Turning a modest profit is the goal of every gambler in the world, but being successful in that regard is a whole other story. While it is true that the game of roulette is based on pure luck, incorporating some kind of betting strategy can often be the deciding factor when it comes to making a profit or not.

In this post, we’ll explore how Oscar’s Grind works in this game, its pros and cons, as well as share some neat tricks to make the most out of this betting system.


Oscar's Grind Roulette System

Oscar’s Grind, also known as Oscar’s system, is a positive progression betting system that is said to have been put together in 1965, and its name alluded to the slow practice of the system itself. The person responsible for the coinage of this system is said to be an author by the name of Allan Wilson, who named the betting system after a player he interviewed.

In fact, it was through this very interview that Allan Wilson published what the world eventually ended up knowing as the ‘Oscar’s Grind‘ — a very simple betting system oriented toward making a net profit one unit at a time. The system was labelled as a grind since it is a relatively slow process that requires a lot of patience.


As with all positive progression systems, Oscar’s Grind betting system suggests that you increase your bet by one unit until a one-unit profit is made. Should you manage to win after a loss, your bet unit would then increase by a single unit.

Here’s a clearer rundown of how this positive progression system works:

  1. Define Your Unit — The first thing you need to do when applying this strategy is to define your base unit (the first wager or staking unit). Ultimately your starting betting unit can be any value you desire, but you might want to decrease stakes in case the amount of bets ends up dramatically increasing during the game. Always keep your total bankroll in mind! Regardless of the size of your budget, never try a new strategy with high stakes; it is advisable to look for roulette tables with a low minimum wager or to practice in free demos — if your jurisdiction allows. You will be able to access the demo upon registration. However, you may be asked for verification before you can access the demo, depending on your jurisdiction.
  2. Stick To It — The next step is as straightforward as it gets: once you join a game, make sure to only bet one base unit. If you chose €1 as your base stake, then you will be able to decrease or increase stakes by €1 for the game’s duration, granted that you want to stick with this betting system. If you stop and return to play at another time, your initial bet resets to €1.
  3. If you win your bet — Congratulations! Your betting cycle ends since you’ve made a one-unit profit. Should you wish to continue playing, you would then have to place another one-unit bet.
  4. If you lose your bet — In the eventuality that a bet is lost, stick to the same bet size; that is, a one-unit bet. Once a winning bet comes around, increase your bet by two units. The Oscar’s Grind suggests that this keeps happening until a one-unit profit is made (+1).

If you’re just starting out, we recommend playing the free demo version of RNG roulette. This allows you to control the pace of roulette and practice betting strategies without draining your bankroll. When you’re ready to play with real wagers, you can enjoy First Person roulette tables or join one of the Live Casino roulette treats at one of the best online casinos out there: LV BET!


Will Oscar’s Grind work in roulette? Yes, Oscar’s Grind is one of the betting systems that work whenever an even-money bet is available. Its success, however, will depend on your overall luck.


Please keep in mind that luck will always be the determining factor when it comes to making a profit in roulette. Unlike casino games such as blackjack and poker, where players’ decisions affect their chances of winning, roulette is a game of pure chance. Implementing this system to the best of your efforts can still result in a net loss.

Whether you’re playing American roulette, European or French roulette, Oscar’s Grind can only help you curtail losing spins as much as your luck allows. We recommend incorporating this system in European roulette tables since their house edge (2.7%) is much lower than that of their American counterparts (5.25%).


Oscar's Grind betting system explainedIn the context of the Oscar’s Grind betting system, the stop-loss is used as a metric to know when a session begins and ends. When using this system, betting cycles do not end with small wins. Instead, a cycle ends when a profit is made.

What comes after that is completely up to you. You could choose to quit while you’re ahead; that is, trigger your stop-loss limit. Alternatively, you could choose to chance bets with the hope of making another profit down the line.

We recommend doing the former, that is, triggering your stop-loss limit when possessing a small budget. If you have a larger budget but still want to leave the roulette wheel with a profit, feel free to do the same.


