The anticipation of football fans around the world is through the roof. It’s been a long four years since the last FIFA World Cup was played, when France overcame Croatia 4-2 to clinch the prestigious trophy. The spotlight will now shift to the Middle East, specifically Qatar — where the upcoming FIFA World Cup will be played. Football and sports betting fans will be flocking online, where the World Cup will be followed ever so closely. LV BET is one of the best sports betting sites to do just that, so here’s what’s in store for you this November.



A total of 32 nations will be competing for the World Cup in November, but only a few of them will progress to the knockout stages. At the end of the knockout stages is the final — the ultimate platform of modern football, where two of the best nations in the world will battle to lift the grandiose World Cup trophy. What football betting markets can you expect this November? Sports betting punters can try bets such as tournament or match winner bets, correct score, over/under, handicaps, among many more. While we wait for the 2022 World Cup to kick off, how about getting accustomed to our betting markets by visiting the LV BET Sportsbook?


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FIFA World Cup

The 2022 FIFA World Cup cannot really escape the attention of the best live betting sites, and LV BET — being one such sportsbook site — is here to give you an early rundown of what you need to know about this spectacular tournament.

Never bet on the World Cup before? No problem. This is what you need to know to start World Cup 2022 betting!


A total of 32 nations will be competing for the uber-prestigious World Cup trophy, but how exactly are these teams chosen? In the years leading up to the World Cup, the qualifiers are played in order to determine just that.

This is far from a walk in the park, however, even for teams who always seem to book their spot in each edition of this tournament. In fact, many football powerhouses have fallen short in the qualifiers in the past, thus missing their ticket to compete in the World Cup. For example, four-time champion Italy failed to make it to the World Cup in 2018 following its playoff loss to Sweden. The nation has participated in every edition of the tournament since 1958!

What happens after the qualifiers? The qualified nations will be placed into four pots of eight teams depending on their geographical region. After that, a group format will be set, where teams from each pot will be randomly selected to make eight groups of four teams each.

The teams that reach first or second place in their respective groups will qualify for the Round of 16, and that’s when the knockout stages will begin. In the knockouts, only one team will make it to the next stage, so if 90 minutes cannot separate the two teams, 30 minutes of extra time will be played. If the game is still a tie, a penalty shootout will have to settle it. This format continues till the very end, when the two World Cup finalists will go head to head in search of continental victory.


If we want to identify the first international football match, we’ll have to rewind time back to 1872, when Scotland and England faced each other in what we can assume was a snoozefest — given that the match ended in a nil-nil draw.

It wasn’t until 1900 that international football was given a spotlight in the Olympics, although no medals were awarded for the athletes’ efforts. The foundation of FIFA in 1904 was what really catapulted football to the international stage.

It took some time to get the foundation of an international competition of football down, but the first FIFA World Cup was eventually held in Uruguay in 1930. The competition has seen some ups and downs over the years, especially during World War II, when almost all North and South American nations chose to boycott the World Cup owing to their travel concerns.

The nation with the most World Cup trophies in its cabinet is Brazil, which won the tournament five times, while Argentina and Italy both hold four titles each. The latest edition of the competition — the 2018 World Cup — was hosted in Russia and won by France after overcoming first-time finalists Croatia.


Seeing as the FIFA World Cup is played once every four years, the anticipation for the next edition truly goes through the roof in the year leading up to the grand event. It all goes down in November 2022, so mark your calendar if you really need to. We at LV BET will be right by your side to offer you the best online sports betting odds you could ever find.


If you were wondering where the next World Cup will be played, you’d be surprised to know that Qatar is the 2022 location! This Middle Eastern country has managed to beat bids from the United States, South Korea, Japan and Australia to host this ultimate tournament.

Qatar will be first-time participants, and they have therefore gone the distance to build large, state-of-the-art stadiums for spectators coming from around the globe. Television audiences won’t need to worry about the different time zones either, since the optimal kick-off times will be carefully chosen to accommodate as many viewers as possible.


Whether it will be one of the football giants or a surprise nation who clinches this ultimate trophy is anyone’s guess. Having said that, football fans are free to place their tournament winner bets based on the teams qualified so far.

As tends to happen in the World Cup, we’ll see many familiar faces that have been a frequent presence in most editions of this tournament. Reigning champions France will be looking to stave off other nations’ efforts at whisking the trophy from its clutches, while England will be looking to bury its EURO 2020 woes and see it through to another final.

This isn’t to mention the strong nations constantly on the prowl for their next piece of silverware, including Germany, Spain and Brazil. Some other teams that you should definitely keep an eye on are Belgium, Denmark and Argentina, since they all have the necessary talent to exceed expectations.


The fantastic thing about online betting on the World Cup is that there are many interesting markets available for punters to explore. Before doing so, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do some quick research about the participating countries.

Being knowledgeable about key player injuries, players’ recent run of form, players’ past performances with their national team and coaches’ success rate, among other factors, might help you place more informed bets.

In any case, if you’re new to online sports betting, you’ll definitely find this rundown of betting markets useful.

Correct Score — This bet will look to predict the exact result at the end of the match. For instance, England 1-1 Italy.

Handicap — This bet will give a non-existent advantage or disadvantage to one team and will then look to predict that the team will win nonetheless. The Handicap bet is best placed when one of the two teams is a big underdog.

Over/Under — This bet looks to predict that both teams will combine to score more goals than the total listed by the bookie. For instance, an Over 2.5 bet will aim to predict the outcome of the total goals scored in the match is three or over. It doesn’t matter if a single team does all the scoring.

Corners — This bet will look to predict the number of corners obtained. Teams with a strong attacking mentality tend to receive more corner kicks than their opponents.

Tournament Awards — Bets can be placed on which player will be the winner of any of the following awards.

The Golden Ball — Awarded to the best player of the tournament.
The Golden Glove — Awarded to the best goalkeeper of the tournament.
The Golden Boot — Awarded to the top goalscorer of the tournament.
The MVP of the Final Match – Awarded to the player who displayed the best performance in the World Cup final.
The FIFA Fair Play Trophy — Awarded to the team that played the most respectfully and fairly at the World Cup.

Tournament Winner — As expected, you’ll be able to place a bet on which team you think will clinch the World Cup. The odds of winning this bet will vary depending on the strength of the team, but punters betting on the underdogs might be rewarded the most if their team sees it out to the end. What was it like for punters who bet on Portugal winning the Euro in 2016 or Greece in 2004?


Only one thing is certain: November 2022 will hold more than enough action to go around when the World Cup comes knocking on your door! Being among the top live betting sites in the world, LV BET will be your number one source of betting markets and live betting options, so you surely know where to look when the action starts.

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