No Deposit Casino Bonus


As the online casino industry continues to boom, players are inundated with Deposit Bonus Offers sent by online casino sites that are fresh out of ideas on how to entice both new and existing players.

The underlying truth is that casino promotions and rewards are constantly evolving. Deposit Offers might have worked well in the past to pull in initial business, but that won't cut it in the contemporary and constantly evolving online casino scene.

With a truly limitless array of options to choose from, players can pick and choose from the best online casino bonus around, which means that casinos have no other option but to step up their promotions game.

One way for a casino to do that is to start incorporating a No Deposit Bonus in its business model. Astray to what might be believed about this promotion, No Deposit Bonuses are not simply sources of free bonus money. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about what a No Deposit Bonus is, how it works and where you could find one.


The best thing about a No Deposit Bonus is that it revolves around a very simple concept. As its name suggests, a No Deposit Bonus awards a prize without compelling a player to deposit.

Although there is no deposit required to claim this bonus, this doesn't mean that casinos should simply give out free cash. No Deposit Bonuses are often offered as a tournament prize or even as part of a Welcome Bonus. Special events or promotions can also be good occasions to give out such a bonus, as free bonuses are almost always good publicity to attract new players.


Let's have a look at the relatively straightforward nitty-gritty of a No Deposit Bonus. As we've mentioned above, there is no deposit required when it comes to a No Deposit Bonus, but this doesn't mean that there aren't any strings attached.

One glance at the bonus' Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) will be enough to discover what the bonus entails and what boxes must be ticked before the cashable credit account can be withdrawn.

More often than not, No Deposit Bonuses come with expiration dates and wagering requirements, some of which may vary depending on the player's jurisdiction. Reading through the T&Cs can avoid any unexpected upsets, which is why their importance must be underlined.


All the above information will be written in no other place than the Terms and Conditions, so it's advisable to carefully read through this section before claiming a bonus.

The T&Cs will provide details about when bonus credit expires, the minimum and maximum bonus credit possible, the min. deposit amount, when free spins expire and what happens to any unused bonus funds, among other information. If you're seeking information that isn't detailed in this section, feel free to contact a Customer Support representative.


Wagering requirements are one of the most common ways how casinos ensure that players do not run for the hills with their newly claimed bonus credit. After all, it wouldn't make much sense to offer a No Deposit Bonus if players could claim it and immediately withdraw the reward as cash funds, would it?

In the context of No Deposit Bonuses, the bonus credit wagering requirement is the number of times the bonus credit must be wagered before a player can withdraw them. Only bonus funds count towards satisfying the wagering requirements, but the wagering requirements themselves will vary between online casinos.

The best way to understand the concept of wagering requirements is by analysing an example. Let's say that an online casino offers a €10 No Deposit Bonus (or currency equivalent), with a wagering requirement of 10x. This implies that to withdraw that original €10 and any obtained winnings, the player must wager a total of €100 in the specified time frame, before the bonus expires.

Additionally, some bonuses may specify that winnings have to be wagered as well, so the 20x requirement will apply to any winnings obtained from the No Deposit Bonus.

Once the wagering requirements have been met, the remaining bonus credit can be withdrawn.


Also known as game weighting, the wagering contribution shouldn't be confused with the wagering requirements. The wagering contribution refers to the percentage of bonus credit that qualify to satisfy the wagering requirements. For example, the wagering contribution on slots is usually 100%, which means that 100% of bonus funds contribute to fulfilling the wagering requirements. It is advised to avoid bonuses with unfavourable wagering contributions since they might deplete your bonus credit quicker than anticipated.


As with all casino bonuses, every online casino has its own way of coming up with an innovative way to deliver them. In this section, we'll cover the most common forms of No Deposit Bonuses and how they might also be factored into other kinds of casino bonuses.


Bonus codes are usually time-sensitive codes that players can validate through a specific link. When that is done, the bonus credit account balance will be awarded bonus credit that may or may not be subject to wagering requirements.

Casinos tend to give out a limited number of bonus codes, leading to a first-come-first-serve scenario where players first on the scene get to claim one successfully, while others arriving later might not be able to do the same. In order to never miss out on any of LV BET's superb promotions, make sure to toggle on email notifications.


The Welcome Bonus is the first Deposit Match Bonus available to new casino players. Although a free Welcome Bonus or a No Deposit Welcome Bonus might not be ubiquitous, an online casino site might include a No Deposit Bonus along with the Welcome Bonus — available to players upon placing their first deposit.

In fact, a free No Deposit Bonus is one of the best ways how a casino can offer its players a tour of its game portfolio. If the player then takes a liking to the casino and its game portfolio, they might choose to commit to it by placing a deposit. Keep an eye out for a free bonus attached to a Welcome Bonus!


