Athletics is a broad category of sports that involve competitive running, jumping, throwing and walking. Athletics disciplines are traced back to the Ancient Olympic Games and are, to this day, some of the most spectacular events to follow during the Olympics. The most common and popular athletics competitions are track and field, road running, cross country and racewalking. Most athletes compete individually, but there are exceptions — such as relay races and cross country running. World Athletics is the international governing body, which also oversees mountain running and ultramarathons. The organisation sanctions and manages athletics competitions, like the World Athletics Championships, and works with the IOC to bring athletics to the Olympic Games every four years. Every event is all about exceptional agility and pushing the human physique to its limits, making athletics an extraordinary sport to watch and wager on. At LV BET, you can enjoy a diverse selection of athletics betting markets with podium-worthy odds!



In athletics, racing events are all about crossing the finish line first — finishing positions and time are the deciding factors in determining the results. In competitions involving jumping and throwing, the winner is the athlete who achieves the highest or furthest measurement from a series of attempts. Some of the most popular athletics events for betting are sprints, hurdling, long jumping, high jumping, pole vaulting, as well as javelin, discus and hammer throwing. The pentathlon, heptathlon and decathlon are also popular choices and comprise five, seven and 10 athletics events, respectively.

There are numerous national and international athletics competitions that you can bet on, the most significant of which are the World Athletics Championships and the Olympic Games. To bet on athletics, simply choose an event and browse through the available betting markets. Once you’ve made your choice, add the selections to your betslip, set your preferred wager and confirm. Your athletics betting options will generally focus on picking the winners, with an emphasis on podium places. You can also wager on which athletes will qualify, be disqualified or set a new record.


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Running a sports betting marathon isn’t as easy as stepping up to the starting line, but luckily, you’ve got a pretty good coach. At our LV BET Sportsbook, we’ll get you up to speed with everything you need to know about athletics. You’ll even get to enjoy comprehensive betting markets and unbeatable odds on all the best athletics events. So, put on your kicks because this virtual training session is about to begin. 


Before we get you ready to sprint, we need to get your stamina up with a quick history lesson.  

It is estimated that track and field events can be traced back to about the 10th century BC in Greece, making athletics one of the oldest forms of organised sport and an extremely popular one. Athletics events were included in the first Olympic Games in 776BC in Olympia, Greece, and the sport continued to slowly develop from there. The increased popularity of athletics can be credited to the Roman Empire when the sport reached Italy, around the year 200BC, and the rest of Europe after that. 

The sport as we know it today, however, only truly came about in the 19th century. Amateur footraces were organised in England in 1825, with events held in educational institutions, sports clubs and even some military organisations. The West London Rowing Club organised the first official athletics meet that was open to all amateurs, leading to the formation of the Amateur Athletic Club (AAC) in 1866, which became the Amateur Athletic Association in 1880. 

Across the ocean, North America held its own amateur athletics races, eventually leading to the formation of the New York Athletic Club in the 1860s. This club gave athletics a solid footing in the US, and eventually held the world’s first indoor event.

Athletics was given the spotlight once again when featured in the modern Olympics in the summer of 1896, skyrocketing the sport’s popularity. The International Amateur Athletic Federation was later established in 1913 to oversee and standardise rules and ensure the amateur code is adhered to across the globe — the organisation continues to do so to this day. 

The IAAF went on to organise massive athletics tournaments, including World Cup competitions. Combined with its Olympic presence, athletics made its mark in the sports world, producing stars like Jesse Owens and Usain Bolt. 


Now that your muscles are all warmed up, have a quick water break and let’s kick off with some of the biggest athletics events you can bet on. 


According to some historians, athletics events can be traced back to the ancient Olympic Games, but it has featured in the Summer Olympics since the birth of the modern games in 1896. The modern programme includes several major athletics events like track and field, road running andracewalking. Cross-country running was also on the Olympic programme but it was dropped in 1924. 


The World Athletics Championships is the crown jewel of the World Athletics’ competition programme. It is the third largest sports event across the globe, featuring approximately 2,000 participants from over 200 nations, competing for 49 gold medals. The tournament debuted in 1976, organised by the sport’s governing body, the International Association of Athletics Federation (now World Athletics), and was held every four years. Now, the competition is held every two years.


Organised by World Athletics, the World Athletics Half Marathon Championships is an elite road running competition. This event is held in some of the world’s most attractive locations, featuring both men’s and women’s races as well as team events. Its first iteration kicked off in 1992, and was held annually until 2010. Now, racers from all over the world can participate in this prestigious event every two years. 


Now that you’re familiar with some of the most significant athletics events, let’s put your knowledge to good use and dive into the different bets you can place at these events. Bear in mind that different sportsbooks may offer a different set of choices, but becoming a well-rounded punter is all about adapting to different terrain. If you pace yourself and start off slow, your competition will be left in the dust by the time you cross the finish line! 

One of the simplest athletics bets you’ll find is the moneyline stake. All it involves is betting on the winner of the race — easy to understand, simple to execute. This type of wager is generally recommended to beginner racers, but it is so entertaining that even the most experienced veterans dabble in this bet every now and then. 

Keeping things on the same wavelength, it is not unheard of for beginner punters to bet on qualifiers. Athletes go through numerous qualifying races before entering the main event, so a wager like this can serve as a good stepping stone for future races. A bet like this can also help build up your market knowledge, as it can give you an idea of which athletes to look out for. 

If you want to experience a whole new level of entertainment, some bookmakers offer odds on an athlete setting a new world record. World records are a huge deal to Olympians, and breaking one is sometimes even more impressive than earning a gold medal. The most coveted world record in athletics is that of 100m, currently held by Usain Bolt with 9.58 seconds and Florence Griffith-Joyner with 10.49 seconds. Since world records are not easy to break, a bet like this can be pretty risky, so be sure to keep that in mind. 

Along your athletics online betting journey, you may find sportsbooks that offer odds on an athlete getting disqualified. Although uncommon, disqualifications in athletics occur frequently enough for some bookmakers to offer them, but this bet is not recommended for beginners. 

If you’d rather keep to more widely known betting options, you could dabble in handicap betting, parlay bets and proposition wagers, although these bets are reserved for more experienced punters. 

Whether you take the safe route with easier bets or decide to really put your muscles to the test, be sure to have a good bankroll strategy in place. A bankroll strategy will ensure that your funds are safeguarded and handled effectively in the event that you don’t make it to the finish line.  


We’ve gone through athletics events, we’ve taken a look at some common wagers, now let’s get a couple of stretches in. 

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