The Premier League is the place where the best English teams battle it out year after year to secure one of the most coveted titles in club football. Hailed as the greatest domestic footballing league in the world, Premier League viewers watch some of the best talents from all over the world flock to England to compete at the highest level of the sport.



Operating in a system of promotion and relegation, the Premier League comprises 20 English teams collecting points over a season in both home and away fixtures. Unlike many other leagues in the world, the Premier League rarely has a single dominant side. It’s notoriously difficult to retain the English league, the trophy frequently switches hands between some of the most expensive squads ever assembled on the planet.

Players who have gone on to claim the Premier League title have had their names echoed throughout the globe as they become superstars in and out of the world of sport. To date the most successful Premier League sides are Manchester United, who have won the competition 20 times, Liverpool who come up in second place with 19 titles and Arsenal who have finished above their rivals 13 times.


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Premier League

Premier League Betting

The Premier League is a high octane competition that has become the most watched football league in the world. If you’re looking for some jaw-dropping football matches, the Premier League is the competition to bet on. And where might one bet on such an impressive league? LV BET, of course! Join us as we break down all there is to know about Premier League online betting so that you won’t be stuck watching from the sidelines. You might even score a few Sportsbook bonuses if you’re lucky.

About Premier League

The Premier League is the top tier English football league, contested by 20 clubs. As the top level of the English football pyramid, it sits above the English Football League (EFL). Each team plays 38 fixtures, half at home and half away, between August and May. Being one of the most watched sports leagues in the world, the Premier League boasted an average match attendance of 38,000 people for the 2018-2019 season while being broadcast to billions of people across the globe.

History of Premier League

To give you a little bit of a back story, in the early ’90s, English First Division clubs believed that football needed radical restructuring for them and the game to flourish. So, the Founder Members Agreement was signed in July 1991 and established the basic principles which set up the Premier League.

This agreement dictated that the league would be free to organise its own broadcast and sponsorship agreement, making it independent from the Football League and the FA. Less than a year later, in February 1992, 22 First Division clubs resigned from the Football League and the Premier League was established merely three months later.

The 22 members of the new Premier League included Arsenal, Chelsea, Aston Villa, Manchester United, Manchester City, Norwich City, Leeds United, etc. Six clubs have been ever-present in the Premier League, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

Premier League Matches

While the Premier League offers excellent entertainment, there are a few specific matches you should keep an eye out for. These specific matches include some of the league’s biggest and most successful clubs, and many fans flock to watch them. These games will keep you on the edge of your seat and so offer many opportunities to get in on some betting action:

  • Liverpool – Manchester United — , Liverpool and Manchester United are two of the most successful clubs in the Premier League and have been competing for supremacy for many years in this fiercely competitive north-west derby. Thus far, Manchester United has dominated the field, but of late, Liverpool have done their best to catch up.
  • Arsenal – Chelsea — One of many  London derbies,  it’s always a spicy affair when Arsenal and Chelsea go head to head. This derby was considered especially important during Chelsea’s ascension to the top of the Premier League in the early 2000’s.
  • Manchester United – Manchester City — Also known as the Manchester derby, the football matches between Manchester United and Manchester City have been contested since 1881. This derby has grown considerably in popularity, especially with the clubs being among the most successful clubs in England.
  • Liverpool – Everton — The Liverpool-Everton football match is also referred to as the Merseyside derby. It was also known as the ‘friendly derby’ due to the large number of families in the city with supporters of both clubs, so much so that for a time fans weren’t even segregated.. However, the rivalry has intensified since the 1980’s season.
  • Liverpool – Manchester City — The rivalry between these two clubs has been considered one of the biggest rivalries in professional football in recent years. The rivalry is a modern one, beginning in the 2010s when Liverpool lost the 2013-2014 title to Manchester City by just two points.

Premier League Star Players

Many great players have come and gone in the history of the Premier League, but there have been a few that truly stood out above the rest.

  • Alan Shearer — Shearer is one of the greatest players in Premier League history, being the top-scoring player to date. In his 14 seasons, he scored a total of 260 goals, Wayne Rooney is next with 208. Despite the plethora of world class strikers to ply their trade in the league, no player has been able to break Shearer’s record, with Harry Kane offering the best chance from current players.
  • Gareth Barry — Barry played 653 games, most of which for Aston Villa, which is the most appearances any player has ever made in the Premier League with only two other players crossing the 600 mark.
  • Petr Cech — Considered one of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of the Premier League, Petr Cech is the only keeper to have over 200 clean sheets.
  • Steven Gerrard — The talismanic captain of Liverpool, alongside Alan Shearer, Steven Gerrard is perhaps the greatest player to have never won the title. He played 504 Premier League games for his hometown club.
  • Sir Alex Ferguson — Not a player, Sir Alex Ferguson was the legendary manager of Manchester United between 1986 and 2013. In 2000, he was elected coach of the decade, and this was no surprise. Ferguson won the Championship of England 13 times, the FA Cup five times and the Champions League twice.

Premier League Betting Options

Now that you have an idea of what the Premier League is all about, let’s go through your betting options. Knowing what bets you can place is a crucial element of becoming a champion punter. You won’t find the same set of choices across all sportsbooks, but if you’re familiar with basketball, volleyball or rugby wagers, then you should have no trouble picking up your Premier League bets.

Betting on the winner of a specific match with the moneyline bet is a good starting point for newbies. It’s easy, fun and does not require much market knowledge. If you want to amp it up, future bets are very similar except that you would be betting on the winner of the whole league, hence why it is called a ‘future’ bet. Some sportsbooks may offer the half-time score betting option, which is even easier than the moneyline. Remember, just because these are ‘easy’ bets doesn’t mean they don’t offer a great level of excitement. The totals bet is also very common for sportsbooks. Kick things up a notch by combining a few betting options with the parlay bet — a wager where you can combine other bets in the hopes of earning a massive payout.

When it comes to sports betting, knowledge is key. The more knowledge you have on the individual matches, players and the league itself, the better you will make informed betting decisions. You will also be able to get into more complex bets like first scorer bets, handicaps and so on. So, doing a little bit of research can go a long way; just bear in mind that this would still not guarantee a win, although you can make more of an educated guess.

With the Premier League being one of the most watched tournaments in the sports world, it’s safe to say that this tournament does not fall short of gripping matches. That being said, it is essential to set up good bankroll management and make sure you’re betting within your limits as it is easy to get lost in all the Premier League fun. Do not hesitate to utilise a few of our Responsible Gambling tools for some additional help.

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