Arguably the best No Deposit Bonus for slot game fans is one that includes free spins. Although there is no such thing as a 'free casino bonus', No Deposit Bonuses that include free spins are as close to that as possible.

Granted, players must carefully read the T&Cs before claiming such a bonus, since the chances are that the free spin winnings amount must be wagered once again before they could be withdrawn. Moreover, most Free Spins Bonuses can only be used on a specific selection of slot games, the list of which will be detailed in the T&Cs.


Some online casinos are known to offer holiday gifts to their players in the form of No Deposit Bonuses, including a gift for New Year's Day, the player's birthday or others. The way such gifts are distributed may vary, but the most common one is through the aforementioned bonus code. However, such bonus codes don't tend to be limited, considering the nature of the promotion.


An incentive for players to spread the word and introduce their friends to a casino could very well be a Refer a Friend Bonus. There are usually certain requirements in place before the player is awarded a prize; for instance, the friend may need to place their first deposit or any other qualifying deposit.

Once the requirements are fulfilled, the player will be granted a No Deposit Bonus, the prizes of which might include free spins or bonus credit.


Casinos like LV BET offer a VIP program for their most dedicated players — ones who have been enjoying our online casino games for a long period of time. One of the many rewards featured in our VIP program is the No Deposit Bonus, which can offer anything from free spins, bonus credit and even Cashback Offers.


Rewards for players who enjoy Live Casino games are certainly not off the table when it comes to this free casino bonus. No Deposit Bonuses might also take the form of Cashback Bonuses, where players are reimbursed a portion of their net losses over a determined period of time, up to a specific limit.

For example, a Cashback Bonus of 20% up to €150 will give you back 20% of your net losses until the limit of €150 is reached. The reimbursed funds will be added to the player's bonus credit account.

However, a Cashback Bonus could also reimburse a percentage of your previous wagers regardless of whether they have been successful or not. It's important to read the bonus' T&Cs well in order to identify which of the Cashback Bonuses are on the table.


Prizes for the first three places of a tournament usually include money or free spins, but one could also find a No Deposit Bonus as a reward. Seeing as tournaments are known to be one of the most popular ways to win real money, most casinos tend to offer prize money as a reward, but a No Deposit Bonus might certainly be a possibility for some casinos.


Before claiming a No Deposit Bonus, players must make sure that their bonus credit accounts are verified and meet the requirements stipulated in the T&Cs. Once that is taken care of, follow these eight simple steps to get your bonus up and running.

  1. Identifying legitimate No Deposit Bonus casino sites will be your first step. Pay attention to licences and Customer Support pages in order to have a good idea of whether the casino in question is reliable or not.
  2. Read through the bonus' T&Cs. This is a process of critical importance since all the important information about the bonus will be detailed there. Avoid claiming a bonus that includes unfavourable wagering requirements.
  3. Create a new account at your chosen online casino. After that, complete the registration and verification processes that the casino might require.
  4. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may be asked to upload additional documentation to verify your identity and age. A valid mobile number will also be required to complete your authentication process if offered by the casino. The process should not take very long but if it does, feel free to contact your casino's Customer Support team.
  5. Once your account is set and ready to go, head to your casino's 'Promotions' page and claim the No Deposit Bonus. More often than not, the bonus will be delivered in the form of a code that must then be copied and pasted on a specific page.
  6. Upon claiming the bonus, you should be notified that the reward has been credited to your account. Once this happens, you are free to play the casino game or games that qualify for the bonus. The selection of casino games that qualify for the bonus will be detailed in the T&Cs. Keep in mind that there may be a limit called the 'games bonus wins cap', which limits your total winnings from your bonus credit.
  7. When the bonus credit, free spins or other rewards have been spent, consult the T&Cs in order to begin fulfilling the wagering requirements. Remember that only bonus funds count towards satisfying the wagering requirements. Furthermore, certain bonuses such as Cashback Bonuses do not entail wagering requirements.
  8. When the wagering requirements have been satisfied, you can freely withdraw your cash funds — given that the maximum withdrawal amount is respected. Should you wish to claim another casino bonus, feel free to check out your casino's 'Promotions' page.


As far as free bonuses go, No Deposit casino bonuses can be exactly what prompts a player to check out a casino and become a regular visitor. For the player, No Deposit Bonuses constitute a win-win scenario, where winning or losing will not have any effect on their bankroll.

With that said, this casino bonus might disappoint players who are not entirely knowledgeable about how it works and what its limitations are. In this section, we'll have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a casino No Deposit Bonus.




Although there is no such thing as No Deposit casinos — for obvious reasons — most online casinos are increasingly adopting a mobile-first approach. This doesn't only translate into an on-the-road level of accessibility to its casino games, but it also means that claiming a bonus is extremely simple — be it a regular Welcome Bonus or even a No Deposit casino bonus.

