The LV Wheel is our very own version of the wheel of fortune.
With every spin, you could win some astounding prizes.

HOW DOES IT WORK?Every spin gives you a reward

Play any of your favourite games

Opening any slot in our casino will activate the LV Wheel, which grants you access to exclusive rewards. But in order to spin the wheel, you will need to unlock a level. Simply play any of your favourite games to level up and automatically get a turn on the wheel. The higher the level unlocked, the bigger the possible prize.

Fill the LV Wheel

When you play games you will start to fill the LV Wheel power bar. The more you bet, the quicker it fills up. When the power bar is full, you level-up and the LV Wheel is activated.

Spin the Wheel

Once the LV Wheel power bar has been filled, the Wheel will automatically launch a spin and the prize you win is automatically credited to your account.

LV Wheel

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? Real rewards, instantly available


Exactly what it says! Land on a cash prize and we’ll give you some free money.


Should you land on a bonus prize, this will be automatically triggered in your bonus wallet and instantly wagerable on any of our casino games.


Every time you spin the LV Wheel you also get the chance to win LV Points. LV Points are exchangeable against cash money. Every 100 LV Points collected exchange into €1. More info about LV Points here.


Something everyone likes! We are giving away heaps of FREE SPINS on our popular and exciting slots. Check out where you can use them.


That’s it! On selected levels of the Wheel you have a chance to win 50% Reload Bonus that you will be able to claim up until last day of the month. To top it all off you’ll have a chance to score up to 50 additional FREE SPINS with every Reload Bonus!

Level UP Every time you fill the LV Wheel, you level up!

The more levels you climb, the more exciting the LV Wheel becomes, with prizes increasing with each spin. With 30 levels, there is up to €300,000 in bonus money, €3000 in cash, 150,000 LV Points, or 3000 FREE SPINS to be won. On top of that we are also adding a Reload Bonus on selected levels ranging from €50 on Onyx Super Level to €300 on Diamond Super Level. And there’s more!
With every Reload Bonus, you get a chance to win extra FREE SPINS.

Warning! You only have 1 month to reach Level 30. On the 1st of each month, all levels will be reset.

Depending on the level you reach during the month, you will fall under one of 5 Super Levels and be rewarded with some fantastic rewards.

1 - 6 onyx 15 FREE SPINS OF 10 CENTS
7 - 12 sapphire 25 SUPER FREE SPINS OF 50 CENTS
13 - 18 ruby 35 SUPER FREE SPINS OF €1
19 - 24 emerald 50 SUPER FREE SPINS OF €2
25 - 30 diamond 50 SUPER FREE SPINS OF €5
  1. The LV Wheel is active on all slot games of LV BET except table games and virtual poker games.
  2. All customers can activate the LV Wheel by playing any slot games with Real or Bonus money.
  3. A minimum of €100 wager in Real Money is required to unlock the first level of the Wheel.
  4. For players using Deposit Bonus, the rate at which next level of the wheel will unlock, is calculated using the following formula:
    deposit amount / (deposit bonus + deposit amount) = x

    example 1.
    100% deposit bonus up to €150
    €150 / (€150 + €150) = 0.5
    In this case 50% of a bet will contribute towards unlocking of the next level.
    example 2.
    50% deposit bonus up to €300
    €300/ (€150 + €300) = 0.66
    In this case 66% of a bet will contribute towards unlocking of the next level.

