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Dreaming of a unique game experience at your favourite Live Casino? Catch the opportunity to win extraordinary rewards and play Dream Catcher! Evolution went above and beyond to deliver the Dream Catcher casino game to players worldwide — a game that combines elements of popular TV game shows with interactive Live Casino gameplay and plenty of prizes! If you’re bored of the same ol’ table games and prefer games with multipliers and wins of up to 20,000x your bet, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in Dream Catcher from Evolution. 


Live Dream Catcher is the first title in Evolution’s Money Wheel live gaming category, created in 2017 to wow players with an unforgettable gaming experience in Live Casinos all over the world. Evolution, previously Evolution Gaming, is known for innovative gaming solutions and all-around excellence in Live Casino gameplay. Evolution wanted to break away from the tried-and-tested mould of classic tables like roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat to offer casino players a live alternative to slots games. Evolution based the game on popular TV game shows like Wheel of Fortune, Spin the Wheel and UK’s The Wheel. These shows are based on the money-wheel concept, offering a large, vibrant wheel filled with segments of various prizes. Instead of answering trivia questions and solving puzzles, Dream Catcher players can sit back and watch the wheel spin! When the wheel comes to a halt on one of the segments, the corresponding prize will be awarded to all players who made a qualifying wager. 

Dream Catcher is one of Evolution’s many Live Casino games created in partnership with TCSJOHNHUXLEY, one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of Live Casino solutions and services. The Dream Catcher Live Casino game is hosted by a live dealer in a vibrant studio with lights and sound effects auto-synchronised to the game’s action. The multi-camera studio offers an immersive and authentic experience with close-ups of the winning numbers, where players and the host can interact and enjoy every aspect of the gameplay. With the release of Dream Catcher, Evolution opened the door to innovative games that appeal to slot players; let’s take a closer look at this live game and break down its bonus features!


Players who frequent land-based casinos won’t be strangers to Dream Catcher, as it is primarily based on The Big Six money wheel found in UK and US casinos. Dream Catcher is a visually stunning interpretation of the concept, offering players new ways to win with a significantly lower house edge than the wheels in B&M casinos. The wheel is divided into 54 colourful segments separated by spokes and pins. Each segment is associated with a number: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40. These numbers correspond to the payouts; players who wager on the winning number will collect the respective win. Additionally, two special multiplier segments on the wheel — the black 2x and 7x — trigger a bonus spin and multiply your winnings. Here's how the Dream Catcher wheel segments are sectioned:

  • 1 (yellow) — There are 23 yellow sections, which pay 1:1 on a win. 
  • 2 (blue) — There are 15 blue sections, which pay 2:1 on a winning spin.
  • 5 (purple) — There are seven purple sections that pay 5:1.
  • 10 (green) — There are four green sections that pay 10:1.
  • 20 (orange) — There are only two orange sections that pay 20:1.
  • 40 (red) — The coveted red segment is one of a kind and pays 40:1. 
  • 2x (black and silver) — The single 2x segment multiplies the payout of the next winning number by 2x.
  • 7x (black and gold) — The single 7x segment multiplies the payout of the next winning number by 7x.

To place a bet on Dream Catcher, simply select one of the coloured chips on the screen and click on the colourful numbers to indicate which segments you’d like to wager on. The minimum wager is €0.10 (or currency equivalent), and winnings from a single game round are capped at €500,000 or 20,000x the bet. 

Players are allotted some time to place their bets, after which the game’s host (the live dealer) will spin the wheel. The winning segment will be indicated by an illuminated pointer, which is mounted directly above a flexible piece of rubber that brushes against the pins to slow the wheel down. When the wheel comes to a halt, the pointer will rest directly above one of the segments — that’s the winning number! 


This Live Casino game doesn’t offer free spins, but the closest thing to free spins is the multiplier bonus! All bets remain in place if the wheel stops on a multiplier segment, and no new bets will be allowed. The dealer will spin the wheel again, and the outcome of the spin will be multiplied by the triggering multiplier. For example, if the wheel stopped on ‘2x’ and the next spin resulted in a ‘5’, then all players who wagered on the ‘5’ will enjoy a payout of 10:1 (5:1 x 2).

If the wheel stops on multipliers several times in a row, all bets remain in place and the multipliers stack. In other words, the multiplied payout from the first bonus spin will be multiplied by the corresponding multiplier on the next spin. The host will continue spinning the wheel until it stops on one of the numbered segments or until the maximum payout is reached. For example, the wheel stops on ‘2x’, then ‘7x’ and then ‘10’. Players who wagered on ‘10’ will enjoy a payout of 140:1 [(10:1 x 2) = 20:1, (20:1 x 7) = 140:1]. 


The theoretical Dream Catcher RTP is dependent on the bets placed and will vary from 95.24% to 89.88%, which translates into a house edge of between 4.76% and 10.12%. At first glance, this may seem rather high; however, keep in mind that most casino games offer a varied house edge (depending on the bet placed), and many surpass 10.12% with ease. The Big Six wheel game, for example, is known as one of the most volatile games in existence — its house edge falls between 16% and 24%! Other popular games, like keno, Super Sic Bo, craps, baccarat and even slot machines, can all have an edge of over 15%.

