It is estimated that there are over 20,000 slots available to play online. With so many on offer, knowing which one provides the best chance of winning a payout can be challenging. So, what are you supposed to look for in an online slot game?

One factor that determines this is the return to player (RTP). Below, we give the essential guide on the highest RTP slots and provide our selection of the best games.


Best Online Slots with Highest RTPGambling at online casinos is now more accepted and accessible than ever. But slot providers have had to do a lot of work to get to this point, making the industry safer and fairer. One way they have had to do this is by providing detailed documentation on the online slots they developed and how likely these games are to win — and the theoretical RTP is one of them.

The theoretical RTP, also known as the Return to Player, is a percentage value of the amount a player can expect to have given back to them should they play over a long period of time. The remaining amount is the value kept by the house as a profit. 

Imagine an online slot machine that has an average RTP of 95%. If a player spends €100 over a long time, they can expect to get €95 in winnings, with €5 going to the house. This rating helps show how likely a player is to win money from a game, so the highest RTP slots are theoretically the best payout slots one could play.

Of course, probability does play a factor in this. If you play one game and deposit €100, it is not a guarantee you will get €95 back. It is an average.

Imagine flipping a coin and counting the heads and tails results. It would not be a surprise if the coin came up tails three times in a row.

Yet if it came back with that result 100 times in a row, you would assume the coin is rigged. This is because it should average out with a 50/50 result over a long period.

If you’re still wondering how the slot RTP plays a part in your gameplay experience, check out our article RTP in Slots at our LV BET Casino Blog!


Calculating slot RTP is a complex mathematical process. It takes numerous factors into account to get a reading of the percentage returned. It is also worth noting that it is one of many statistics worth considering when deciding if a casino game is worth playing.

When calculating the amount, a slot provider will divide the win by the turnover figures for a game. For example, if a game with a 95% slot RTP gets played for one month and accrues €10,000 in turnover, and pays out €9200 in wins, the calculation would be as follows:

9200/10,000 = 0.92

In this instance, the game would be well under the stated amount of 95% RTP. Luckily, these games are rigorously tested by manufacturers, online casinos, and independent bodies. Therefore, if you sign up to a legitimate slot site, you can assume these totals are pretty accurate.


Older slot machines that were found in Las Vegas casinos may not have displayed their slot RTP. Yet most online slots will be bound by law to display the slot RTP, depending on the country you play it in — this is especially true for UK online casinos, for instance. If you are playing at a legitimate online casino, then all games will have an easy-to-display rating.

You may have to dig into the small print at the bottom of the game screen to get this. Other online casinos may have information or an FAQ section that lists it.

If you can’t find the RTP in the game details of the online provider, then go to the manufacturer’s website. Type in the name of the game, and you should find all the information you need. In some cases, online affiliates will even have ranked online slots based on the best RTP ratings — simply search for high RTP slots!


Slots with high RTP rateMost regular players consider a good RTP to be around 96% or above. However, this should not be the only factor that determines the slot game you plan to play.

Volatility is a key factor that determines how often a high or low RTP slot pays out. If you don’t play regularly, this could be something to consider.

With a low-variance slot, you will win more often but with smaller payouts. This is best for conservative, low-risk players.

However, high-volatility video slots may be better for those who want more excitement. Payouts are more significant but less frequent. If you plan to play for a long time and do not care what type of game you play, then looking at the RTP becomes more important, as it is the amount you are likely to earn back.


At our LV BET Online Casino, we’ve got a wide range of all the highest RTP slots for you to try. From jackpot slots to games with a Mystery Win feature, Free Spins bonus features, bonus Wilds, and more, our collection will undoubtedly knock your gaming socks off. We have collected 10 of our top RTP slots in a handy list which you can find below:


The 1429 Unchartered Seas has an astronomical RTP, reaching up to 98.50%. Created by Thunderkick games, this high RTP slot borrows heavily from Jules Verne and Steampunk literature, taking you on a sub-aquatic journey. There are five reels to play on, which provide 25 different paylines.

All the mythical beasts of the ocean, like mermaids and the Kraken, offer handsome payouts. Match three bonus symbols to activate the Free Spins round or land a galleon to act as your Wild. A simple but very particular slot game, it has beautiful graphics that look like hand-drawn charter maps, making it vastly different from anything else you may play.


Marching Legions takes inspiration from the days of the Roman Empire. Created by Relax Gaming, it has five reels that provide players with 243 different ways to form winning combinations. Best of all, it offers a huge 98.12% RTP, which easily makes the list of the highest RTP slots.

The game has a very high volatility level. Expect payouts infrequently, but ones that are of a sizable amount. A single spin can bag you 7,458x your original stake.

