Free Spins


It’s clear that casino games have come a long way since the early days when slots were merely comprised of three reels, fruity symbols and little-to-no features. Now, online casino games rock any feature or mechanic imaginable — whether that’s Shifting Wild symbols, mini-games, or increasing multipliers, among so many others. 

Each new addition only made online casino games more fun to play. More and more players began to switch out their land-based experiences for online ones, and we can’t say we’re surprised. That said, online casinos saw a major influx of new players once the spectacular Free Spins bonus debuted.

Free spins are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after rewards in online casino history. After all, who wouldn’t like to potentially earn rewards without spending a dime? Free spins is the type of prize that suits slot fledglings as well as seasoned spinners. Online casinos were eager to raise the gaming bar, so while many online slots include free spins as an in-game bonus, online casinos also award bonus spins as part of their online casino bonuses! 

No matter what casino game you play, having a handful of extra spins can go a long way, which is why you’d likely spot Free Spins bonuses at every turn. If you’re interested in learning more about the inner workings of this fantastic bonus, you’ve come to the right place.


Before we get into all the juicy details, let’s take a step back and dive into what free spins actually are. 

You’ve probably seen free spins in action when spinning innovative online slots. Bonus spins are often included as an additional bonus round to help boost wins and enhance the player experience. Nowadays, free spins also form part of casino bonus rewards or, since they have become such a crowd-pleaser, as a standalone casino bonus.

Free Spins deals award bonus spins that allow players to spin the reels completely for free. Bear in mind that free spins are not available on just any casino game, as they are only limited to online slot games. Players who prefer Live Casino games might be able to claim the Live Casino equivalent of free spins, which is bonus chips, though availability may vary depending on your jurisdiction. 

Some might say that spinning online slots using bonus spins is almost like playing a slot game in the demo mode, but trust us when we say there is a world of difference. 

When playing a slot game in the demo mode, players enter a separate gaming mode and utilise virtual funds to spin the reels. With the Free Spins casino bonus, players can spin the reels for real, trigger features and bonuses and collect all the free spins winnings they earn. Players can even use their bonus spins to trigger the Free Spins feature in the game.

There are loads of different ways to get hold of a few free spins, so if your chosen online casino does not have a Free Spins casino bonus up and running, don’t sweat it! Bonus spins are a popular prize and often form part of other bonuses like Free Spins Deposit Bonuses, Free Spins Reload Bonuses or No Deposit Free Spins Offers, among others. Online casinos also tend to offer free spins as part of their Welcome Bonus, so keep your eyes peeled.


As we’ve mentioned previously, free spins are exactly as their name suggests: slot spins that are free of charge. They may come in the form of Deposit Bonuses, No Deposit bonus offers, tournament prizes etc, so they often work in different ways, despite offering the same reward. Some casinos even use bonus spins as loyalty incentives or as part of their casino events.

When claiming free spins as part of a bonus, tournament or loyalty reward, or any other casino promotion, the value of each free spin will be determined by the casino, as will the number of bonus spins awarded. Also, no matter how they are claimed, Free Spin bonuses will always come with specific Terms and Conditions attached. 

Terms and Conditions list everything you need to know about the offer, including all the details you need to consider before claiming your bonus spins. Expiration dates are often listed as free spins expire, along with a minimum deposit, a minimum bet, max. bonus winnings cap, wagering requirements, and others. The availability of Free Spin bonuses may also depend on your jurisdiction. That said, wagering requirements are the most important factor to consider when claiming a Free Spins bonus of any kind — but we’ll get into all of that later.

If you’re not quite ready to snatch up a Free Spins casino bonus just yet, you can see bonus spins in action when triggering online slot bonus rounds to get a good idea of what to expect. Many providers include free spins as an in-game slot feature, so it won’t be hard to spot a slot rocking this epic bonus. Unfortunately, bonus rounds are pretty difficult to activate, but you can always trigger free spins in the demo mode!


