How to Play Slots for BeginnersA lot of people avoid gambling because they don’t want to lose money or simply don’t know how to play.

But, slot machines are the easiest thing to learn about as a beginner, and this guide covers everything you need to know. Keep reading to learn how to play slots.


Slot machines were installed in casinos for casual gamers that weren’t well-versed in traditional table games like poker or blackjack. Slot machines require no gambling knowledge, so anyone can play. 

Slot machine technology has changed a lot over the decades. Back in the day, the player would have to pull a handle to rotate the slot reels. Most machines were also three-reel slots with different kinds of fruit and money symbols.

Whether you win or lose will depend on whether the icons on the reels line up with the payline. If all reels show matching symbols across the payline, you win! The amount you win is based on the symbols that form the payline.

Classic slot machines work through elaborate gears and levers. A metal shaft is the main component that supports the reels. The shaft connects to a handle mechanism that gets things going. Machines have a brake in place that stops the spinning reels. Sensors work to recognize the position of the reels and connect them to the payout system.

Nowadays, the classic mechanical design has been replaced by a computer. Online slots took over classic slots with the digital boom of online casinos, but they work on similar principles. In a more modern machine, reels are spun by motors and stoppers are activated by solenoids. Instead of brakes and metal shafts, online slots feature a random number generator that spins the reels behind the scenes.


Every casino will have its fair share of different types of slot machines. A majority of casinos have modern slot machines ranging from multi-coin to single-coin games. Additionally, you can find a lot of slot games online.

Here are some of the various types of slot machines and how each of them works: 

  • Single-coin machines: Single-coin machines are harder to find these days because many slots now accept bills or multiple coins to generate one spin. Single-coin machines also aren’t as profitable as the slots created in the later generation.
  • Multi-Coin Machines: A multi-coin machine takes more than one coin to redeem a play. The payout ratio is based on the number of coins played as well. The first multi-coin machine was introduced in 1987 by Bally Wulff. This type of slot machine was created as a way for players to place larger bets.
  • Buy-Your-Pay Machines: Buy-your-pay machines are a bit more complicated than the other two options. They are typically identified by their payout table. Buy-your-pay machines accept one coin or up to five coins per spin. The number of activated winning combinations is based on how many coins were inserted. 

These machines aren’t as popular as they used to be but you can still find them in some casinos. If you play these machines, it’s best to bet the maximum so that you can unlock each winning combination. Some players choose to avoid these machines because, although you can play with one coin, you might fail to qualify for the prize because of how much you stake.

  • Multiple Payline Machines: Generally, slot machines will have one payline in the middle of the screen. The winning symbols have to line up on this line for the spin to win. Manufacturers have introduced machines with more than one payline so that players can get more action.

To activate each payline, you’ll have to put in more credits. Indicator lines will show which paylines are active before you pull the lever. Casinos offer the most paylines with 25, 50, or more. Advanced machines in casinos will have two, three, five, paylines, etc.

Playing more than one payline won’t increase your odds of winning, but it won’t hurt the odds either. Every machine has its own payout ratio set by the manufacturer and is in line with casino requirements.

  • Wild Play Machines: Wild Play machines are fun options for slot players because they allow players to increase their winnings. Wild machines stand out because they feature Wild symbols that substitute for other symbols to help players form more winning combinations, which would otherwise be missed chances. 

Wild symbols sometimes unlock bonus rounds and might have multipliers attached to them to increase profits. Take note of the bonus symbols in the game rules. If a player hits a combination that has Wild multiplier symbols, their winnings could be doubled. A stacked Wild symbol increases winnings even more. Bear in mind that every machine has its own payout ratio.

  • Progressive Slot Machines: Progressive slots often represent a group of slot machines that feature a progressive jackpot prize. Progressive jackpots are special prize pots that increase every time a player places a bet. The total progressive jackpot amount continues to increase until a lucky player hits the winning combination. After the jackpot hits, it will reset to a predetermined amount and grow again from there.