The game also looks fantastic, but what else can you expect from Relax Gaming? With 3D legionnaires and a rousing orchestral soundtrack, few slot experiences offer the gaming quality of this one.


Not for the faint-hearted, Blood Suckers is a gothic-themed slot centred around everyone’s favourite creature of the night: the vampire. It is a classic slot, with five reels and three rows providing 25 different ways to win. But it also has an RTP of 98%.

This NetEnt slot is packed with bonus features. There are Wilds to unlock, a host of Free Spins bonus games on offer, and a Slaying Bonus you can unlock by uncovering hammers and stakes. Pierce the vampire’s heart, and you can bag over 1,000x of your original stake! This game definitely deserves a place among the best RTP slots.


For this slot game, the action turns to ancient Greece and the king of the gods, Zeus. His lightning power reels offer some extremely unique bonus features and a mega-electrifying 97.73% RTP. In addition, it has some of the most impressive graphics and designs you will find in only the best RTP slots.

The god himself acts as the game’s Wild, and when activated, he will fire lightning to power up your reels. From here, you can trigger a Free Spins bonus game. With seven reels to charge, 30 paylines are offered so you can attempt to win 5,037x your original stake.


Big Bass Bonanza is the slot game that will turn your reels into a fishing frenzy. Created by expert developers Pragmatic Play, this slot is among the best RTP slots, but it is easy to get started yet hard to master. That said, with five reels and 10 paylines, even the newest slot game players can cast out and reel in a prize.

With an RTP of 96.71%, it may not be one of the highest RTP slots, but this percentage win rate still puts the game in the higher bracket of high RTP real-money slots. However, there are other things that should lure you to the title.

Pragmatic Play offers a generous Free Spins bonus game, so you can spin the reels without even using your own bankroll!

Another great feature is the Fisherman Wild symbol. Net this fellow, and he will add the value of all the fish on the board to your total. All of these features combine to offer you some lucrative payouts.


A host of online slots call on the mythology of ancient Egypt in their design, but only a few can steal a spot among the best RTP slots. 

Book of Gods is one of the most popular due to its generous features and easy playability. Created by Big Time Gaming, it is a must for anyone who enjoys playing slot machines online.

The RTP is 96.53%, so the game just creeps into the ‘Highest RTP Slots’ category. That said, it is the many bonus features that really push up your chances of winning. You can bag 500x your stake in the base game and 5,000x in the Free Spins feature.

On the surface, Book of Gods seems simple with its five-reel and three-row structure. Yet the additions give you 243 ways to win. If you have just gotten to grips with online slot machines, and are tired of spinning the same slot, expand your horizons with Book of Gods.


Buffalo Trail calls on the symbolism of North America’s greatest beasts, with bears, eagles, and wolves included in its graphics and symbols. Released in 2021, it quickly became a favourite at most online casinos. Created by BF Games, it is packed with features that can help you win big.

The game’s RTP is 96.14% providing a decent payout. It has low volatility, so these payouts come frequently and in smaller amounts. In some cases, you can win up to 5,000x your stake.

Playing the base game offers a great experience. Yet when you manage to land Wilds and Scatters, a whole new level of the game emerges. With BF Games, you can strap yourself in for some of the best RTP slots imaginable.


Thunderstruck 2 is a follow-up to one of the most popular online slot titles ever made. Taking its name from the AC/DC song while focusing on Norse mythology, it has everything you could want in a slot game, from great graphics to exciting gameplay. 

Journey to Asgard and take part in this five-reel title that will provide you with 243 ways to win. Boasting a sizable 96.65% RTP, it is packed with other features that can propel you into the realm of the gods. Not only does it have standard Wild symbols, but a Wild Storm feature too! This can turn up to five reels Wild in itself.

Most generous is its bonus feature, which awards a huge number of free spins. Unlock Thor in the Free Spins feature, and you can earn 25 free spins along with multipliers to boost your slot game tally. Microgaming gaming machines are definitely not the ones to miss.


Dork Unit is one of the more unique online slots on the ‘Highest RTP Slots’ list. It is more recent than other games, but its crazy graphic style and gameplay have amassed an army of slot fans. It has a very loose theme, involving a crazy clown, a theatre stage, and a lot of bright, garish colours.

With five reels and four rows, there are 16 different ways to win in the game. Its volatility is right in the middle, so it is great for someone who wants semi-regular payouts of a good amount. You can find a host of interesting features in this high RTP slot, including Wild symbols and free spins.


Temple of Treasures Megaways™ takes you deep into the heart of the jungle to uncover the lost treasure of the Aztecs. With a 96.46% RTP, it is much higher than many other Megaways™ online slots. This unique format gives you six reels to play on but an astounding 117,649 ways to win.

