder, Sizzling Hot Deluxe, or popular slot machines like Book of Ra and Book of Ra Deluxe.


The Lord of the Ocean game is one of our favourites from Novomatic! It may seem a little dated at first glance, but the core mechanics and stunning graphics withstood the test of time. Each spin on this nautical slot reveals the charm and captivating beauty of myths and legends that we all grew up with. The Lord of the Ocean slot is not a one-of-a-kind slot machine, but it does offer the perfect balance of betting and entertaining gameplay. New and veteran players alike will find something to enjoy in Lord of the Ocean, so dive in and explore Poseidon’s boundless realm!

Game Rules 

Released in 2008, Lord of the Ocean is an aquatic adventure from Novomatic. This slot game features dynamic Wilds, Expanding Symbols and Free Spins.

  • Lord of the Ocean has five reels, three rows, and 10 paylines. The minimum wager is €0.40 (or currency equivalent) on all 10 paylines. Players can choose to reduce the number of paylines, for a wager of €0.20 on the minimum of five paylines. Winning combinations are attributed from left to right and must begin with the leftmost reel. 
  • There are 10 symbols in Lord of the Ocean, including the dual Wild and Scatter symbol. As a Wild symbol, it will substitute for any other symbol on a payline. As the Scatter, the symbol can unlock a free spin casino bonus round with 10 Free Games.
  • The Free Games are activated when the players lands at least three Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. During the welcome casino bonus spins, one of the game’s symbols will be randomly selected as the Expanding Symbol. When this symbol appears on the reels, and enough are present to trigger a win, the symbol will expand vertically to cover the entirety of the reel. 
  • Lord of the Ocean also features a Card Gamble mode. Choose between RED or BLACK for a chance to double your winnings. An incorrect guess will result in a loss of winnings from the triggering spin.
  • The RTP of Lord of the Ocean is 95.10%.

Lord of the Ocean - FAQ

🔰How to play the Lord of the Ocean slot?

To stake a wager on the Lord of the Ocean online slot, adjust the LINES and TOTAL BET using the arrows in the dedicated fields. The minimum wager staked is €0.20 (or currency equivalent) on five out of 10 paylines. When you’re ready to spin, simply hit the START button and watch the reels roll. 

This slot game packs quite a few surprises! When you play Lord of the Ocean, be on the lookout for the Scatter symbol, which also functions as the Wild and awards free spins. Lucky players who win the bonus round of 10 Free Games will also discover a special Expanding Symbol.

🔰What is the RTP of Lord of the Ocean?

The Lord of the Ocean RTP is 95.10%.

🔰Can I play Lord of the Ocean on mobile?

You can play Lord of the Ocean and countless other online casino slots on Windows, iOS, and Android devices anywhere and at any time! To access the mobile version, log in to your LV BET account and search for the Lord of the Ocean slot game. To access the DEMO mode on mobile devices, click on the thumbnail of the game to prompt a dropdown menu with PLAY and DEMO options. 

Our extensive portfolio of games is mostly mobile-friendly. Take a moment to browse and discover other casino games from Novomatic like Book of Ra™, Bat Stax™ or Sherwood Showdown™.

🔰How can I play the Lord of the Ocean online casino slot for free?

You can enjoy your favourite games without wagering real funds through DEMO play on our site. Once logged in to your LV BET account, search for the slot game and hover over the thumbnail until you see the grey DEMO button.

Aside from Lord of the Ocean, games from the world’s top providers are mostly DEMO-compatible. Have a look at our portfolio to discover countless other titles with free spins, bonus rounds, and mini-games.

🔰Where can I play the Lord of the Ocean slot for real money?

Players can raise the stakes and bet real currency on the Lord of the Ocean online casino slot at LV BET. To discover the best of casino gaming online, simply register your account at LV BET. After the verification process is complete, you may enjoy all of the features and promotions on offer. You will be able to play Lord of the Ocean and countless other fantastic slot machines from the world’s top studios. Please play responsibly.

🔰Can I win real money with Lord of the Ocean DEMO play?

Players cannot win any real money with DEMO play. All winnings and wagers in the DEMOs are entirely virtual, and will not be credited to or withdrawn from the player’s account. The DEMO version is designed to give you a sneak peek of the game without the financial commitment of a real wager. The amount of virtual funds is pre-determined by the game’s provider and can be reloaded by refreshing the page.

🔰What are the benefits of Lord of the Ocean free play?

Trying out any slot game through DEMOs is a sure-fire way to see if the game is the right fit for your playstyle. DEMO versions are entirely free of cost, with virtual rewards and all of the same features that you will find in real play. Check it out if you’re curious about the look and feel of the game, or make use of DEMOs to put your favourite betting strategies to the test.

🔰How to win in the Lord of the Ocean game?

As with all casino games and betting as a whole, there is no fail-safe strategy or method to winning.

Winning symbol combinations pay a multiplier on the amount you wager. Thus, the amount you win is directly proportional to your wager and limited by the max bet. For example, if you bet €1 and win 5x your bet, you will receive €5. If you bet €10, you will receive €50. Regardless of the amount you choose to wager, Lord of the Ocean features several exciting game mechanics, like free spins, that may help you win greater payouts. 

We strongly encourage you to set limits, establish a budget, take breaks, and always play responsibly.