We’ve broken down what free spins are and how they work; now, let’s take a look at how to claim them. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the best way to see how to claim a Free Spins casino bonus is to read the Terms and Conditions — many bonuses have a list of criteria that needs to be satisfied before they can be claimed to help prevent bonus abuse. To give you an idea of the general process, here’s how to claim free spins, depending on the form they come in:


The general process of claiming a bonus may vary from one casino to another, but here’s how you can claim bonus spins at LV BET:

  1. Head to our ‘Promotions’ page.
  2. Hit the ‘Read More’ button on the chosen bonus.
  3. Read through the Terms and Conditions to ensure the offer is available in your jurisdiction and if there are specific criteria that need to be met.
  4. Hit the ‘DEPOSIT’ button to place a minimum deposit and claim the offer — unless otherwise specified by the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Enter the amount you would like to deposit into your cashable credit account and select your preferred payment method.
  6. Once your payment provider has finalised your payment transaction, you can view the bonus you’ve claimed in your bonus credit account. 


There are many types of Free Spins casino bonuses that you’ll bump into along your gaming journey. Some bonuses may be unique to the casino itself, but here are a few of the most common and most popular Free Spins offers available online:


Providers rarely give up the chance to include a Free Spins round, or even multiple bonus rounds, into their slot games. They are sometimes referred to as bonus games, bonus spins rounds or bonus features, but they can also rock more creative names. The Genie Jackpots™ Megaways™ slot, for example, refers to its Free Spins feature as the Genie Power Spin bonus. Similarly, Microgaming’s Immortal Romance™ slot features a Chamber of Spins round — you get the idea.

Triggering Free Spins is not an easy feat — many bonus rounds come with a specific set of conditions that need to be met to trigger the feature. For instance, many bonus rounds require landing at least three Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels to win a number of free spins as specified in the game. Some slots might even award more free spins during the bonus round when landing more Scatters and retriggering the feature. 

Free spins earned during a slot bonus round would not be subject to Terms and Conditions like wagering requirements but rather the rules of the slot, so you can simply keep on spinning through the bonus round. That said, free spins earned during a slot bonus round are non-transferable, implying that they can only be used on the slot game they were triggered at. The value of the triggering bet determines the value of your bonus spins. Also, the number of spins awarded is dependent on the rules of the game.


What if we told you that you might be able to bag a few epic bonus spins the moment you sign up to a casino? 

Casino bonuses help enrich a player’s online gaming experience even from the moment they sign up to a casino. Yep, you read that correctly — casino operators offer wagering-free spins as part of their amazing Welcome Packages

Also referred to as the registration bonus or sign-up bonus, the Welcome Bonus is the first promotion you’ll encounter, depending on your jurisdiction. While the Welcome Bonus is partly used as a way to get you started on the right gaming foot, casino operators also use the Welcome Bonus to attract players to the site to get them to sign up and play. And, considering it is the first, the Welcome Bonus is often one of the best casino bonuses available at online casinos.

As we’ve said, the Welcome Bonus is the first promo you’d get to claim, and one of the main criteria for this offer is that you’d only get to claim it once — along with many other Terms and Conditions, of course. Because of this, Welcome bonus offers can come in essentially any form, whether that’s as a Deposit Welcome Bonus, No Deposit Bonus (no deposit required), Reload Offer etc. 

As a Deposit Welcome Bonus, the Welcome Offer would match a percentage of the player’s first deposit, typically in bonus funds or bonus spins. Aside from free spins and bonus funds, players can also win real money when claiming a Welcome Bonus — it all depends on the player’s jurisdiction.

It is important to bear in mind that, while the rewards may be enticing, bonus credit and free spins will be subject to Terms and Conditions such as wagering requirements, a minimum deposit, and jurisdictional availability, among other criteria.


Although the Welcome Bonus is pretty fantastic, it doesn’t last forever. If you’re exploring every inch of your chosen casino and your bonus balance is running a little low, you can always reload your arsenal with an extra special Reload Bonus. 