  5. Bets placed with No Deposit Bonus do not contribute towards unlocking of the wheel.
  6. In total players can unlock up to 30 levels on the wheel by playing slot games. For each level unlocked, the LV Wheel will spin automatically and trigger a prize according to the level.
  7. There are 4 different kinds of prizes available on each of the 30 levels, which will be given randomly to the players. These include:
    1. Bonus Money
      1. x40 wagering requirement
      2. Level 1 maximum Bonus - €100
      3. Level 30 maximum Bonus - €300,000
    2. Cash Money
      1. No wagering requirement.
      2. Level 1 Cash Money prize - €1
      3. Level 30 Cash Money prize – €3,000
    3. LV Points
      1. Level 1 amount of LV Points - 50
      2. Level 30 amount of LV Points – 150,000
      3. Read more about LV Points here
    4. Free Spins
      1. Level 1 maximum amount of Free Spins - 50
      2. Level 30 maximum amount of Free Spins - 300
      3. Free Spins are valid for 5 days
      4. Any winnings from Free Spins will be added as bonus money and need to be wagered 20 times within 5 days.
      5. Free Spins will be credited on a game corresponding to each level. Value of credited Free Spins will depend on Super Level player is currently on.
    Super LevelLevelGameFREE SPINS Value
    Onyx1Gold VolcanoEUR 0,10
    GBP 0,10
    USD 0,10
    PLN 0,50
    2Book of Dead
    3Book of Gods
    4Free Reelin' Joker
    5Fire Joker
    6Book of Gates 
    Sapphire7Bonnie And ClydeEUR 0,50
    GBP 0,50
    USD 0,50
    PLN 2,5
    10Rise of Olympus
    11Stunning Hot Remastered 
    12Scroll of Dead
    Ruby13Wild JackEUR 1
    GBP 1
    USD 1
    PLN 4
    14Prism of Gems
    15Moon Princess
    16Big Win Cat
    17Coils of Cash 
    18Stunning Hot20 Delux Remastered
    Emerald19Royal Win RemasteredEUR 2
    GBP 2
    USD 2
    PLN 10
    20Rise of Merlin
    21Disco Diamond
    22Reactoonz 2
    23Tome of Madness
    24Hot Classic
    Diamond25Sizzling SpinsEUR 5
    GBP 5
    USD 5
    PLN 25
    26Stunning Hot
    27Frozen Gems
    29Golden Ticket
    30Royal Win
  8. The prizes of the LV Wheel (Bonus Money, Cash Money, LV Points, Free Spins) will be credited automatically to the player account after the spin is completed. Reload Bonus will be available in the deposit page, to be claimed after the spin is completed.
  9. The level that the players reach on the LV wheel will be reset every first day on the month. The time to reach the 30th Level on the LV Wheel spans from the 1st day 00:01 CEST to the last day of the month 23:59 CEST.
  10. Every 6-level reached, the players will pass a Super Level. The Super Levels are as follow:
    1. Onyx – Level 1 to 6
    2. Sapphire – Level 7 to 12
    3. Ruby – Level 13 to 18
    4. Emerald – Level 19 to 24
    5. Diamond – Level 25 to 30
  11. For each Super Level reached, the players will get a Free Spins reward on the first working day of the following month.
    1. FREE SPINS Reward breakdown per Super Level
      1. Onyx - 15 Free Spins of €0.10 (or GBP 0,10 - USD 0,10 - PLN 0,50)
      2. Sapphire – 25 Super Free Spins of €0.50 (or GBP 0,50 - USD 0,50 - PLN 2,5)
      3. Ruby - 35 Super Free Spins of €1 (or GBP 1 - USD 1 - PLN 4)
      4. Emerald - 50 Super Free Spins of €2 (or GBP 2 - USD 2 - PLN 10)
      5. Diamond - 50 Super Free Spins of €5 (or GBP 5 - USD 5 - PLN 25)
    2. To claim your Free Spins / Super Free Spins, login to your player's account, go to "Profile" and enter your Promo Code into the Promo Code tab.
    3. The Free Spins will be credited on a mystery game which will be communicated to all eligible players by email.
    4. The Free Spins will be available on the desktop and mobile versions of the game.
    5. Free Spins are active for 5 day
    6. Any winnings resulting from Free Spins will be added directly to the player’s account as Bonus funds.
    7. Bonus funds from Free Spins need to be wagered 20 times and are valid for 5 days.
  12. Max winnings are capped at: €100, unless otherwise specified. Any bonus winnings that amount to over €100 after wagering has been completed will automatically be forfeited. In cases where this is not possible a manual adjustment may be conducted internally.
  13. LV BET reserves the right to disqualify any player from this promotion if evidence of abuse or fraud is found. Should you find LV BETs decision unsatisfactory, you can seek an alternate dispute arbitration, whose decision will be deemed final.
  14. LV BET reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions and/or discontinue or withdraw the promotion, due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. force majeure, connectivity issues, changes in the law). LV BET will strive to give as advanced prior notice as possible to players in such events. If you find any addendum unacceptable, you should cease using the site, participating in the promotion and/or close your account. Continuation of use after the date on which the changes to the terms come into effect will be deemed as acceptance of the updated terms.
  15. Management reserves the right to remove or change this promotion, in circumstances that include, but are not limited to problem gambling, Bonus Abuse and any other technical exploitation of the system.
  16. General Terms & Conditions apply.
  17. Standard Promotion and Bonus Terms apply.

These Terms & Conditions may be published in a number of languages for information purposes and ease of access by players. In case of any discrepancy between a non-English version and the English version of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.