Table tennis - also known as ping-pong in Asia - is a game played at blistering speed, where dexterity, reflexes and pin-point precision are tested during every second of the match. Tuning in to table tennis games might be challenging as a newcomer, since the ball travels at such lightning-quick speed that it’s barely visible while it travels. At the LV BET Sportblog, you'll be able to immerse yourself in the world of professional table tennis through guides, news and other interesting information about the sport.



Grasping the rules of table tennis is extremely important before trying any wagers. Luckily, the rules are quite simple. There must be at least two players, with one on each side of the table. However, the World Table Tennis Championships feature men’s and women’s doubles, meaning that the matches are played with a total of four players. They each get two serves and their goal is to score the game maximum of 11 points. If the game ties at 10-10, one of the players must win two points to win the match. Matches in table tennis are determined by a best of five or best of seven criteria, which means that the first player to win three or four games will be declared the match-winner.


Betting on table tennis through LV BET is quite straightforward. You must first select the event you wish to bet on, explore all of the possible outcomes, do your research and simply place your wager on the betslip to your right. Your betslip will contain all the details about your bet including the odds and your stake, while the outcome will be updated when the bet is settled. At LV BET, you may find many table tennis  tournaments to bet on, including the European Table Tennis Championships, the North American Table Tennis Championships and the Asian Table Tennis Championships, among others. We suggest tuning in to your selected match live for a chance to benefit from unique in-play betting markets. You’ll find more nuggets of wisdom on our LV BET Sportblog!

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Table Tennis