Many online slot players enjoy progressive slots because of their potential to win big! Because these machines have grown in popularity, casino owners have introduced new features and bigger jackpots to keep their popularity high. Some providers have gone a step further to link progressive machines together to form a network of online slots. Games like these can even be played from different casinos!

Online casinos have improved the progressive machine. It’s common that an online casino will offer progressive jackpots across websites that run on the same software program.

  • Big Berthas: Big Berthas are the largest slot machines built. They are often placed near the entrance of a casino to gauge the interest of new players. Big Berthas have three or more reels and are similar to traditional slot machines as they do not offer a high payout rate.
  • Multi-Game Machines: Multi-game machines allow players to switch between different games without moving machines. These machines are also known to support different denominations. This means that you might start playing quarter slots and then switch to a different game that requires bills.
  • Touch-Screen Machines: Touch-screen technology has generated a new type of slot machine. This high-tech method of manufacturing led to more interaction among players. These slots are successful for casinos because many players are attracted to the style of play. Models that have a main screen even provide resting spaces for the player’s hands.
  • Reel Slot Machines: Reel machines often consist of three or five reels with up to 24 stops on each reel. Some slots offer even more reels and might have up to 10. Since the spin is now powered by an electronic mechanism, more reels are common.
  • Video Slots: Video slots run on computer software that represents the spinning reels and the lining up of the symbols. The main difference between a video slot and a reel is that videos can offer more than five paylines. Some video slots have up to 100 different paylines. Various bonuses are offered during play on a video slot as well. These include free spins and mini bonus games. A bonus feature can award you more winnings.


Casino operators often pack their collection with many different types of slot machines. While most games are pretty straightforward, learning how to play these games takes a little more research than playing slots at an in-person casino.

You’ll need to ensure you are choosing a safe and reliable online casino to bet. Here is a guide on how to play slots online.


How to Play Slot MachinesMost online casinos today have slot machines in their game libraries. However, if you want to play online casino slots specifically, it may be helpful to find a site that specialises in slots.

Slot-heavy casinos offer thousands of different slot games from various developers. Online casinos make finding the slots you want to play easier by filtering games by their features, themes, reels, bonus rounds, etc. If any of the above types of slots intrigue you, you can search for them in an online catalogue.

Don’t choose the first slot-heavy casino you find. You’ll want to spend your money at a reliable casino site. Always research the site’s Terms and Conditions and bonus payout policy, and check if it has a valid casino licence.

If possible, check the Return to Player rate as well. During your research, you’ll find that there are portals that review and rank casinos based on their trustworthiness and quality.


If you’ve followed the first step in finding a trustworthy, slot-heavy casino, you’ve likely already checked out the slot game collection.

See what games you can test out without registering for the site. Browse the casino to see if the slot games have demo modes. Trying out some games is a great way to tell if you like the casino before investing in it.


If you decide you want to proceed, register! The registration process is fairly simple — you’ll be required to fill in personal details like date of birth, full name, and postal address. You’ll also need a working email address to register.

A casino needs this information to verify that you are who you say you are. Otherwise, they cannot pay out the winnings you earn.


Before you begin playing online slots for real money, you should set a budget. This will help you manage your funds so that you don’t spend more than the amount you set aside specifically for online gaming.

Playing slots can be an expensive hobby, and things can easily get out of control.

Setting a budget will help you save and determine how much you wish to spend per spin. Most online slot games start from €0.10 (or currency equivalent) per spin but can reach up into the hundreds.

With a budget set, you can put money into your new online account and start the fun!


When playing slot machines, look for the information icon on the user interface. This button will lead you to the paytable. A paytable is where you’ll learn exactly what you need to know about slot symbol values.

Paytables also show you the paylines of the specific slot game you want to play. This will help you decide if the casino game is right for your budget.

Some online slot games allow you to set the number of active paylines in each spin. The more lines you select, the greater your bet will be, so keep this in mind when considering your budget as well.


A paytable will have information on the special features and bonus rounds of the slot game. Features vary greatly from slot game to game, but if you are new to online slot gambling, it’s best to start with slots that have simple features.