While the Welcome Offer awards bonus spins after your first deposit, casinos will offer this recurring epic deal when placing subsequent deposits. Bonus credit is a common reward with Reload Bonus offers, but at LV BET, players can get their hands on both bonus credit AND free spins! 

At our Casino, we like to combine our Welcome and Reload Bonus into one truly spectacular promotion. Players can enjoy a Deposit casino offer of  100% and 50% up to €400 and 100 Free spins — a first-deposit bonus of 100% up to €200 and 50 Free spins AND a second-deposit bonus of 50% up to €200 and 50 Free spins. Terms and Conditions such as placing a qualifying deposit or wagering requirements on bonus wins apply, so be sure to give these a read-through. 


Suppose you’ve signed up to a Casino, placed your first deposit and snatched up the Welcome Package and Reload Offer; what’s next? Well, there are actually even more casino bonuses up for grabs! At LV BET, players can hop over to our ‘Promotions’ page to scroll through our giant list of interesting offers. 

The Welcome Deposit Bonus is not the only Deposit bonus offer available. Deposit bonus offers are some of the most common casino bonuses available online. As their name implies, Deposit bonus offers award prizes upon placing a deposit, and not just ANY deposit amount either. The Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions often specify a minimum deposit to place on top of all the other requirements that need to be satisfied. Like the Welcome Bonus, the Deposit Bonus awards prizes like bonus cash and free spins, though these would come with Terms and Conditions as well. 

With a Deposit Bonus that awards free spins (Deposit Free Spins Offer), the number of awarded free spins may depend on the deposited amount. The number of free spins awarded will also be predetermined by the casinos, and the amount of free spin winnings you can withdraw may depend on the casino game wagering contribution.


Deposit casino bonuses are pretty cool, but No Deposit Bonuses are even better. Like the Deposit Bonus, the No Deposit Bonus offers a myriad of cool prizes, including bonus credit and free spins — the only difference is you won’t have to place a deposit to claim them; hence the name, Free Spins No Deposit Bonus.

This offer is quite high on players’ lists of favourites for several reasons. Mainly because this ‘free’ bonus allows you to explore a casino’s games and benefits without actually being tied to it. So, if the experience isn’t up to par when you’ve exhausted the rewards, you can simply hop onto the next site before even placing your first deposit.

That said, while Free Spins No Deposit Bonuses are sometimes referred to as ‘free’ bonuses, they are still subject to Terms and Conditions. A minimum deposit would not be required, but players would still have to fulfil the remaining bonus wagering requirements, among other things. The bonus spins awarded may also be ‘locked’ free spins as they would only be available on specific games.


Did you know that free spin rewards might even stretch beyond a casino’s ‘Promotions’ page? As we’ve mentioned time and again, free spins are probably the most desirable rewards players could earn. Because of this, casinos jump at the chance to offer free spins at every turn, including as a tournament prize! 

Casino tournaments are basically fun casino events where players go head to head for the chance to win additional rewards. These competitions are available to all players, so you don’t have to worry about being a bit of a newbie — this is all a bit of friendly competition to help spice up your gaming! 

Tournaments come in various formats, but they generally include a time-restricted challenge where wagers or wins will be converted into ranking points. Some competitions award a greater score depending on your wins on a single spin relative to your bet amount. If you’re participating in a tournament that awards free spins, you’ll often find Live Casino play excluded.

Tournament Terms and Conditions may specify a minimum bet amount or a minimum number of spins, but a minimum deposit is often not required. The free spins credited automatically may also be subject to a wagering contribution according to the bonus wagering requirements.


We’re sure we’ve drilled in the fact that there may be a few requirements you’ll have to satisfy to claim free spin rewards of any form, so you may not always find a bonus that suits you. And yet, there is STILL a way you might be able to get your hands on a few free spins. 

