The Bundesliga is the top association football league in German football. Unlike many of the other top leagues in Europe, the Bundesliga comprises only 18 teams - as it operates on a promotion and relegation system with most games played on the weekends. As the most popular sport in Germany, Bundesliga football is watched by scores of fans who fill out some of the largest stadiums on the continent to watch their teams play. The Bundesliga is filled with proud football teams who harbour intense rivalries against each other, making the German top league one of the most exciting places in the world to watch elite football.


Bundesliga - Germany’s biggest club competition

Originally founded in 1963, the German Bundesliga remains as strong as ever, highly regarded as one of Europe’s biggest and best leagues. Throughout a gruelling 10-month season, Bundesliga teams compete in home and away matches to secure a top spot on the table. At the end of the campaign, the team with the most points is crowned champion and given the coveted Bundesliga Meisterschale (championship shield).

Success in the Bundesliga is a lifelong ambition for any German football player and fan. Currently, Bayern Munich hold the most Bundesliga titles, having won the competition a staggering 29 times. Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Mönchengladbach both come in second with five titles each, while Werder Bremen hold the third-place spot with four titles.

Currently, teams in the German Bundesliga are filled with global football superstars, including Robert Lewandowski who has over 270 goals in the competition, and Marco Reus who was instrumental in Germany’s 2014 World Cup win. With plenty of up-and-coming talent surfacing in the league, the likes of Erling Haaland, Serge Gnabry and Jadon Sancho, promise to keep the Bundesliga’s name synonymous with thrilling football.


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Bundesliga Betting

The Bundesliga has become an integral element of Germany’s sporting culture over the last 50 years. Having been founded in the early ’60s with the idea of boosting Germany’s presence in the football world, the Bundesliga has evolved into an elite football league and is considered one of the biggest tournaments in the world. And with such a gripping championship, you’ll need an epic sportsbook experience to match it. Kick-off your Bundesliga betting journey at LV BET and enjoy unmatched odds and extensive markets. Get an insider scoop on all things Bundesliga and bag a few Sportsbook bonuses while you’re at it!

About Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is a professional German football league and Germany’s primary football competition. The season runs from August to May, in which 18 teams go head to head for a chance to win the Bundesliga championship title. Bundesliga champions also qualify for the DFL-Supercup.

History of Bundesliga

The Bundesliga was formed when the DFB held a meeting in July 1962 regarding the league’s introduction. The Bundesliga then began about a year later, in August 1963. The Bundesliga was introduced because there were concerns that international football in Germany was falling behind after obtaining a disappointing result in the FIFA World Cup in Chile. Many players had also begun to move abroad to Italy to get paid a higher salary. Since forming the Bundesliga, German football has experienced great success with two World Cup victories, three European Championships, and 17 European club competition wins under their belt. The Bundesliga has also produced Europe’s ‘Footballer of the Year’ nine times.

This impressive league had an average attendance of almost 20,000 people in the 1989/90 season. But with so many World Cup triumphs and league championship wins, the league has grown from there.

Bundesliga Matches

If you still haven’t yet grasped Bundesliga online betting, an excellent way to start is by checking out a few matches to get a feel of the tournament. Bundesliga does not fall short on heart-pounding football moments so you’ll find many opportunities to get your betting on. Take a look Bundesliga’s biggest derbies:

  • Der Klassiker — The Der Klassiker derby is a match between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, two of the most successful teams in German football. The teams have won many Bundesliga titles combined. They fought for the Bundesliga title in the early 2010s and took their rivalry to the 2013 UEFA Champions League final.
  • Revierderby — The Revierderby is a football match between two clubs with one of the fiercest rivalries in the football world, Borussia Dortmund and Schalke. Being located so close together in the Ruhr region  helps to fire up this rivalry, especially with such strong-hearted football fans.
  • Bavarian Derby — The Bavarian derby is a relatively new fixture between Bayern and Augsburg. Its first match was held in 2011 following Augsburg’s promotion to the Bundesliga. While this team may not match Bayern’s history of success, this match adds a little bit of spice to Bavaria.

Bundesliga Star Players

The Bundesliga history books are packed with legendary players. But there are a few that have truly risen above the rest, be it in skill, appearance or just downright star quality.

  • Lothar Matthäus — Lothar Herbert Matthäus is a former football player, now football manager. He was the first player to be named FIFA World Player of the Year in 1991 and remains the only German player to have received that award. Until 2018, Matthäus held the record for most appearances in the FIFA World Cup, having played in more matches than any other outfield player in men’s football. Rafael Márquez now matched his record.
  • Wynton Rufer — Wynton Rufer was a former striker who spent more than a decade of his professional career in Switzerland and Germany. His greatest success was when he won four major titles and finished as top scorer in the UEFA Champions League in the 1993/94 season when he played for Werder Bremen.
  • Steven Cherundolo — This legend was a former captain of Hannover 96 of the Bundesliga. He is now a head American soccer coach of the USL Championship. During his professional football club career, Cherundolo was Bundesliga’s record US appearance holder with 300 appearances.
  • Bum-Kun Cha — Bum-Kun Cha has earned the title of record Asian goalscorer in Bundesliga history. His 308 appearances and almost 100 goals have firmly planted him as one of both Asia and the Bundesliga’s all-time legends and will forever be etched in the history books.
  • Jörg Albertz — Jörg Albertz is best known for his rocket left foot which helped earn him the intimidating nickname ‘The Hammer’ back in his Bundesliga days playing as a midfielder. Albertz is now running a football school.

The German Cup

Also referred to as the DFB-Pokal, the German Cup is a German knockout football club tournament held annually by the DFB (German Football Association). This competition features 64 teams, including all clubs from the Bundesliga and is considered the second-most important German club title, after the Bundesliga. The season runs from August till May, with the winners qualifying for the DFL-Supercup. It is possible to move onto the UEFA Europa League as well unless the winners have already qualified for the UEFA Champions League in the Bundesliga.

Bundesliga Betting Options

If you’re looking to become a champion player, becoming familiar with your betting options is the next step. Different sportsbooks offer a different set of choices, so knowing what bets you can place is a crucial element of your online betting journey. While you may not always encounter the same wagers, you’ll find that many Bundesliga bets are similar to those in volleyball, basketball or boxing tournaments.

To start off, the moneyline/match winner bet is a good way to get the betting ball rolling. It is very easy to place while also offering a valuable payout out of entertainment alone. It does not require much knowledge either, so it’s a win-win. You might find sportsbooks that offer a half-time score bet which is even easier than the match winner and still just as exciting. The totals bet is also pretty common among sportsbooks, but it is definitely at a higher level of risk than the match winner. If you really want to kick things up a notch, you can also dabble in future bets, handicaps or first goalscorer wagers or combine a few with a parlay bet.

One thing to keep in mind when transitioning to more complex wagers is that knowledge is key. The more research you do, the better your predictions will be. So, it may be helpful to gather some info on the participating teams, individual players and even the whole tournament itself. This will help you make more of an educated guess at the end of the day, but it won’t guarantee a win.

The Bundesliga will have you go through a rollercoaster of emotions, especially with all the gripping matches it sets up. With that said, it is important to make sure that you have a good bankroll management strategy in place. It is easy to get lost in all the fun and commotion, so being in control of your spending will help you safeguard your funds. If you need some additional help, do not hesitate to utilise our Responsible Gambling tools.

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