Features may include Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, multipliers, Gamble features, etc. Scatter symbols are additional features that have specific functions based on the game you are playing. They might trigger various bonus features.

As you start playing, you’ll likely find that you want to play slots that focus on a specific feature. Some games are more complex than others, so take your time to learn each feature as you begin playing.


After looking into paytables, paylines, and slot features, you should have a good idea of the games you want to play. However, you should keep two other things in mind: RTP and variance.


RTP stands for Return to Player. This is a theoretical percentage that describes the earnings players will win back over time. This percentage won’t apply to the particular gaming session you are playing but refers to the billions of spins made by players over the game’s lifetime.

Good casinos will have this information published on their websites. Some slot games will provide this information in the game rules section as well.


Variance is how often slots payout. Low variance slot payouts mean that the game pays smaller winnings more often than they pay larger winnings.

This means that high variance slots payouts are larger. You might not win for a while, but if you are lucky enough to hit it big, you’ll win more money.


Now, that you’ve delved into all the different elements of a slot, you can go ahead and play slot machines with all of the information you’ve learned.

Slot controls are fairly simple to figure out. Check the paytable beforehand to know what the highest-paying paylines and symbols are. Adjust your bet size and click the button to spin.

Take advantage of a bonus game if you get the opportunity.


When learning how to play online slots, it’s also essential to know when to stop playing. Online games can be very entertaining, but at some point, the fun must come to an end. Refer back to your budget and bankroll limit to help you with this step.

Pro tip: Set a win limit as well as a spending limit. A win limit is when you earn a certain amount that is slightly above your initial bankroll.

For example, you can stop when you reach 15% more than what you started with. This tip helps you save money for your next online gaming session.


Playing slot games online comes with huge advantages compared to other casino games. These are some benefits of slot machines:

  • Bonus rounds.
  • Free-play mode.
  • Ease of play.
  • Wide collection of games.
  • Slot tournaments.
  • Game availability.
  • Incentives and rewards.
  • Flexibility in stakes.
  • Higher payouts.
  • Features that are not included in classic slots, including Wild symbols, multipliers and Scatter symbols.

Most of all, playing slot games online is supe convenient. You can switch from one online site to another without the need to get in your car and travel.


Slots payouts depend on different factors, mainly the machine you are playing on, how many credits you wager, and the paylines you choose to play.

Penny slots will pay out smaller prizes more often than machines that cost several dollars to play. These machines typically come with higher odds and a bigger grand prize if you were to win.

No matter the machine you play on or whether you play at an online or in-person casino, the odds will favour the house. Over time, you are more likely to walk away with less money than you started with.

Slots and other online games are programmed to pay out lower or higher odds. The house advantage for slot machines is generally 8%. This means that the average Return to Player is 92%. Some slot games have the same payback percentage. 

The Return to Player is the main factor in deciding how much a slot machine pays out. Modern computers adjust the odds using a weighting system that determines how likely a particular stop is to win.

Slots have tonnes of different payout systems. One major concern players have when playing online is that the games are rigged. However, online sites would be shut down if this was the case. If the casino has a valid gaming licence, then you don’t need to worry.


Online slots have put in-person slot machine etiquette on the back burner. If you’ve played slots, you likely know some or all of the etiquette already.

If you want to expand your gaming to the outside world, you’ll need to follow these tips:


Casinos are loud, distracting places, so it’s easy to lose concentration.

Video slots require more thought than newbie players think. Slot tournaments are also popular casino competitions you’ll see throughout your experience. Because of this, you never want to interrupt the game of other players. Avoid asking questions or providing unsolicited advice.

If you go to the casino in a big social group, keep any winning celebrations quiet to be respectful of other players on the machines.


Some casinos might allow you to reserve a game when you need a quick bathroom break while playing on a machine and don’t want to lose your spot.

Ask a slot manager for a ‘Reserve‘ sign to rest on the machine while you are off the floor. Use this sign responsibly by reserving your seat for only 10 minutes at a time.