Throughout its jungle theme, you can also uncover a host of special features. The top prize can be worth up to 50x your initial stake, with multipliers and free spins on offer. With its constantly shifting cascade features, the game is constantly changing and evolving, providing one of the most exciting slot experiences you’ll find among the highest RTP slots.


If you want to play slots that were not mentioned in the above list. there are a few other high RTP slots found online; some even offering a progressive jackpot when triggering the bonus round! Here’s a list of the best RTP slots:

You will find that all of these are also packed with additional features, such as Free Spins and Wild symbols. Some games even offer fun mechanics that match the theme of the game, including a Supermeter bonus game, Road to Riches Bonus, Wild Joker symbols, Down the Rabbit Hole Free Spins, and Pots of Gold Bonus. You might even spot kitties forming winning lines! Do your research before playing so you know how to access the highest payouts. 


The house edge is the term given to describe the percentage leftover after RTP. It is the amount the gaming provider takes if a player deposits and plays a game for a long time.

For example, if a game has an RTP of 96%, then the house edge is 4%. It is the same way of describing more or less the same thing. That is how much goes back to the player and how much is kept as profit by the provider. 

That said, the house edge is generally a term used when describing table and card games like poker and roulette, as opposed to online casino games like slots.


A good RTP is always an attractive prospect, but another way casinos attract players to spin the reels is by offering dazzling casino bonus offers. These may include Deposit Bonus deals, Reload promos and even No Deposit bonus offers. These promotions can award anything from free spins, bonus money and even real cash, which is kind of like unlocking an additional bonus round.

Essentially, you should look at them as two separate entities and strike a balance. Look for games with the highest RTP (above 96%), then take a look at the ‘Promotions’ page. High RTP games are great overall, but bonus offers can give your gameplay an additional push and help you win even more payouts!

Keep in mind that many bonuses only allow you to access them if you satisfy the wagering requirements listed under the Terms and Conditions. Other terms may include expiration dates, jurisdictional limitations and a bonus win cap. Be sure to read through these before claiming anything.


Free spins do exactly as they imply. They allow a player to try out a slot machine without having to wager any of their own cash. This is great for players, as it allows them to spin for free while reaping the rewards in the process!

When playing high RTP slots, this becomes even more lucrative. As you have a higher chance of earning a payout, playing with free spins can be viewed as a slight increase in the RTP. Of course, the calculation would depend on how many free spins you earn.

Some free spins may have stipulations attached. These may include not being able to access bonus rounds or higher payouts. When choosing a game, how many free spins it gives out should be considered alongside the RTP.


While a degree of mathematics is involved in calculating the highest RTP slots, they are a statistic based on a probability and not a given. Therefore, all casino games, including slots, should be considered entertainment. You may be one of the lucky ones who win, or you may find your bankroll depleted with barely a payout, but entertainment is always guaranteed, especially when playing at LV BET.

We have a huge selection of high RTP slots waiting for you to play. From classics like Mega Joker and Starburst™ to Megaways™ games and branded slots. You can even try a progressive jackpot slot like Mega Moolah, offering FOUR progressive jackpots! Head to our site to see the whole range of titles and get started today.



Slot games with a high Return to Player (RTP) imply that you are more likely to win money. The percentage indicates the money that is returned to the player over a long period of time, with the remaining going to the house. However, there is no guarantee it will be profitable.

All slot games should be looked at as a way to entertain as opposed to make money. Probability plays a huge part in winning, and this is unpredictable.

You may play 100 games and win little or play once and hit the jackpot. There is no way of knowing how slot games will pay out, as they are completely random.


When you find a slot game with a high RTP, it means that the game pays out more money in winnings. Over some time, on average, you can expect to get the RTP returned to you from the money you put in. So if the RTP is 98%, around 98% of the money you put in will be returned to you.

However, you should not only look at RTP when choosing a game. Certain factors such as volatility, bonus rounds, and free spins should also be considered.


A high RTP does not necessarily mean that you will win more money. This is a rating showing an average of how much stake is returned to a player over a while.

This is more down to volatility, which shows how often a game pays out. Low-volatility slots pay out small amounts frequently. High-volatility shots pay out more but less often. Sometimes, high-volatility slots also have lower RTPs attached, despite the payout being more.


A low RTP is generally considered anything less than 96%. This means you can expect to be paid less in winnings than other slot games.


It is possible to play many of the highest RTP slots for free. Many games are available with free modes, including slots like Mega Joker, Legacy of Dead and Mega Moolah. However, you won’t win cash prizes.

Many online casinos also offer Welcome Bonuses, which include matched deposits and free spins. These let you play for free while also allowing you to win money. Just remember to read the Terms and Conditions before snatching any promo up.

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