Casino initiatives will differ significantly from casino to casino, as each casino offers its own unique experience. Many casinos offer extensive loyalty programs that award a few extra special perks to their most loyal players. Of course, free spins is a common reward, being the hot topic that it is, but it is not the only prize available. Bonus credit is also pretty popular, as well as real cash, merch, and more. 

LV BET players would be able to benefit from our fantastic LV Wheel — our very own version of the Wheel of Fortune! As you spin the reels of our phenomenal slots and place bets at our immersive live tables, you’d also be filling our LV Wheel power bar. Once the power bar is full, you’ll level up and activate the wheel, automatically launching a spin. You might be able to win real money, bonus credit and, best of all, free spins just by playing your favourite games — pretty neat, don’t you think?

If you’re unsure of how all this works, you can always read about it on our site or contact our Customer Support team.


Bonus codes are probably one of the easiest ways to get ahold of free spins without placing a minimum deposit. They act as a No Deposit Free Spins promo offered to loyal players or can sometimes be found as part of the Free Spins Welcome Package. 

Unlike other bonuses, No Deposit bonus codes can’t be claimed by hitting the ‘CLAIM’ button yourself — they make their way to you. A No Deposit Free Spins code may appear as an offer in a pop-up box with a free bonus attached, or it may also be sent to you via email or found on casino-related forums, though be sure to verify their legitimacy.

Bonus codes are not as commonly offered as other promotions, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled!


Now that you’ve gotten the whole gist of where to find free spins let’s take a deep dive into how to claim them. 

The Terms and Conditions are probably the most crucial part of claiming a Free Spins offer. Think of the terms as an all-you-need-to-know Free Spins pamphlet. They would list all the requirements that need to be met, all the specifications that need to be satisfied,  how to withdraw the rewards and even the max. bonus conversion rate. To put it simply, the Terms and Conditions dictate whether you’d be able to claim the offer at all and prevent bonus abuse.

Different Free Spins promos also come with different sets of Terms and Conditions. No Deposit Free Spins offers, for example, may not specify a minimum deposit, but they may be subject to bonus wagering requirements that list the number of times the bonus wins must be turned over before the max. cash rewards can be withdrawn. The Terms and Conditions may also specify a list of games the bonus can be used on, and the bonus wagering contribution may vary depending on the offer. It is possible to find bonuses offering wagering-free spins.

Similarly, Deposit Bonuses may have a minimum deposit amount along with jurisdictional limitations, among other criteria. Some promos are only available upon placing your first deposit and you may even find free spins valid until a specific date.

The maximum bonus rewards can be found in a player’s bonus credit account balance or free spins balance, depending on the reward. Players can check back on their remaining bonus credit winnings or remaining free spins winnings at any time.

You cannot claim any wins until all requirements have been satisfied, so do not snatch up a bonus without giving the Terms and Conditions a solid run-through — you wouldn’t want to claim an offer you can’t use, after all!


What’s a promotional offer without great games to use it on? Playing casino games online has many benefits (Free Spins casino bonus excluded), especially when playing at a great casino.

At LV BET, we’ve got thousands of games and slots to choose from, rocking some unimaginably-amazing themes. But, before you wander off into the unknown trying to decide which slot or live table, to begin with, allow us to guide you through the full LV BET experience. 


Games are the face of every casino as they help lay the foundation of your gaming experience. We make sure that our catalogue is the perfect representation of what we’re all about, which is why every slot you see on our site was hand-picked to suit the needs of any player.

Do you enjoy exploring outer space? Are there some ancient Egyptian secrets you’d like to uncover? Or maybe you’d prefer to scrap complex slots entirely and enjoy a bowl of fruity symbols. Play Free Spins rounds, land awesome bonus symbols and unlock unique features — our collection has everything you need and more. 

