Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports are electronic games inspired by real sports, like football, horse racing and tennis. These virtual games are played entirely online, offering an entertaining blend of comprehensive betting markets and instantaneous results. A random number generator is used to draw from player statistics and determine each game’s outcome, after which all wins are paid, and a new game begins. At LV BET, punters will enjoy a variety of virtual sports betting markets with competitive odds and round-the-clock action. Make your selections and watch the game unfold!


How To Bet On Virtual Sports

Betting on virtual sports shares similarities with traditional sports betting; however, all outcomes are fully randomised, and any external factors, like weather or player motivation, are accounted for through RNG. Each virtual event lasts a few minutes, often allowing punters to skip the cinematics and resume betting on a new event. Sportsbooks typically run virtual football and tennis, as well as horse and greyhound racing, but the sports and betting markets on offer may vary. To bet on the most popular virtual events, head to LV BET’s Sportsbook and view ongoing games. Make your pick, browse through the open markets and fill your betslip as you see fit.

Bet On Virtual Sports With LV BET

Use the off-season downtime to enjoy your favourite sports through virtual sports betting! At LV BET, punters can wager on Virtual Racing, Virtual Football, Virtual Tennis, Instant Racing and Instant Football. Virtual Racing also covers greyhound racing, motocross, cycling and chariot racing. Virtual games offer a wider selection of betting markets, while Instant games are all about lightning-fast results. Watch the action play out in real-time, or skip the animations and try your luck on another event! Keep in mind that all outcomes in virtual sports are unpredictable; manage your bankroll well and always gamble responsibly.

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Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports Betting

From what started as old-school 8-bit games to sporting almost lifelike graphics, virtual sports have been on the rise since the ‘90s. Some go as far as to say that virtual sports are the future of sports betting, but we’re not here to ponder about what might be. 

Instead, we’re here to take you through a whole new world of online betting. Football matches and basketball tournaments are filled with action-packed moments that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. But have you ever considered what it would be like to take things virtual? 

Virtual Sports Origins

Before getting into virtual sports online betting, let’s go back to where it all began, when two totally separate industries collided. 

Sports betting has been around for hundreds of years. But, it only started to morph into the industry we all know today when high street bookmakers and placing bets in betting shops became the new norm back in the ‘60s.

On the flip side, the first seeds of the evolution of computers were being sewn in the 1970s. While the use of computers was more practical at first, it wasn’t long before computers were used as a leisurely pastime. Simple bat and ball games were developed using block graphics that sparked global interest. But, this leisurely use of computers only became mainstream once the arcade classic Space Invaders hit the screens.

With innovation on the rise and the development of the Internet, more and more people began using computers in many different ways. The Internet boomed, and the growing number of businesses and companies forming part of the online world grew by the day. As we’re sure you can guess, it did not take long for betting companies to realise online betting was the way forward.

At the same time, video games also hopped on to the online bandwagon, with simulation games like FIFA and NBA Basketball becoming major hits — which, of course, intrigued the betting industry. The interactivity of games like these was combined with simple betting systems that could be controlled within the game itself, and boom — the virtual sports betting world was born. We assume we don’t have to tell you what happened next.

Virtual Sports Games

Now that we gave you a bit of a backstory, let’s get into what kind of games you can actually bet on. The beauty of virtual sports is that they offer a sports betting experience that’s incredibly close to the real deal, but the games and races are much shorter than their real-life counterparts. So, virtual sports betting is much more fast-paced than typical sports betting. 

Different sportsbooks may offer a different range of games, so it is good to become familiar with what games are out there. It’ll help kick off your journey on the right foot! Let’s take a look.

Virtual Football

Virtual football is probably the most popular betting market in virtual sports. It combines extensive betting options with 3D graphics and offers several competition formats, all of which are based on actual tournaments. Players can check out the virtual World Cup, the Euro Cup and many more renowned championships. While the outcomes of these matches are decided by algorithms, you can rest assured that an excellent betting experience is guaranteed. 

Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual horse racing is another widely loved sport. Like other virtual sports, it features computer-generated outcomes with graphics and sounds that make the races as lifelike as possible. All it takes is betting on one or more horses out of the six to eight that are racing on the track. So, if you want to try a sport that’s a little more fast-paced, virtual horse racing is an excellent choice. Though, be sure to read up on the horses and riders or else you’ll go in blind!

Virtual Tennis

If sliding tackles and whinnying horses are not quite your style, virtual tennis might be worth a try. The cheering virtual crowd and skidding screeches of tennis shoes will immerse you right in that court. 

There’s way more than these came from too! Virtual sports is an ever-growing market and only adds to its long list of virtual sports options. Take a crack at virtual 3×3 basketball, virtual MMA, motorbike racing and other virtual sports!

Virtual Sports Betting Options

There aren’t many differences between betting on virtual sports and actual tournaments. So, many of the betting options you’ll see on real matches are also offered for virtual ones. Don’t worry if you’re not too familiar with betting in general, that’s what we’re here for. 

The ever-popular moneyline bet makes a frequent appearance. It is an excellent choice for players who want to start their virtual sports betting journey off slow and get a feel of the virtual world. Like the moneyline, future bets are also pretty common if you want to kick things up a notch by betting on a whole tournament. 

While these bets are very broad, players may find betting options specific to the sport itself. For instance, football and basketball matches may offer half-time score bets. 

To amp things up, players might want to dabble in a few totals bets and parlays, but we generally recommend these wagers to more experienced players. Remember, the more specific the bet is, the harder it will be to hit. This may imply a greater payout, but it is up to the player to weigh the odds and determine whether the bet is worth placing. 

All this aside, no matter where you are in your sports betting journey, it is always important to have a good bankroll management strategy in place — especially if you are getting into a sport you have never played before. A bankroll management strategy will help you bet within your limits and safeguard your funds if things are getting too risky. Virtual sports are very intriguing, but you are putting real money on the line. That being said, if you ever need some additional assistance, you can access our Responsible Gaming tools at any time. 

Virtual Sports Betting at LV BET

Our LV BET Sportsbook has all the makings of a fantastic Sportsbook experience. So, what better place to try out the virtual side of sports betting than here? 

We’ll set you up with everything you need to get started while benefiting from an extensive selection of markets and unmatched virtual sports odds. And, as you take a couple of swings at the hottest virtual tournaments around, we might throw in a few Sportsbook bonuses too! 

If you want to take a break from metaphysical betting, you can explore the rest of our Sportsbook. It’ll take more than a couple of scrolls to see all the different sports matches in our arsenal. Enjoy slam dunks from your favourite NBA players, soak in the sun with beach volleyball games or get an exclusive look into the best knockouts of MMA fights. 

But how can you keep up? With our mobile app, of course! Download our Sportsbook mobile app, where you can find awesome events and competitions organised and ready to go. Benefit from prematch betting and Live Match Tracking too. Get off the bench and kick-start this awesome virtual sports betting adventure!