With its popularity on the rise, hockey continues to climb up the ranks of the most popular sports on the globe. As new fans flock to support their favourite teams, countries in every corner of the world have begun to outfit their cities with state-of-the-art hockey facilities to help satisfy this new wave of popularity. The sport itself is played between two teams of six players each. As the sides line up against each other, players attempt to manoeuvre a ball or a puck into their opponent’s goal in order to score a point. The team at the end of the 60-minute game with the most points is then deemed the winner of the match.



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Hockey Betting

Celly with LV BET as you enjoy some epic hockey events that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat! Get a fieldside look into all things hockey as you hit up our Sportsbook for some heart-pounding action. There is no need to sit around like a duster waiting for the excitement to come to you; at LV BET, you can benefit from extensive betting markets, the hottest events, and the best hockey odds! Become a hockey genius and learn all there is to know about hockey betting.

Hockey Origins

Hockey is a massive, worldwide sport that has branched out into several different forms, including field hockey, ice hockey, roller hockey and indoor hockey.

Hockey’s earliest records originate from old civilisations in China, Persia and Egypt, with stick-and-ball games popular about 4,000 years ago. There is also evidence of an old version of hockey being played by the Romans, Greeks and the Aztecs centuries before Columbus arrived. The game has adopted specific characteristics as time has passed, many of which are still prevalent today.

Modern hockey emerged in England in the 18th century. At the time, the game was fiercely competitive and quite chaotic as many of the rules we are familiar with today were not yet established. With nearly 100 players on a team, villages would compete against their neighbours in tournaments that would go on for half a month. Since no proper rules were in place, and teams played with enormous numbers, it is unsurprising that many players ended up injured.

The game was eventually reduced to 30 players per team as the rules were revised and the Eton College of England drafted new rules. This led to the formation of the Hockey Association in 1875 who drafted further rules to bring some control to the game.

The early 1800s saw the creation of the first hockey stick, which was made of food with a flat blade. The classic banana curve stick was developed between 1957-1980 when a player named Bobby Hull found the bent stick offered much greater accuracy. The hockey stick has evolved greatly since then as 21st century sticks are now made of aluminium, being both lightweight and durable.

Hockey became an official Olympic sport when it was featured in the 1908 Olympics. At the time only men were permitted to play, women did not make their Olympic debut until 1980.

With Olympic status, it’s no wonder that hockey has become a significant sport in Sportsbooks all over the world. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant hockey events you may encounter.

Hockey Betting Events

Your betting journey begins at hockey’s biggest events. After all, how can you begin betting if you don’t know what to bet on in the first place? The International Hockey Association hosts tons of annual hockey events you can get started on. The following are a few:

Olympic Games

As mentioned previously, hockey made its first debut as an official Olympic sport as a men’s competition at the 1908 games in London. This featured teams from all the nations of Great Britain; England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. England took home the gold, Ireland secured silver and Scotland and Wales shared the bronze.

Women’s teams earned their first Olympic status in the 1980 games in Moscow. Zimbabwe emerged as the surprise winner, with Czechoslovakia and the Soviets as runners up in second and third place, respectively.

During the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics , the men’s Argentinian team won its first gold medal after defeating Belgium 4-2. Germany, the previous champions, took home bronze after their victory over the Netherlands. The women’s UK team secured gold after defeating previous champions, the Netherlands. The women’s German team also took bronze after defeating New Zealand.

Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup

The men’s FIH Hockey World Cup is an international field hockey tournament organised by the International Hockey Federation (FIH). The very first competition was organised in 1971 and was held every two years. As from the 1982 games, the tournament was held every four years, bridging the gap between the Summer Olympics. The 1971 Cup featured 10 nations which was the smallest tournament to date. The FIH did not set up any limitations as to how large the event can be, so this number jumped to 16 nations in the 2002 tournament which was the largest World Cup to date.

As of 2021, Pakistan has been the most successful team overall, having won the Hockey World Cup four times. Pakistan is followed by the Netherlands and Australia, who each won the competition three times. Germany has also managed to secure two championship titles while Belgium and India took home the win once.

Men’s and Women’s FIH Pro League

The men’s and women’s FIH Pro League is a professional, international field hockey competition for both men and women, replacing the FIH Hockey World League as of 2019. This competition’s first iteration saw Australia (Men) and The Netherlands (Women) as the inaugural Champions. While this is a top-level tournament, it also serves as a qualifier for the Hockey World Cup and the Olympics.

The competition is played in a round-robin format with nine men’s and women’s teams going head to head with home and away matches. The tournament is set to take place between January and June, with the top four teams moving onto the grand finals.

Hockey Betting Options

The next step to improving your hockey betting knowledge is to become familiar with betting options and how to place them. While not all Sportsbooks offer the same set of choices, hockey betting is not all that different from other sports like football, basketball or tennis. So, you may come across a few types of bets that are familiar to you.

The moneyline and totals bets are very typical bets you will encounter on most Sportsbooks and are also recommended for beginner punters as they are very easy to understand. Parlays and future bets would most likely be offered as well, although tread lightly over these wagers as they do require additional knowledge of the sport and event that you may not yet have gathered along your hockey betting journey. With that said, placing a 60 minute line bet and a Grand Salami may be just what you need to get in with the big boys and try out some of the more complicated betting options to help spice things up.

Although the list of betting options goes on, one thing to remember is to always bet within your limits. It is very easy to get lost in all the fun and excitement sports betting brings, so always make sure you have good bankroll management.

Hockey Betting at LV BET

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