VALORANT is a team-based first-person hero shooter published in 2020 by Riot Games, the powerhouse behind another successful esports title — League of Legends. Heavily inspired by tactical shooters like Counter-Strike, Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege, VALORANT is fast paced, intense and hyper competitive. The VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) begins with qualifying tournaments in January, and the competitive season ends with the Champions stage in September. Game Changers, a top-tier competition for women, takes place in tandem with VCT, concluding with the International Game Changers Championship in November. If you want to learn more about VALORANT betting and benefit from top VALORANT odds — we’ve got you covered. Keep tabs on our Sportblog for the latest match previews, betting tips, guides and more!



Compared to other esports on the scene, VALORANT is a newcomer still in its malleable stage. As the competitive season shapes into its final form, take the time to brush up on the basics before you dive into VALORANT betting.

In VALORANT, two teams of five Agents alternate between offensive and defensive rounds in first-to-13 sets. Unlike CS:GO, the playable Agents in VALORANT have unique abilities and skills to perform specific roles during combat, categorised into Duelists, Sentinels, Initiators and Controllers. When attacking, a team must pass the enemy’s defences and successfully plant the Spike (an explosive charge) in one of the designated sites. When defending, the objective is to stop the attackers at all cost. 

The game is all about precision, speed and awareness, making VALORANT an excellent choice for esports betting. You can wager on the tournament winner outright, Map Winner, Total Rounds, Rounds Handicap and a variety of unique proposition bets.


At LV BET, you can back your favourite VALORANT teams in the most action-packed tournaments of the year, including the VALORANT Champions Tour. Head to our Sportsbook to benefit from competitive VALORANT betting odds and discover what esports betting is all about through our Sportblog. We’ll keep you in the know with in-depth match previews, betting tips and game guides!

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Up there, contending with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and League of Legends (LoL) at the pinnacle of esports betting, is VALORANT. This Riot Games production has dominated headlines ever since its official release in June of 2020, and with good reason. VALORANT’s jam-packed action and skill-dependent nature is helping it become a hub for extremely skilled players. And where skilled players congregate, betting options are born. 

In this post, we’ll explore all the VALORANT online betting options that you should know about, but first, we’ll have a look at what this first-person shooter really entails. Before placing any bets on VALORANT, you’ll want to read this!


After impressing the world of online gaming with LoL, Riot Games released VALORANT in mid-2020. This first-person shooter (FPS) is set in the future, where players battle each other to complete the game’s objectives. Players have 18 different characters to choose from — referred to as agents. Each agent has a unique set of abilities that can contribute to its team in different ways. Once they’ve chosen their agent, players are free to jump into any game mode they fancy.

Game rounds feature two teams — attackers and defenders — with five players on each team. The round will begin once players choose from the game’s wide assortment of weapons. The game’s objective depends on the game mode chosen. It may range from planting the spike or diffusing it to simply taking out the opponent as many times as possible. There are multiple game modes in VALORANT, each with its own twists and turns that make for some very interesting gameplay.

If you’re no stranger to FPS games, you will notice that VALORANT’s concept resembles that of CS:GO and Overwatch. In fact, Riot Games wanted VALORANT’s esports dimension to emulate the success of two such games, and therefore, the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) was announced in November of 2020.


The creation of VALORANT tournaments continued to set the stage for its next chapter: esports. If there aren’t any VALORANT events planned at the moment, don’t worry! In the meantime, let’s discuss the tournaments that have happened so far. Having a look at what VALORANT events were hosted in the past will shed some light on what betting markets you can expect to find in the future.

First Strike was the first official tournament hosted by Riot Games. It was launched in many regions around the world, including North America and Europe, and its prize pools reached up to $100,000. Following the success of First Strike, the aforementioned VCT was announced at the end of 2020, alerting the radars of some of the best VALORANT players in the world.

VCT featured three stages, where each stage consisted of three different events. Yes, players vying for the first prize had quite a mountain to climb, but it was worth the battle! Each stage had different prize pools, ranging from $150,000 in the first stage to $700,000 in the final one. After witnessing such incredible traction, Riot Games decided to announce a new, albeit small, tournament called VCT Game Changers sometime later.


Before looking to bet on VALORANT, you’ll want to learn some handy tips that, albeit not guaranteeing to bolster your chances of winning, will really help you understand the markets better.


If you’ve got the means and the time to play VALORANT yourself, we’d really recommend it. Playing the game will give you first-hand experience of the different agents, their abilities, the game rounds, as well as the different types of weapons. Watching player streams is another good option, since you’ll be able to passively absorb the game’s knowledge without the trouble of playing it. You can watch some popular VALORANT streams on Twitch or YouTube.

How will any of this translate into betting knowledge? Well, would it be easier for you to bet on an ancient Tibetan card game or on a game of your favourite sport? Not many punters would want to bet on something they have no knowledge about!


Once you’ve understood the game well and identified a legitimate online casino, all that’s left is to bet, right? Well, before doing that, you really need to understand what you’re betting on. You’ll find that placing bets willy-nilly might not work for very long, if at all. LV BET’s Sportsbook is the perfect playground for new punters since the betting odds, as well as your betslip, are very clearly displayed.

But how can you really understand the different VALORANT bets if your favourite sports betting blog doesn’t help you out? Say no more.


Although there are quite a few VALORANT bets that you should know about, the list isn’t endless. This is good news, since it means that you don’t have too many bets to learn about. Also, if you’re familiar with esports betting, you’ll surely have seen some of these bets before.


Which agents will the players choose? That practically sums up the basis of this bet, although some betting sites might get creative and offer a bet on which agent will plant the spike or diffuse it. Seeing as this outcome is instantaneous, such wagers are offered during the live betting phase at the very beginning of a match.


This bet relates to the outcome that the attackers manage to successfully plant and detonate the spike. The more you know about the attacking side, the more informed bet you could place.


If you’re a punter who enjoys a good hit-or-miss bet, this might be the one for you. For this bet, you’ll be looking to predict which of the two sides will bring down an opponent first.


As its name suggests, this bet aims to predict which side will become the winner of the map. Here’s where knowledge about the game might be the difference between winning and losing a bet. If you know that a particular VALORANT esports team is great at a particular map, you might want to bet on it.


This is one of the simplest bets you could place, and it is available for other esports games too. The Match Winner bet looks to predict which team will win the match.


Whether it is a tournament or a challenge, you’ll need a lot of patience for this bet. This wager looks to predict who will become the winner of the event that is being played. This means that this bet will take quite a long time to get settled — possibly months on end.


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