Athletics is a broad category of sports that involve competitive running, jumping, throwing and walking. Athletics disciplines are traced back to the Ancient Olympic Games and are, to this day, some of the most spectacular events to follow during the Olympics. The most common and popular athletics competitions are track and field, road running, cross country and racewalking. Most athletes compete individually, but there are exceptions — such as relay races and cross country running. World Athletics is the international governing body, which also oversees mountain running and ultramarathons. The organisation sanctions and manages athletics competitions, like the World Athletics Championships, and works with the IOC to bring athletics to the Olympic Games every four years. Every event is all about exceptional agility and pushing the human physique to its limits, making athletics an extraordinary sport to watch and wager on. At LV BET, you can enjoy a diverse selection of athletics betting markets with podium-worthy odds!



In athletics, racing events are all about crossing the finish line first — finishing positions and time are the deciding factors in determining the results. In competitions involving jumping and throwing, the winner is the athlete who achieves the highest or furthest measurement from a series of attempts. Some of the most popular athletics events for betting are sprints, hurdling, long jumping, high jumping, pole vaulting, as well as javelin, discus and hammer throwing. The pentathlon, heptathlon and decathlon are also popular choices and comprise five, seven and 10 athletics events, respectively.

There are numerous national and international athletics competitions that you can bet on, the most significant of which are the World Athletics Championships and the Olympic Games. To bet on athletics, simply choose an event and browse through the available betting markets. Once you’ve made your choice, add the selections to your betslip, set your preferred wager and confirm. Your athletics betting options will generally focus on picking the winners, with an emphasis on podium places. You can also wager on which athletes will qualify, be disqualified or set a new record.


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