The same goes if you notice a ‘Reserve’ sign on a slot machine. Some players leave items on a slot machine chair if they are still playing, so look out for these things to be respectful.


One of the worst violations of casino etiquette is lurking around other players while on the slot machine. It’s considered rude to wait right next to a player.

If you really want to play a slot machine that someone else is on, wait until the machine is free outside of the current player’s personal space. Play other machines to pass the time while they finish.


Waiting for a slot machine to free up can be frustrating, but don’t take up an empty slot seat if you aren’t playing on it. It’s equally frustrating for other plays to wait for you to get up on a slot game you aren’t even playing.

A stool in front of a casino game is for players only. Find somewhere else to rest if you want to sit down without gambling.


This is an etiquette rule for a reason. Some players actually do attempt to play multiple slot games at once. However, some casinos allow players to utilise multiple machines simultaneously on a slow day. If the casino floor is crowded, it’s good manners to restrict your gaming to one machine.


Hogging a machine is easily bad slot play etiquette. Don’t deny other members the opportunity to play on a machine, especially if it’s a busy night at the casino. At the same time, you can discourage others who try to hog slot machines for a long time.

If you want to play a game for more extended periods, you’re better off spinning online slots. Games like these allow players to play as long as they want as long as their gambling habits are in check. 


Online slot game manufacturers work hard to ensure that each game is fair and trustworthy through the use of a random number generator. 

Many online slots players fire up their favourite slot and hope for the best. Slot machine strategies don’t really exist, but there are a few trips and tricks that might help boost a player’s odds of earning a payout. Check them out:


As you surf through different online games, you’ll find that some casinos offer additional prizes that may include free spins, bonus funds, and even actual cash.

Online casinos do this to compete with each other and to entice more players to sign up. Since there are a lot of online casinos out there, Welcome Offers are probably the most common promotions you’ll encounter and the best ones.

Always check the Terms and Conditions of bonuses to ensure that they are worth making an account for. You might find that these offers come with cash-out limitations or heavy wagering requirements that make them less appealing. For example, you might have to make a minimum bet amount to utilise a Free Spins Bonus.


The main difference between a beginner and a professional casino player is how much attention they pay to the stats of an individual game. As stated before, many online casinos display statistics like volatility and RTP.

It’s important that you understand these terms to help you seek out the best slot games online. This is also great practice for finding the best slot machines at an in-person casino.

As a general tip, if you have been playing any game for some time without receiving a payout, move on to a different game.

It’s a myth that you’ll win big after playing a slot game for a period of time because every spin has the same probability regardless of the spin before.

At an in-person casino, you can utilise casino mapping to identify revenue opportunities in real time.


Some online casinos actually offer players the option to play video slots for fun and not real money. You might be wondering why you would want to do this, but we promise there is a good reason that casinos offer this.

Players get the chance to see what a specific game is about before putting in their own funds. 

Because game designers experiment with themes, features and bonuses, the slot pool only gets bigger and bigger. And while having a wide variety of choices is great, this might also make it daunting to get the process started. 

This slots guide can prepare you for all features, phrases, and terms that online casinos throw at you. Register for LV BET now to get started playing slots with a reputable casino.



To play real money slots, you need to first find a reputable casino that offers various games. Once you find one, register an account, deposit cash, and fire up your favourite video slots and casino games


There is no secret to winning slot machines because each of them contains random number generators that randomise the sequence of symbols that land on the reels. 

There are tips you can use to potentially boost your chances of earning a payout, including playing slots with the highest RTP, claiming a Free Spins Bonus, or checking out the variance.


The cost of playing slot machines varies drastically. You can play for as little as a penny in some places or spend hundreds on a spin.


You can play free slots at LV BET — one of the best online casinos. Check out our Casino for amazing games and even better bonuses.


Playing slots for the first time in person is as simple as putting in money and pulling the lever.

If you wish to learn how to play slots online, the process requires more steps. You’ll want to register with a reputable online casino, learn about a slot game’s statistics, and deposit in real money.

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