LV BET is a casino whose aim is to bridge desktop players and mobile players by providing a service that is convenient to all. This is precisely why viewing all our No Deposit Offers and regular Deposit Offers is extremely simple on all mobile devices, including Android and iOS devices.

Our online casino is accessible through our mobile app but it is also browser-friendly. Simply load up our app (or our website through your mobile browser) and visit our game portfolio to view our wide selection of games.


A great way to understand the functionality of a No Deposit Bonus is by comparing it to other bonuses, including the regular Welcome Bonus, the Deposit Match Bonus, the Free Spins Bonus and the Cashback Bonus. In the following table, we've highlighted the difference between each bonus and expanded on the potential rewards each one might offer. Nevertheless, the rewards may vary from one casino and jurisdiction to another.

Type of bonusDeposit requiredPossible rewards
No Deposit BonusNoFree spins, bonus funds, Cashback Bonus, Table Game Chips
Welcome BonusYesFree spins, bonus funds, Cashback Bonus
Deposit Match Bonus (including Reload Bonus)YesFree spins, bonus funds, Cashback Bonus
Free Spins BonusYesFree spins
Cashback BonusYesCashback Bonus

As you can see, the most significant difference between the No Deposit Bonus and the rest is that there is no deposit required to claim it. Furthermore, No Deposit Bonuses can offer a wide array of different rewards, thus making them a great tool for casinos to reward players of different tastes and preferences. For example, a No Deposit Bonus can be given to fans of slot games as easily as it can be given to Live Casino players.


There are some very significant reasons as to why casinos choose to offer players a free bonus, and their common denominator is to reward their current or new players. In this section, we'll examine the main reasons why casinos choose to offer a free bonus.

First and foremost, a No Deposit Bonus — especially a Free Spins No Deposit Bonus — is a very powerful tool to attract new players. It is not uncommon for users who have never played at a particular casino before to check it out once a No Deposit Bonus is advertised.

If they like the casino's game portfolio, said users tend to claim the bonus by creating a casino account. Should they enjoy their time at the casino, they might choose to claim another bonus and keep playing, thus becoming a regular customer.

Another reason worth underlining is that No Deposit Bonuses serve as a gesture of goodwill to loyal players who, amidst a truly countless number of casinos out there, chose to stick with a particular casino. Long-term customer retention starts by rewarding players for their loyalty, and that doesn't have to be exclusive to VIP programs.

The last and most basic reason is the publicity. Bonuses get people talking, but No Deposit Bonuses get people shouting for others to check the casino out. This type of bonus is a great way of drawing attention to a casino, and it is one of the main reasons why it is periodically given out by shrewd casinos.


Although claiming No Deposit casino bonuses might be an obvious choice for most players, it doesn't mean that one should go about claiming any such bonus that crosses their path. In fact, here are some of the most important tips when it comes to claiming a No Deposit Bonus:


✅ Can I win real money thanks to No Deposit casino bonuses?

The potential to win real money is precisely what makes No Deposit Bonuses so desirable. Seeing as there is no deposit required to claim this bonus, anything that the player wins will be considered a gain.

Having said that, a bonus win will normally have to be wagered once again in order to satisfy the wagering requirements.

A wagering requirement represents the number of times the bonus wins must be turned over in order to be withdrawn. These requirements vary from casino to casino, and can range from anywhere between 15x to 50x.

There is no industry standard, which means that you may see wagering requirements outside of this range. It is always important to know the requirements a bonus comes with, as strict requirements can quickly eat up your bonus wins.

✅ How does a No Deposit Casino Bonus work?

Seeing as there is no deposit required to claim a No Deposit casino bonus, players can claim it as long as they satisfy the T&Cs.

These terms will include eligibility criteria, expiration dates and other restrictions, such as wagering requirements and eligible slot games. "How long is the bonus valid for?" Answers like that will be explained in the T&Cs.

Once the promo code is redeemed, the bonus will be credited to the account and the player can enjoy their newly obtained rewards, which can range from bonus credit to free spins.

✅ How can I get a free bonus?

Seeing as No Deposit Bonuses can be so beneficial to players, such bonuses are quite rare to be found. Certain casinos combine a free bonus with the Welcome Bonus in the form of a No Deposit Welcome Bonus, whereas others incorporate such a bonus in VIP rewards, tournament prizes and Refer a Friend rewards.

✅ Where should I check for No Deposit Bonuses?

Your best bet of finding a No Deposit casino bonus is to periodically view LV BET's 'Promotions' page. That is where our superb Casino will bring you the best bonuses you can find.

If you're new to LV BET, you're in for quite a delight. Our Casino guarantees a safe and entertaining environment to play online games. We are licensed by the MGA, which really goes to show how highly we uphold the industry's Responsible Gaming standards.

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Furthermore, our dozens of card games are all-encompassing. We offer online roulette, online poker, online blackjack and online baccarat — all developed with great care and attention to side bets and superb features.

