Best Roulette Bet Combinations

Roulette is an outstanding game inside and out. Although novices might describe roulette as no more than a guessing game, any experienced player would know that it goes way deeper than that. 

Roulette is an outstanding game inside and out. Although novices might describe roulette as no more than a guessing game, any experienced player would know that it goes way deeper than that. 

One of the most intriguing things about roulette is the bets you can place. On top of the standard betting options found on the roulette table, you have the freedom to wager however you like — which could make for some very interesting roulette bet combinations. 

Combining bets in roulette requires a bit of know-how and practice, but can help you better understand the game in the long term. For today’s lesson, we’ll teach you all about the best roulette bet combinations. Are you ready? Great! Let’s begin.


As we all know, there can only be one winning number in roulette — which doesn’t make for very great odds, especially if you’re playing at an American table. But, by combining roulette bets you can hedge high-risk wagers with low-risk ones to act as a kind of safety net. 

Bet combinations can cover multiple table positions at once with a slightly smaller chance of hitting diminishing returns, which can marginally improve your odds of making small profits in the long run. This approach can never guarantee a win and does not account for losing streaks, but in a game where your chances are already pretty slim, combining bets might make for some entertaining spins. 



The James Bond betting strategy is one of the most popular betting systems used to date (almost as popular as Mr 007 himself). By using this system, you would essentially be covering a total of 25 numbers on the wheel while leaving out 12.

To utilise this system, you would need 20 units:

  • Place 14 units on High (numbers ranging from 19-36). This is an outside bet that pays even money (1:1). 
  • Place five units on a Six-line (namely, 13-18), with a payout of 5:1 on a win. 
  • Place the last unit on the single zero, which pays 35:1 if it hits. Playing on American tables is not recommended; if you must, you can split the last unit on 0-00. 

With the James Bond system, you would be covering about 67% of the playing field, which holds pretty decent odds. Just remember that your wager might still result in a loss if the ball falls on any numbers ranging between one and 12. 


The 3/2 strategy combines Red/Black wagers with Column bets. Like the James Bond strategy, the 3/2 system is a non-progressive strategy, which means that your bet does not increase as you play. The strategy combines two bets on each spin and works in two possible ways:

  • Placing three units on red plus two units on the second, black-heavy column.


  • Placing three units on black plus two units on the third, red-heavy column.

This way, you can cover a total of 26 numbers, which is 68%-70%, depending on the table you play. If you like the sound of this strategy, look into the 2:1 Columns bet combination as well. 


If the above betting systems aren’t to your liking, you can always start off slow by placing one of the standard combination bets. Your choices are far more extensive than those listed below, but here are a few examples (bear in mind that these bets are for a single-zero roulette table):

  • Voisins du Zero — Covers 17 numbers that lie between 22 and 25. 
  • Tiers du Cylindre — Covers 12 numbers on the opposite side of the wheel between 27 and 33.
  • 1st Dozen/ 2nd Dozen/ 3rd Dozen — Allows you to cover the first, second or third set of 12 numbers. 

While there are many other combinations, keep in mind that there is no strategy or method of betting that can beat the house in roulette. The best roulette bet combinations are those that bring the most entertainment value to you. Please play responsibly. 


  • Lightning Roulette — If you love charged-up gameplay and an electrifying gaming experience, Lightning Roulette is the game for you. This roulette table offers a chance to multiply your payout, should you be lucky enough to bet and win on a number that corresponds to a lightning multiplier. 
  • Immersive RouletteImmersive Roulette is about as close to an authentic casino experience as you’ll get. This roulette table sports high-tech mechanics that give players multiple camera angles and slow-motion replay. Enjoy all the action up-close and personal! 
  • Lotto Roulette — If you’re looking for a roulette table outside your usual rotation, try Lotto Roulette! Enjoy awesome roulette gameplay with a state-of-the-art Live Draw twist. 


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