Daily Drops and Wins

    Drops and Wins

    Drops and Wins is a popular promotion offered on slot machines. The promotion is quite straightforward - players simply need to play on eligible slot machines and possibly hit a higher win with a bit of luck. On which slots is this promotion offered? How can you take advantage of Drops and Wins promotions?

    Drops and Wins Promotions

    The underlying concept of this promotion is simple to understand. Online casinos select specific slots on which the promotion will be valid. After a player starts playing one such slot, he's asked whether he wants to participate in the Drops and Wins promotion, whereby he's given a particular task to complete - such as making a certain number of spins using the maximum wager. By completing such a task, a player gets a chance to hit a higher win.

    Drops and Wins promotions often function in the same way as classic slot tournaments where participants fight for the top of the leaderboard. Taking part in such events is worthwhile because they give players a chance to gain extra profit. Participating in a promotion doesn't need to stop you from playing other casino games - you can still enjoy playing your preferred slots anytime you want.

    Which slots qualify for Drops and Wins promotions?

    It's up to the online casino to select the games which are used for promotional events. Generally, players would be able to choose from among at least a dozen video slots. Thus, they wouldn’t be compelled to play just one slot machine for a stretch.

    It's also worth mentioning that Drops and Wins tournaments are organised at regular intervals. At LV BET and other top online casinos, players can choose to participate in promotional events that offer a chance of winning every day. The name of the promotion speaks for itself - all you need to do is place your bet and try your luck.

    How do I participate in Drops and Wins tournaments?

    Every online casino player who's interested in participating at a special promotional event can do so easily. The rules are simple. If you select a qualifying slot, you'll be asked whether you want to join the promotion. If you confirm, the results you obtain when playing the slot will be presented as ranking points. Drops and Wins promotions usually revolve around completing specific tasks. After a player manages to complete such a task, he may be able to claim an attractive reward.

    This promotion can materialise in two ways. In the case of promotional events, each player has a chance to win, and the reward may either go to all participants who completed the task successfully or to a randomly selected group of players. On the other hand, we also have tournaments where only those players whose ranking score tops the leaderboard may be crowned winners. Hence, it's worth reading the terms and conditions carefully before joining a tournament to determine what the rules of the game are.

    What types of wins can Drops and Wins tournaments grant?

    Online casinos do their utmost to encourage players to participate in special events at which they can win attractive prizes. Wins are usually granted in one of the following ways:

  • Cash bonus – Generally, Drops and Wins promotions have a prize pool which players compete for.
  • Free spins – An incentive for players participating in a tournament often takes the shape of free spins which can be used on eligible slot machines.
  • Loyalty points – Many online casinos, e.g. LV BET, have a loyalty program where players collect points and exchange them for prizes. Players may earn such loyalty points when participating in tournaments.
  • Win multiplier – Players may also get a special multiplier bonus on a slot machine of their choice.

  • All the information you may need on the prizes these Drops and Wins promotions offer can be found in the terms and conditions of each promotion. Here you'll also find a detailed explanation of how the prize pool will eventually be shared among the winning players.

    Wins in slot tournaments

    You may ask - how attractive are the possible wins you can hit during a promotional event? It all depends on the online casino in question. LV BET, and other such reputable casinos, host new Drops and Wins promotions every day which are worth participating in. However, do bear in mind that there is never a guarantee of a sure win. Luck will determine who goes home with a win.

    What should I consider when joining Drops and Wins tournaments?

    Before joining a promotional event, you should always read its terms and conditions. It's where you can find all the information about the rules of the event you're interested in. You should mainly check:

  • What does the task involve? – When taking part in a tournament, players need to complete a specific task in a limited time.
  • What wagers are required to participate in a tournament? – In most tournaments, players may need to achieve a certain number of wins while playing with specific bets to join a tournament.
  • How are ranking points calculated? – Each tournament has its own rules which determine how points are calculated. Factors such as the size of the wager, the number of spins or a player's win amount may be taken into account.
  • How is the prize pool distributed? – In each tournament, there's a prize pool which is shared among tournament winners. However, in particular promotional events, each player who completes the task may be awarded a bonus.

  • If you're aware of a promotion's terms and conditions, you can adapt the way you play according to the event's regulations. Hence, you'll be able to play more efficiently. It's also imperative to find out if there are any wagering requirements linked to a particular bonus, but in most cases, they're not applicable on money won in slot tournaments.

    Does it pay off to take part in a Drops and Wins tournament?

    Sure it does! Since you only need to play a qualifying slot to participate in a tournament, you can just enjoy playing that slot and just hope for a win. It's simple enough - you just drop a bet and win if you're lucky! All you need to do is check out what task the promotion requires from your end, and you can increase your chances of hitting a higher win!


    What is a Drops and Wins promotion all about?

    Drops and Wins is a promotion where players are encouraged to play on eligible slot machines which way grant attractive rewards. In some cases, all you need to win is to participate in the event. However, in the case of tournaments, you must achieve a good ranking score and top the leaderboard.

    How do I participate in a tournament?

    Before you start playing, make sure you read the promotion's terms and conditions carefully. Next, pick one of the qualifying slots, confirm your participation and try and complete the required promotional tasks.

    What can I win in Drops and Wins?

    Drops and Wins promotions offer such prizes as money bonuses, free spins to be used on slot machines, win multipliers or extra loyalty points.

    Which casinos organise Drops and Wins tournaments?

    Drops and Wins tournaments are organised by the best online casinos. A perfect example is LV BET - one of the fastest-growing online casinos, which hosts tournaments every day.

    Where do I find the terms and conditions related to each tournament?

    Each promotional event will have a description under which you can find a button linked to its terms and conditions. Thus, you can easily check out what's required from your end, what your chances of winning are, and which slots qualify for a specific promotional event.

    How much can I win in a Drops and Wins tournament?

    Most Drops and Wins tournaments have a predetermined prize pool which may go up to thousands of euros. The prize is divided between the top tournament participants. Naturally, the player with the highest score gets the most attractive reward.