The best part is that you can also take these slots with you while on the go by playing on mobile! Enjoy the same polished graphics, the same top-notch gameplay and the same awesome bonus rounds, just on a smaller screen. Here are our absolute faves:


To start off strong, we’ve got the legendary Starburst™, which was developed by none other than NetEnt. NetEnt is known for creating particularly excellent slots, and Starburst™ is no different. If you want to explore hot gameplay, it doesn’t get any hotter than exiting the Earth’s atmosphere. Hop in your spacecraft, journey to the great beyond and soar through unmarked stars and undiscovered planets. You won’t spot free spins, but bonus respins might be on the list of unknown space objects you’ll encounter. Don’t forget to wave to the little green men as you cruise by!


Space travel might leave some players feeling a little queasy, so instead, why not explore the ruins of ancient Egypt? The Book of Dead slot follows the story of the great explorer, Rich Wilde. This archaeologist is on a quest to uncover the long-lost Book of Dead, and he’s looking for one brave adventurer to join him! There will be many special symbols lurking in the shadows, and perhaps a Free Spins feature too, so strap on your boots, light up your torch and begin your descent. 


You’ve explored what secrets ancient lands might hold, but what about ancient seas? Journey to the depths of the ocean in the Lord of the Ocean™ slot, one of the many incredible games from Novomatic. Scientists have only observed a small percentage of the ocean floor; who knows what could be lurking about? Hop in your submarine for a chance to discover Scatter symbols and Expanding symbols. Legend has it that if you dive deep enough, you might even come across a few free spins…


Put the explorations on hold, and spin the reels of Pragmatic Play’s Sweet Bonanza™ for a quick snack break. This mouth-watering slot has a tonne of tasty treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth, as you hop in a chocolate-covered boat, and enjoy a quick tour of Candyland. From bon bon bushes to sugar-coated symbols, Sweet Bonanza™ gameplay is about as sweet as it gets. Keep an eye out for special symbols and flavourful bonus features, and be sure to keep your dentist on speed dial — you’re definitely going to need a quick check up after a few spins!


If you’re a bit of a hopeless romantic, then set down the sweets and take a look at Immortal Romance™. This Microgaming tells the forbidden love story between a human and an immortal vampire. Meet the characters, spin the reels and watch how the story unfolds, but keep an eye out for this slot’s impressive bonus features. Immortal Romance™ has not one, not two, but FOUR Free Spins rounds, along with the Wild Desire bonus. An epic love story AND brilliant features? What more could you want in a slot?


If your jaw hadn’t already hit the floor with Immortal Romance™, just wait until you try Mega Moolah! Mega Moolah is another phenomenal Microgaming creation that practically became a global sensation. Hop in your safari truck and cruise through the African savannah. There’s a tonne of wildlife to observe, but lions are not the highlight of this trip — it’s a progressive jackpot. While Mega Moolah sports classic features like the blazing Free Spins round, this fantastic game also has four prize pots up for grabs! Look through your binoculars and keep an eye out for the Mini, Minor, Major and Mega jackpots. The value of these pots grows as you play, so you might be able to win huge prizes.


Calling all lords and ladies; court is now in session! Set in a mediaeval castle, players can enjoy all the best elements of classic fruity slots, including timeless gameplay and a mouthful of awesome symbols, but with a resplendent new look! Catch glittering jewels, silver armour and a whole lot of treasure in BF GamesRoyal Crown slot. Step into the heart of a beautiful, fortified castle and Wild symbols, among other features may be bestowed upon you.


If you enjoyed exploring the great beyond in Starburst™, then get ready for yet another intergalactic adventure in Reactoonz! Launch into space for another celestial journey alongside your extraterrestrial friends. Legend has it that the evil Gargantoon is raising armies and is ready to invade. Hop in your spacecraft, power up the reels and set a course for the core of the alien planet. Along your journey, you may encounter random Wilds, bonus features and Giantoonz!


Space exploration not quite your thing? Hop aboard the Money Train slot! Relax Gaming has a knack for rolling out some chart-topping titles, and this slot game is no different. Gallop through the Wild West and brace yourself for pristine graphics, awesome sound effects and impressive gameplay as you spin the reels and activate awesome features. Wilds, Scatters, bonus rounds and multipliers are a few of the epic features you’ll encounter!