Here’s the RTP table of Evolution’s Dream Catcher, alongside the house edge for each bet: 

  • 1 — RTP 95.24% — 4.76%
  • 2 — RTP 95.31% — 4.69%
  • 5 — RTP 90.42% — 9.58%
  • 10 — RTP 95.65% — 4.35%
  • 20 — RTP 91.80% — 8.20%
  • 40 — RTP 89.88% — 10.12%

Just like all games in online casinos, Dream Catcher is a game of chance. Over 70% (37/54 = 70.37%) of the wheel is made up of ‘1’ and ‘2’ segments, so the odds of landing on a low number are far greater than the odds of hitting that coveted ‘40’ (1.85%) or one of the multipliers (3.70%). Extended streaks of low numbers are common; make sure to bet wisely and responsibly.


As the first online casino game of its kind, Dream Catcher doesn’t pack many bonus features or side bets. If you’re familiar with games like Monopoly Live and Crazy Time, then you’ll find everything about Dream Catcher recognisable and easy to understand. The game is not complicated, but the gaming experience is a step-up from repetitive slot spins!

  • The minimum bet is €0.10 (or currency equivalent).
  • Bonus multipliers — aside from the number sections, the wheel also has two bonus multipliers, the 2x and 7x. If the wheel stops on a bonus multiplier, the wheel will respin for free, and the payout of the next winning number will be multiplied accordingly. The multipliers can stack, and the free spins will keep going until the wheel stops on a number. 
  • Autoplay — players can use autoplay to repeat bets for up to 100 rounds. 
  • Statistics — players can pull up the statistics of the previous 49 rounds, which will display all winning numbers. 


Want to enjoy Dream Catcher without time restrictions and live dealers? Check out First Person Dream Catcher, also from Evolution, to play this fantastic game in a first-person studio where RNG determines the outcome of every spin. The game boasts the same, high-quality production and all of the same gameplay features. Players can also click on the ‘Go Live’ button to switch between first-person and live gaming. 


Overall, Dream Catcher is a solid choice for anyone looking to spice up their casino gameplay. The game is a perfect blend of everything that Live Casinos offer, together with the dynamic and feature-rich slot gameplay. If you’re looking for a little something extra, check out Dream Catcher and give it a spin! 

Like what you see but want even more action and bonus features? We recommend playing Crazy Time and Monopoly Live as well — two fantastic live game shows from Evolution featuring bonus bets, mini-games and plenty of rewards.  


Playing Dream Catcher is unlike playing any of the table games from Evolution. There are no side bets or special jackpots, like in Power Blackjack or Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, but players will enjoy gameplay that’s similar to other wheel of fortune-themed game shows. 

  • Place a bet on one of the numbers and watch the wheel spin! The minimum wager is €0.10 (or currency equivalent), and you can place multiple chips on different numbers.  
  • The numbers correspond to the winnings on a to-one basis (eg: a winning bet on ‘10’ will pay 10:1). 
  • If the wheel stops on one of the multipliers, the dealer will spin the wheel again (for free) to reveal the next winning number. That number will be multiplied by 2x or 7x, depending on the segment from the first spin. Multipliers can stack.
  • You don’t need to place a bonus bet to qualify for the free spins, and no additional wager is required to proceed — all bets will be held in place until the wheel stops on a number.

Dream Catcher - FAQ


Dream Catcher is the first game in the Money Wheel series by Evolution (previously Evolution Gaming), based on popular TV game shows like Wheel of Fortune and Spin the Wheel. The game offers various betting options, a minimum bet of €0.10 (or currency equivalent), max wins of €500,000 (or 20,000x the bet) and a multiplier bonus that can trigger consecutive free spins and will multiply your winnings.


Playing Dream Catcher is simple! The game features a spinning wheel, where each segment represents a number (and payout odds). Players must predict which number the wheel will stop on and will collect the corresponding payout if their prediction is correct. 

To get started, select a chip with your preferred bet value and click on any of the coloured slips on the user interface: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40. All bets must be placed within the allotted time, after which the dealer will spin the wheel to reveal the winning number. In addition to the numbers, there are two multiplier segments: 2x and 7x. If the wheel comes to a stop on a multiplier, then all bets will be held and the dealer will spin the win again. The following number will be multiplied by the corresponding multiplier. If the outcome of the second spin is another multiplier, then the free spins will continue and the multipliers will stack.


Dream Catcher is an unequal game of chance, similar to The Big Six money wheel in land-based casinos. The outcome of every spin is random, but the reward distribution on the wheel is not equal (eg: the odds of landing on smaller numbers is higher).


The only way to play Dream Catcher is for real money, including the first-person version. If you’re not comfortable playing with real cash, you can sit back and observe how the game unfolds without placing bets. Take all the time you need to familiarise yourself with the game’s pace, rules and bonus features!


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Dream Catcher’s popularity stems from the game’s innovative nature; it was the first of its kind, after all — a groundbreaking hit from Evolution. The game offers a unique opportunity to enjoy dynamic gameplay and spectacular wins in a Live Casino setting.


Dream Catcher is a game of chance; there is no secret method or foolproof strategy to winning. Please play responsibly.