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We've got multiple deposit methods to choose from, so pay us a visit whenever you want to push the bar of gambling higher than ever.

✅ Can I claim a No Deposit Casino Bonus on my mobile phone?

This largely depends on the casino you are playing at. Casinos like LV BET offer an immensely mobile-friendly approach, which is why claiming a No Deposit Bonus is extremely simple to do — whether on our mobile app or your mobile browser.

This applies to all iOS and Android devices out there, so feel free to give our Casino a visit on your mobile device.

✅ Can I play all online slot games with No Deposit Free Spins?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to play every slot game in the casino's portfolio with a No Deposit Free Spins Bonus. The T&Cs will let you know which selected games are compatible with the bonus in question, and this is no different when it comes to a No Deposit Free Spins Bonus.

As we've stressed in this text, it is very important to read the T&Cs before claiming a No Deposit Free Spins Bonus, or any other bonus out there.

✅ How can I use a bonus responsibly?

Using bonuses and playing games responsibly is the first step to enjoying your casino experience. Your ability to play responsibly is almost inextricably tied to how safe your online casino is. When choosing an online casino, keep an eye out for recognisable licences, such as those coming from the MGA. These authorities make sure that their licensees uphold some of the strictest Responsible Gaming regulations in the world.

Furthermore, have a look at the casino's Customer Support page before committing. After all, who else will you turn to should a problem arise? Most legitimate casinos will have some very informative Customer Support pages, including contact details and contact hours. Shoddily put FAQs should raise a few red flags, since they hint that the online casino doesn't truly care about its players enough to cater to them well.

At LV BET, you can play online games very safely and responsibly. Our players can set time and financial limits on their accounts if they feel like they need some restrictions on their time and money spent playing.

This is possible by clicking on 'My Account', heading to the 'Reponsible Gaming' tab and hitting the 'CHANGE' button at the end of the page. Should they wish to take a break from online gaming altogether, they could contact a Customer Support representative to temporarily block their account.

Remember: don't deposit and gamble money that you cannot afford to lose, and when the fun stops, stop playing. Your favourite slot game will still be there after taking a short break.

✅ Is a Free Spins No Deposit Bonus just like playing a demo?

In both cases, there is no deposit required to play, which means that you can freely experience the game and grasp how it works. Having said that, there are some very significant differences between using a Free Spins No Deposit Bonus and demo play.

First, a demo version might not be available for all the games out there. It is advised to check whether the game you wish to try out is available as a demo before placing a deposit and playing it. Nowadays, most game providers make it a point to offer demo versions for their games since their function can benefit them in the long term.

Secondly, players won't be able to take home any cash funds through demo winnings; neither will they be able to participate in tournaments or challenges this way. To do that, one must play for real money in the base game, but not before fully understanding how the game works. The purpose of demo versions is solely to help a player learn about slots at their own pace.

With no deposit required to claim a Free Spins No Deposit Bonus, this casino bonus is a great way to play slots for free while being in the chance of taking home cash prizes. This said, the two main drawbacks of this bonus are that not all slots qualify for this bonus, and that the bonus wins must be wagered again as per the wagering requirements prior to being withdrawn.

✅ How to win while using a No Deposit Bonus?

As with all casino games and betting as a whole, there is no fail-safe strategy or method to winning. This is always the case when playing at legitimate casinos, be it while using a No Deposit Bonus, a Free Spins Bonus or any Deposit Match Bonus.

In the context of online slots, winning symbol combinations pay a multiplier on the amount you wager, thus, the amount you win is directly proportional to your wager. For example, if you bet €1 and win 5x your bet, you will receive €5. If you bet €10, you will receive €50. Regardless of the amount you choose to wager, most games include several game mechanics and special features that may help you collect bigger wins. 

We strongly encourage you to set limits, establish a budget, take breaks and always play responsibly.

✅ Who is eligible to claim a No Deposit Bonus?

The eligibility to claim any casino bonus will depend on the casino. The best way to find out whether you are eligible to claim a bonus is to consult the T&Cs. Some reasons for not qualifying for eligibility might include: being from a restricted country, claiming two bonuses in a row and sharing the same IP address with another player. If you are still unsure as to why you are not eligible to claim a bonus, feel free to contact the casino's Customer Support team.

✅ How long is a No Deposit Bonus valid for?

Okres ważności bonusu zostanie określony w Regulaminie i może się różnić w zależności od kasyna. Niektóre kasyna pozwalają na wykorzystanie bonusu przez 30 dni przed wygaśnięciem, podczas gdy inne mogą pozwolić tylko od 24 do 72 godzin. Ważne jest, aby określić okres ważności bonusu, aby uniknąć unieważnienia wygranych bonusowych po nadejściu daty wygaśnięcia.