As with any betting system, you are going to find similar advantages and disadvantages to Oscar’s Grind. While this system is appealing by virtue of how approachable it is, it’s important to take all factors into account. As with all the other systems out there, Oscar’s Grind is an interesting approach to playing 50/50 games, but there is nothing that inherently prevents extended losing streaks.

If you choose to play Oscar’s Grind tactics, do so wisely and responsibly. Without further ado, let’s go over some of its biggest pros and cons in practical usage.


  • By far, the biggest appeal of Oscar’s Grind is its simplicity. The rules are easy to pick up and understand.
  • Since the same principles can be applied to any game that offers 50/50 betting odds, this strategy is versatile in its application. This system can be used in other games, including baccarat, blackjack and even sports betting.
  • Although nobody can avoid inevitable loss, this system is much less risky than others, namely, the Martingale and D’Alembert systems.
  • It is very unlikely to exceed the bet limits while using this system.


  • Seeing as the increments are made by just one unit, this process is known to be very slow.
  • Winning streaks are not really exploited, seeing as the overall goal of this system is only to help you make a meagre profit.


As far as betting systems go, players should always keep a few things in mind to avoid going bust. Online casinos of the likes of LV BET offer you an opportunity to test strategies in both online and Live Casino games, but it’s up to you to heed the following advice.

If you want to check out more nuggets of wisdom like this, make sure to consult the ultimate casino gambler’s guide at the LV BET Blog.


As we’ve mentioned previously, testing strategies must only be done with even-money wagers, such as outside bets. Granted, the payout is only 1:1, but the probability of them paying is, by far, the highest in the game. Remember: a loss means that your entire stake will have to be made back through the Oscar’s Grind, meaning that it will take you longer to achieve your goal.

This is a very significant factor when following a strategy since you’ll need the highest win rate possible to accomplish what the strategy was intended for: to stretch your bankroll as much as possible.


Allocating a gambling budget is something we never stop recommending — unless you have an infinite amount of cash. Oscar’s Grind and all the other betting systems are bound to fail at some point, and in the event that your budget starts diminishing, you could either wager less or you could take a break.

We recommend doing the latter, but if you really want to see out a particular strategy with a small budget, be ready to split your bets in very small fragments. Do not bet your entire bankroll in one sitting.


If you’ve tried several bets with a mixed outcome, it might be a good idea to decrease or increase your bet amount as you see fit. This might help you, at least, recoup lost bets or, at best, turn a net profit.

Remember that in order to use Oscar’s Grind, it is recommended to start off with one betting unit as your first bet. Your next bet will then depend on the success or failure of the first. Every small win countsto make a profit.

Having said that, losing streaks happen and there’s no escaping that. be wary that increasing the size of your bet might incur more of a cost than anticipated. If you’re uncomfortable upping your bet amount too much, stick to just one staking unit.


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Is Oscar’s Grind betting system legal?

Yes. We wouldn’t have devoted an entire article if it wasn’t! This system can be used freely at all the casino sites out there.

How to play roulette using oscar’s grind strategy?

Here’s how to put this system to the test. Make sure to only bet one base unit. If you chose €1 as your base stake, then you will be able to decrease or increase stakes by €1 for the game’s duration, granted that you want to stick with this betting system. If you stop and return to play at another time, your initial bet resets to €1.

If you win your bet, your betting cycle ends since you’ve made a single-unit profit. Should you wish to continue playing, you would then have to place another one-unit bet.

If you lose your bet, stick to the same bet size; that is, a one-unit bet. Once a winning bet comes around, increase your bet by two units. The Oscar’s Grind suggests that this keeps happening until a single-unit profit is made (+1). Should you decide to place another bet, start from the beginning.

Who invented the Oscars grind system?

This system was said to be invented by author Allan Wilson — an author who interviewed a very remarkable roulette player by the name of Oscar. His patience-oriented strategy seemed to struck a chord with the author, who then went on to publish it to the world.

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