While everybody loves a good adventure, sometimes some players would just want to take a break from heroic activities. 

Stroll through Spain’s cobbled-stone streets in Gamomat’s Books & Bulls slot and enjoy charming elements taken straight out of traditional Spanish culture. While some Gamomat games tend to be on the simpler side, Books & Bulls graces players with Wild symbols, two Gamble modes, Scatter symbols and TWO Free Spins rounds!

Remember, if you’re having trouble picking up the mechanics or simply can’t decide on a slot, you can always give our slots a test run in the demo mode, so you won’t have to waste your free spins on a slot you don’t enjoy. The demo mode is a free-play version of a game that replaces your bankroll with a virtual one. You’ll be able to try and test every feature without spending a dime! That said, you won’t be able to win real payouts, since all winnings earned are completely virtual, but the demo is excellent for exploring our collection. 

Once you’ve found a slot you enjoy, you can go ahead and grab a few free spins from our ‘Promotions’ page to spin the slot for free and earn rewards in the process — unless otherwise stated by the Terms and Conditions, of course.


If you’re a fan of slots but would like a Live Casino twist, don’t worry; slot games aren’t our only speciality. If you prefer the traditional side of online gaming and want that perfect land-based casino look and feel, you may want to hop over to our Live Casino. 

Some players might think Live Casinos are only filled with classic table and card games like roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat. And while yes, those are the general types of live tables available, providers like Evolution have released slot-inspired games that have completely revolutionised live gaming. 

Immersive is practically our middle name (well, kind of)! Enjoy lavish studios, HD streaming and out-of-the-box gameplay from names like Pragmatic Play Live, Quik Gaming, Ezugi, LiveG24 and Evolution!


You’ve probably heard of Gonzo’s Quest™; now get ready for Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt!

The Spanish explorer Gonzo has set off on yet another quest to find the lost golden city of Eldorado and all of its hidden treasures. With pristine graphics, smooth animations and fresh features, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt™ has become a box-office hit, as this game has taken entertainment to all-new levels. 

To say that this game is unique would be a serious understatement, as it brings together slot-style gameplay and immersive Live Casino elements. You’ll even have the option to play in VR mode!


Sweet Bonanza is one of the many tasty slots you’ll find at online casinos, but now, Pragmatic Play is sprinkling on a little extra sugar. Get your tastebuds ready for mouth-watering gameplay in Sweet Bonanza Candyland — a flavourful slot-inspired game set to rival Evolution’s Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt™. 

Hop in your chocolate-covered boat and cruise through Candyland for a chance to trigger absolutely delicious bonus rounds. With your fork at the ready, keep an eye out for the Candy Drop bonus, Sweet Spins, Sugar Bomb bonus, and the Bubble Surprise feature!


From the studios of Quik, Wheel of Fire: Live is a brilliantly-designed casino game that was created with the aim of totally redefining casino gaming. Players who have never played this game before will quickly come to appreciate its design. Wheel of Fire’s visuals are definitely a feast for the eyes as they pair stunning graphics with charming animations that definitely make for one adorable story. 

To make things even better, Wheel of Fire: Live also features four fiery bonus rounds. Enjoy the stunning Wildfire, Ember, Tyre and Blaze bonus maps as you join your fox friend on his adventure!

The best part about playing games like these is that they also come with a demo mode! Learn the ropes, test out features and build a solid foundation of gameplay knowledge before taking things live! Just like in a regular slot’s demo, you won’t be able to win any actual cash, but demos are an excellent way to give the game a test run without putting down real money.


Our Casino is brimming with fun, but with an ocean of complex mechanics to discover, don’t be afraid to seek out a helping hand. Our LV BET blog will give you tonnes of helpful information about our slots and live tables, as well as some cheeky tips and tricks that you can use to elevate and enhance your gaming experience. We even like to throw in a few of our hot takes, wrapped together with witty commentary.

