Darts, or dart-throwing, is a competitive sport that involves throwing darts at a round target, known as a dartboard. The sport has been around for centuries, but modern-day darts first surfaced when Brian Gamlin, a carpenter from Lancashire, invented the dartboard numbering system in 1896. Darts is a game of precision; at the highest level of competition, players must show exceptional control, speed and finesse. At LV BET, you can benefit from competitive darts betting odds on the biggest darts competitions of the year. Let’s take a quick look at the sport and get you up and running with the best darts odds on the market.



Most professional darts matches are 501, one of the simplest countdown games. In darts 501, players start with 501 points and take turns throwing three darts. A competition comprises several games, called legs, and points scored are deducted from the starting score of 501.

Points can be scored by hitting specific areas on the dartboard. In darts 501, a bullseye is worth 50 points, and the outer bull is 25. The double and treble rings will double and triple the score, respectively. Unlike archery and other target sports, the point distribution on the dartboard doesn’t follow the principle of increasing towards the centre; instead, the points are distributed all across the board in specific segments, the most valuable of which is the treble ring through which players can score up to 60 points. The first player to reach an exact score of zero wins, and the last dart must land in a double or the bullseye. If a player reduces the score to one or goes in the negative, the player’s turn ends and the score resets to what it was at the start of the turn.

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While it seems like a simple game, darts is far more than throwing a couple of darts at a dartboard, hoping to hit the bullseye. A lot of skill and practice goes into the game, especially if you want to compete at higher levels. 

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Are you ready to begin? Great! Get your arrows at the ready and step up to the oche.


Before we get down to it, let’s warm up with a bit of history to help paint the picture a little clearer. Having a bit of knowledge of the sport can go a long way when you place your darts bets. 

While darts, as we know it today, was invented in 1896, the game itself is over 700 years old, dating back to medieval times in the 1300s. For the first few decades of the 14th century, darts began as a leisurely pastime for the English military. The story goes that bored soldiers used to idle away the hours between battles and compete by throwing sharp objects at the bottoms of upturned wine casks. Wine casks soon became tree trunks, and the game progressively evolved from there. 

Darts’ ancestor transformed over hundreds of years as its popularity swept over the British Isles. The game became so popular that, in the 19th century, even English nobility picked up a few arrowheads. Though at this point, the game of darts was yet to be organised and consolidated as various scoring systems were used, and no standard rule set had been developed. That is until 1896, when a carpenter from Lancashire, Brian Gamlin, invented the iconic number system we all know today.  

The development of the number system had a significant impact on the game of darts as it was one of the many stepping stones that led darts to become recognised as a competitive sport. The National Darts Association was later formed in 1924, and by 1930, the game was widely played in pubs and breweries across England and Wales. The World Darts Championship saw almost 300 participants by 1939, and the game only went up from there.  

The late ‘90s saw the formation of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), which boasts 70 member countries today. Darts’ most prestigious tournaments are now broadcast worldwide and are very popular within the sports betting world. 


Now that you have a solid foundation on how darts came to be, we can get on with the basics of darts betting. Step one: the events. The first thing you need to do is become familiar with the season’s competitions. After all, how can you begin betting without knowing which events to bet on? 

Darts is packed with hot tournaments, but here are a few of the biggest darts events you can get started with.


The World Series of Darts was established in 2013 with the goal of making darts a popular sport played worldwide. This was a success, in fact, as the sport’s popularity has grown considerably in areas where the tour has taken place, namely in places like Australia, Japan and China. 

The World Series of Darts comprises a series of different tournaments, ranging anywhere between two and seven events where a mixture of top-ranked PDC players take on local qualifiers in a knockout format.


The PDC World Darts Championship is a top-level, annual darts tournament held by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). It is one of the most prestigious competitions in the darts realm. A total of 96 players compete in a straight knockout tournament that stretches over December and ends on New Year’s Day. The event is held at Alexandra Palace in London, with participants competing for the Sid Waddell Trophy over seven rounds. 


The PDC Premier League was first launched in 2005 and originally featured seven players, but now sees 10 of the biggest names in the PDC circuit. The tournament runs for 16 weeks from February to May, during which players compete in a double round-robin format. The Premier League is one of darts’ non-ranked events, but, despite this, it is also one of the biggest competitions on the darts calendar. 


The UK Open is a multistage competition that has been held every year since 2003. A total of 166 players compete in eight events, with the top 32 PDC players entering the fourth round. Because of its unique format, the UK Open is often considered one of the most challenging PDC tournaments to win. While it was previously held at other venues, the UK Open has been held at the Butlins resort in Minehead since 2014. 


Although different sportsbooks offer a different range of betting options, familiarising yourself with some of the most common types of bets is a good way to get prepped for some darts betting. 

One of the very first wagers you’ll come across is the match winner bet, which is probably one of the most straightforward bets you can place. The match winner is a great way to warm up before diving into more complex wagers, as all it involves is predicting the winner of a match. Though don’t let its simplicity fool you — while the bet may not require much market knowledge, the match winner is still super entertaining, so you can’t really go wrong with it! 

From there, you can move on to over/under bets, prop bets, parlays and futures, like tournament winner wagers, to help take things to the next level. Just bear in mind that the more complex the wager is, the trickier it is to call, increasing the level of risk involved. 

Along your online sports betting journey, you’ll find that these betting options are fairly common across multiple different sports, but you may find a few wagers exclusive to darts. These may include bets like the most 180’s bet, the nine-dart finish and the highest checkout. 

While these wagers can be super entertaining, it is important to be mindful about how much you’re betting. Darts events are scorching hot, and we wouldn’t want you to get burned! Having a good bankroll strategy is a great way to keep your betting in check while safeguarding your funds — which is essential in online sports betting. Our LV BET Sportsbooks offers a number of Responsible Gaming tools that you can take advantage of, should you ever need additional assistance. 


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