Australian Football

Australian football, also called Aussie rules or footy, is a contact team sport that combines elements of rugby and football. Next to cricket, Aussie rules is Australia’s most important and popular sport, with events like the AFL International Cup and the AFL Grand Final drawing in thousands of live spectators and millions of viewers at home. At LV BET, you can benefit from competitive Australian football odds on a variety of betting markets for the biggest and most explosive matches of the year. Before you place your first Australian football bets, let’s take a quick look at what the sport is all about.



To bet on Australian football, you’ll need to have a solid grasp of the basics. Like American football, Aussie rules is in the same family of sports that evolved from earlier codes of rugby in the 19th century. Although similar to American football and rugby, Australian football uses different rules, team composition, field and scoring system. Australian football is played on an oval field measuring 130-185 metres in length and 110-155 metres in width, making it the largest playing ground of the three sports. An Aussie rules match is divided into 20-minute quarters, has 18 players on the field and allows three substitutions. Players can position themselves anywhere on the field, and there are specific rules for passing, tackling and manoeuvring the ball.

The ball in Aussie rules closely resembles an oval rugby ball, but is smaller and slightly more elongated. The team scores by kicking the ball through the four goal posts: a ball kicked through the outer posts is a ‘behind’, worth one point, and a kick through the inner posts is a ‘goal’, worth six points. The game’s pace is generally fast, featuring frequent scoring, physical contests and extraordinary marking, making Australian football betting that much more entertaining. The sport is governed by the Australian Football League (AFL), which also organises the most significant Aussie rules championship — the AFL Grand Final.

To get started on Aussie rules betting, simply select the match you wish to wager on and make your selections. You will have multiple markets to choose from, such as Match Winner, Points Handicap, Quarter Winner, Over/Under Total Points and Total Goals. When you’ve made your choice, add the selections to your betslip, set your preferred wager and confirm the bet.


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Australian Football