Whether you’re looking for slot recommendations, underrated betting systems or simple guides, our blog will be the perfect tool to add to your kit! You can even consult our blog if you have any questions about your first-deposit Match Bonus, how to claim our Welcome Package, bonus credit accounts and wagering requirements, among many other topics. We’ve practically mastered the whole ‘guide’ thing!



A Free Spins offer is a promotion offered by casinos that awards players a handful of free spins. While it essentially allows players to spin the reels for free, it differs from spinning a slot in the demo mode. Demo play allows players to explore the gameplay using virtual funds; Free Spins offers allow players to explore the gameplay while collecting actual cash in the process! Though the awards may be subject to Terms and Conditions.


The amount of free spins you’ll be awarded is largely determined by a number of factors. It depends on which Free Spins promotion you claim, the Terms and Conditions of the promotion, as well as the casino itself. A Free Spins No Deposit Bonus may award a different amount of free spins to a first-deposit Free Spins offer, for instance. The same goes for bonus code free spins and tournament free spins.

LV BET players would be able to get their hands on a max of 100 Free spins on their first and second deposit. Enjoy a first-deposit bonus of 100% up to €200 and 50 Free spins AND a second-deposit bonus of 50% up to €200 and 50 Free spins! 


Yes! Although Free Spins offers award free spins as prizes and not actual cash like other bonuses, you’ll be able to play slots for free and collect all the rewards you earn. That said, the max. cash you earn may be subject to wagering requirements, and expiration dates, along with other Terms and Conditions, so be sure to give these terms a good read before claiming any promotion. Do not mistaken Free Spins promos for free bonuses.


Claiming a Free Spins promo is largely dependent on the type of bonus that it is. Deposit Free Spins promos require a minimum deposit; Welcome Free Spins offers are only available when placing your first deposit, and Free Spins No Deposit offers may not require a minimum deposit at all! Everything you need to know about a promotion is listed under the Terms and Conditions. Some deals would also be subject to wagering requirements, jurisdictional limitations, a minimum deposit and expiration dates.


Although wagering requirements, expiration dates and a minimum deposit are among the Terms and Conditions that would need to be fulfilled, some promotions also list specific games the bonus can be used on; some also don’t! Consult the Terms and Conditions to see which games your free spins are eligible for. 

If they don’t list specific games, there are so many slots you can try — especially at LV BET! Blast off into space with Starburst™, set off on a scorching-hot safari in Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, or uncover ancient Egyptian mysteries in Play’n GO’s Book of Dead.  


The beauty about a Free Spins promotion is that you’d get to collect all the winnings you earn as you play — but it’s not a totally free bonus, so there is a catch. Any winnings earned may be subject to Terms and Conditions that need to be satisfied before a player can withdraw them. How much you win would depend on the max. bonus conversion rate.


As we’ve said, the number of free spins awarded is largely dependent on the type of Free Spins offer you claim. Welcome Packages tend to offer more free spins than regular Deposit bonus offers, for example. 


Wagering requirements are probably the most essential thing to consider when claiming a Free Spins promotion. They kind of act as an insurance policy of an online casino to prevent bonus abuse.

They apply to almost all casino bonuses, including most Free Spins offers like the first-deposit Welcome Bonus, Reload Bonus, etc. The wagering requirements will usually be expressed as a multiplier, which signifies the number of times the rewards must be wagered and turned over before they can be withdrawn.

Once the wagering contribution has been satisfied, the winnings earned are converted to cash according to the max. bonus conversion rate and can be withdrawn from the player’s cashable credit account. If there are any remaining bonus wagering requirements, any funds or winnings that have not been converted to cash cannot be withdrawn and will eventually expire, depending on the expiration dates.

This is exactly the reason why a Free Spins offer cannot be considered a free bonus — there’s always a catch.